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Bikes.org.uk is run by Cyclists, for Cyclists.

The Bikes.org.uk website is run by a dedicated group of cyclists who are as passionate about cycling as you are. Our aim is quite simple, to provide news and info to as many people as possible on a wide range of bike related topics, including bike reviews on mountain bikes and road bikes, plus pretty much every other type of bike. We also publish news on cycling events, new product launches, charity bike rides, competitions and loads more.

The Bikes.org.uk website is owned and operated by Shop Direct 247 Limited, whose Registered Company Number is 06206980 and whose Registered Address is West Lodge Drive, West Kirby, Wirral, Merseyside, CH48 5JZ, United Kingdom. Full details of our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy can be found on our Notices page. Confirmation of our legal status can be found on the Companies House website.

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Getting Started

Bikes are fun. That’s it, that’s all you need to know. Okay, perhaps there are a few more things but the point is, that you should never lose sight of the fact that getting out on your bike is fun and that’s why we do it. In the Getting Started section, we have some great information on the various types of bicycles to help you chose which one is right for you.

Our Cycling Guides section has some tremendous content on a wide range of cycling topics, such as help on which bike is right for you, what to wear when your cycling and then a whole host of guides on cycling tools, finance, cycle insurance, food & drink, training & fitness and plenty more too.

We also have a whole section dedicated to Reports, in which we take a look at UK Cycling habits with regard to commuting and how this compares to other forms of transport. These are in-depth articles based on UK Census data and are available in the Travel to Work Reports section.


We are indebted to the following contributors, for their time, advice, support and general enthusiasm. Without their contribution, this website would not be possible. Click on their name to see their latest articles (their bike preferences are listed alongside their names).

  • Mark: Editor-in-Chief, Founder, Mountain Bikes
  • Tim: Motorbikes, Quad Bikes
  • Alan: Mountain Bikes
  • Aaron: BMX Bikes
  • Anna: Administrator, Cycling for Fun, Family Cycling
  • Sasha: Cycling for Fun, Kids Bikes
  • Emi: Cycling for Fun, Kids Bikes

Guest Articles

We accept guest articles from reputable authors who write unique, informative and relevant information on cycling related subjects. If you are interested in becoming a guest author, please read our guest post guidelines.

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To contact us, please send an email to mark[at]bikes.org.uk (but correctly formatted – it’s a spam protection thing!).

Bikes.org.uk is a cycling organization that publish articles on a wide range of cycling related topics such as road bike and mountain bike reviews, cycling news & charity bike events. In addition, we provide a price comparison tool to compare prices on bikes from all the leading UK bike shops. Organization founded by Mark Taylor in 2005.

Contact Us: West Lodge Drive, Wirral, Merseyside, CH48 5JZ, United Kingdom

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