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Author: Aaron

Specialized Roubaix Expert SL3 Road Bike

Specialized Roubaix Expert SL3 Road Bike Review The Specialized Roubaix Expert SL3 sits comfortably in the market between the entry level version and the more expensive Pro edition. This is a convenient image, as this endurance road bike is all about providing superior comfort for the rider over long distances without having to make compromises on flat-out performance. Riders have sashayed their way to improbably comprehensive victories in professional races aboard siblings of this model, which should be enough of an endorsement to get you interested. The Specialized Roubaix Expert SL3 is a carbon road bike with a full complement of Shimano Ultegra components and a focus on smooth riding and deft handling while still preserving lateral stiffness to aid with power transfer. The FACT 10r carbon frame is matched with carbon forks and a carbon seatpost. Each of these elements has been kitted out with the latest generation of Zerts inserts, allowing for vertical flex while eliminating sideways movement which might otherwise make the bike feel unstable and vague in the turns. Eminent lightness is ensured thanks to the array of carbon components, although sadly on this model the handlebars and stem are alloy. Whether spending the extra cash on the all-carbon model is worth it can be debated, but it would be difficult to claim that the Specialized Roubaix Expert SL3 suffers drastically as a result of...

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Scott Contessa Speedster 15 Compact

Scott Contessa Speedster 15 Compact Overview This bike is for those who do not want to take any prisoners during road races, providing a combination of excellent components and a competitive set up that will let female enthusiasts blast past their rivals and on to victory. It manages to back up the pomp of its posture and its price with a long list of impressive specifications. This puts it in a good position to appeal to cyclists who are just starting to take this type of cycling seriously. Whilst the main frame of the Contessa Speedster 15 Compact is constructed from alloy, the fork that Scott has made specifically for this range is constructed from a combination of alloy and the lighter carbon material commonly found on more expensive bikes. This allows its weight to be kept down below comparable rivals and will surely promote speed on straights and downhill sections. The whole bike is further aided by the frame geometry which is specialised for female riders and should provide comfort as well as performance. This compact version of the Speedster 15 shares the same white and blue colour scheme of its siblings and whilst it will not win praise for its styling, it is unfussy enough to let you get on with the task of winning. Scott has put a lot of its own components into this bike...

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Devinci Mountain Bikes

Devinci began in 1987 with a mechanical engineer, an industrial designer, and a bunch of handmade bike frames. Three years later, Félix Gauthier bought the little outfit and commercialised it so that by 1993, bikes were being mass-produced. In 1994, Erick Auger joined in. He is a bike loving mechanical engineer, and he created the Research and Development Division. The R & D created numerous biking innovations. In 2001, The Devinci Company moved to a large, modern plant in Quebec, and they have produced quality bikes ever since. Devinci has eight specialised lines of mountain bikes, each tailored for a specific purpose. For downhill riding, the Wilson ‘Cheat Death’ series is recommended. The Wilson frame has a four point adjustment system that improves speed and stability when cruising downhill. There are four bikes in this line – the Wilson Frameset, the Wilson 2, the Wilson 3 and the Wilson 4. They all come with Rock Shox fork suspension, but with slight differences. The Wilson Frameset has a Rock Shoxx Option suspension, the Wilson 2 has a roll coil, the Wilson 3 has a team coil and the Wilson 4 has Rock Shoxx World Cup Solo. All four bikes use Fox DHX for their rear shocks, and use hydraulic disc brakes. Free ride bikers will enjoy the Frantik ‘Double Diamond’ line. The bikes have a travel of 180 mm and...

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BMX Bike Parts

There are a lot of different BMX bike parts out there all for different uses, different bikes and made by different companies. It’s well worth taking some time to look over the range of different BMX bike parts that are available to try and find parts that are right for your bike. BMX bike parts are sold separately from the bike itself because you are often having to replace them and exchange them with new parts whether because the old parts break, the new parts are better suited to your bike than what arrives it with default and stock, or because you just want to custom tailor the look of your bike to make it more appealing to the eyes and have an overall better profile for when you stow it away in the garage and take it out again for a spin. BMX bike parts like seats, handlebars, and chains are just the beginning. Even such a mundane object as a seat cushion can be customized, personalized, and endowed with all the functionality of a butt-serving tool for your BMX betterment. The extent of bike parts carries over in direct personal correlation and correspondence with the price of the bike you have because more expensive bikes will have more expensive parts, oftentimes parts that lesser-priced bikes won’t have. If you can’t handle the big selection of BMX bike...

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BMX Bike Accessories

The best products and manufacturers for BMX bike accessories and things to consider when buying them are some of the following brands; 2-Hip Bikes, Shadow BMX, Black Eye Bikes, Alpinestars, Tree Bikes, Nike 6.0, DK Bikes, and Terrible One BMX. One of the main categories of BMX bikes is safety gear because it can be such a dangerous sport. Chest protectors, elbow pads, gloves, goggles, helmets, jerseys, knee pads, neck braces, race pants, shin guards, and clipless shoes are just some of the categories for ensuring that you have a safe BMX ride. Furthermore, the lack of any such safety supplies can make you eligible to receive injuries that last a lifetime, but if you get the gear, then you will be impervious to them for a lifetime – or so the theory goes! Videos, tools, street wear, tees, shoes, bike pants, frames, and bikes themselves all qualify as accessories. Some bikes are even accessories because you may use them in certain situations where you don’t want to damage your main bike or you have some kind of hesitation revolving around your using a bike that is designed for general-purpose use for a very specific purpose like dirt jumping in a specific part of the terrain, whether it be street, mountain, or park. Hey, that’s my excuse when the other half asks why I’m getting yet another bike. Crippling...

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BMX Parks in the North East

The North East of England is made up of Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne and Wear, Tees Valley, and maybe the top end of North Yorkshire. Prominent cities where they are considering building BMX parks include Gateshead, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sunderland, South Shields, Durham, Middlesbrough, Stockton-on-Tees, Hartlepool, and Darlington. The reasons for the building of BMX parks in these areas is that the town council wants to prohibit people from riding on the street and disturbing everyday people with their fancy tricks, flips, and moves on park benches, handrails, and ledges that comprise the street and urban setting of the North East of England. There are several skateparks in this region that include the following list of well-respected establishments like the Allendale Sports Club, Anchorage Lane Skate Park, Blakelaw Park, Brampton BMX Trak, Chilton Tennis Courts, Craghead Community Park, Dorchester Road Multi-Use Games Area, Eastbourne Climbing Boulder, Fairburn Mini BMX Track and Skate Park, Fulwell Skate Park, Greenhill Wheels Park, Grimsby Multi-Use Games Area, Hackworth Park Tennis Courts, Hamsterley Mountain Bike Circuit, and several more that, while not being official BMX parks, certainly qualify for usage by BMX riders who are eager to showcase their love of the sport in front of people that may or may not be savvy to it in the first place. Gallagher Park is the setting for one BMX park that is about to be set up....

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