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Author: Anna

Specialized Myka FSR Comp and Elite Review

Specialized Myka Comp In 2012, the Specialized Myka range of full suspension mountain bikes designed for female riders, is back and better than ever. The FSR Elite and the FSR Comp both offer something different in terms of price and performance for women who love downhill plunges. Specialized is aware that many riders who consider either of these bikes could be relatively new to a full suspension setup, so the Myka range will ease you in and then let you develop your skills at your own pace. The more affordable of the two is the Specialized Myka FSR Comp and it is a surprisingly agile bike. This is largely due to the lightness of the M4 hyrdoformed alloy frame, which is tough enough to take the blows which it is dealt while never feeling like a burden. The geometry is intended to help you in any cross country situation, so you can roll quickly across the toughest terrain and then dive into a descent or power on through a climb without feeling like any one area has been compromised. At 13.7kg it isn’t the lightest bike but this by no means makes it heavy, especially when you recall that it is an alloy frame. The Myka FSR Comp has a RockShox XC32 fork with 100mm of travel while a RockShox Ario RL is found at the rear, each of...

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Specialized Ruby Road Bike

Specialized Ruby Road Bike Review The trio of Specialized Ruby road bikes designed for women are carbon-framed racers with plenty of charisma and the ability to keep you comfortable over long distance, unlike many other speedy cycles of equivalent price. Prices range from £1,600 to £2,500 and weights from 8.84kg to just 8.14kg, which means there is very little between each model, but enough for us to recommend the Ruby Comp over the others. The standard Specialized Ruby is great value for money thanks to the FACT 8r carbon frame with female-specific geometry and tubesets. There is no half-baked modification of a male model here, but instead a ground-up design which is intended to be harnessed by women riders. The video later alludes to this and shows that Specialized start with Women in mind for their female customers rather than adapting a Male version. The FACT carbon fork delivers an excellent level of stiffness which is echoed by the frame, so although this is an endurance bike it is still quick to accelerate and easy to keep turning over at speed. Zerts inserts in the frame and fork help to reduce the impact of road rumble and persistent vibrations which might otherwise leave you fatigued ahead of schedule. SRAM Apex components for the gears and brakes combine with light DT Axis 2.0 wheels and Specialized Espoir Sport tyres. It’s...

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Tern Bicycles Launch with Evans Cycles

Evans Cycles have recently announced that they will be stocking a range of Tern Bicycles for 2012. Tern Bikes are specialists in the folding bike arena and have some pretty modern-looking bikes. These bicycles are favoured by city folk who prefer commuting on a bike rather than risking it all on public transport, or dare we even suggest, by driving! So who are Tern then? According to their website (, they are Cyclists. Pretty obvious you might think but it made me think about other suppliers, I wonder what ratio of employees don’t ride a bike. Anyway, back to Tern. It’s hard to get to know them, yes there is the usual splurge of stuff on their about us page, but let me give you an extract to highlight what I mean; “Our company is a reflection of this diverse new world, a richly chaotic crash of different ethnicities, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds, that ensures that our point of view is seasoned by many different kinds of eyes…” As they say themselves, they are diverse. So onto the bikes. There are five models in the 2012 range with a total of 22 bikes, ranging from the stylish (see above) Verge to the practical Castro, plus the Link, Eclipse and Joe. Tern Verge The Tern Verge range is made up of the following bikes; Verge X30h Verge X20 Verge X10...

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Specialized Safire FSR Comp Women’s Mountain Bike

Specialized Safire FSR Comp Women’s Mountain Bike The Specialized Safire FSR Comp is a mountain bike with a confident full suspension setup and female-friendly geometry. It follows in the footsteps of many other Specialized mountain bikes in that it has been created to make sure women riders are accounted for in every respect and not just given a partially modified version of a male-specific bike that does not really take into account the physical differences which define the genders. Those who do need to think of the Specialized Safire FSR Comp in relation to a male bike will find that it is a relation of the Stuntjumper range. It features an alloy frame which has geometry arranged specifically to make it excellent on trails. You will find that the bike comes to life when it is plummeting down rough and ready slopes. Here you will be able to make the most out of the full-sus setup which includes a very forgiving, agile fork from the RockShox Reba range in partnership with a Fox Tria II rear shock. The latter is not just an off-the-shelf version, but rather a bespoke edition which Specialized has taken away and tweaked in order to compensate for the lighter weight of female riders. You can adjust the shock on the fly to one of three settings, which is a real bonus as it means...

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Cycle Panniers

For carrying loads large and small on your bike there is a great selection of bags, panniers and other accessories available. Your choice of baggage will depend on what you are carrying, how you want it fitted to your bike and whether you need access to your items during the ride. Panniers are a popular choice for carrying heavy, cumbersome objects such as laptops, clothing and paperwork. They attach at the back of the bike and provide a large capacity for storing bulky items. For commuters with items stored in panniers which they need to take into meetings or the office with them, a removable pannier is a good option and it also means the bag can be carried with you if you stop at a shop on route, but for touring a sturdy, fixed pannier might be better. Panniers are available in a range of sizes to fit whatever you need to store, but it is important to make sure that they are well balanced in both size and weight as uneven weight distribution and one sided wind resistance will affect the steering and balance of the bike. To fix the bags to the bike you will need to purchase a pannier rack or a mounting system which suits your bike. Racks should feel well made and strong and be fabricated from a material which will not crack...

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Specialized Hotrock 12 Inch 2011

The Specialized Hotrock 12 Inch is a bike designed for kids who want to develop cycling skills following the early days of relying on training wheels to the time they are ready to ditch stabilisation. They will want to head out on their own and graduate to a larger bike a few years down the line. It is packed with impressive components from the sturdy alloy frame to the durable, sporty tyres and it also looks like a suitably grown-up machine whilst being sized specifically for kids aged between two and four. Specialized Hotrock 12 Inch 2011 Overview Like many bikes aimed at this age group the Specialized Hotrock has detachable training wheels, which can be removed once the rider is confident enough to balance without help. One other convenient feature is the built in kickstand that can help to keep the bike standing upright on its own and means that children are less likely to dump it on the ground when they hop off at the local park. The bike is light thanks to the use of alloy across many of its core components, including the front fork, with geometry arranged to give the rider comfort and control as they progress. A bright red frame with white detailing allow the Specialized Hotrock to live up to its name. Kids will like the fact that it does not look...

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