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Cycling Hats

Most cyclists choose to wear helmets, but hats and caps are another option. They may be worn instead of a helmet but, of course, will not offer the same protection in the case of an accident, so many cyclists choose to wear a hat or cap under their helmet. For the road rider, a hat offers protection from the sun or to keep the rain off. If on a mountain descent, a hat will keep the rider warm. Caps have a peak for added protection from the sun or rain. Hats are normally made of cotton or lightweight wool and are designed for cold cycling conditions. They are used to insulate the head and are designed to fit comfortably under the helmet. There are a whole variety of different styles and functions available. Some hats have polyester lining for extra warmth that is ideal for cold weather and winter usage. Basic hats from Campagnola start from £10, but designer names like Assos design hats costing up to £92. Caps are designed with a peak for added protection. A Rapha Cap is classically styled, windproof and made of water resistant cotton. The cap is designed to be highly breathable and supported by anti bacterial tape. In contrast, a Gentleman’s Cap has been designed for urban riding and is available in 2 styles. The caps are made with an innovative fabric...

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Gary Fisher Bodega

The Gary Fisher Bodega comes from a respected brand that produces bikes for riders with different budgets. This particular model is aimed at those who do not want to remortgage their property to pay for a bike but still want to enjoy hybrid capabilities and speedy performance for any situation across multiple surfaces. It definitely lives up to its promise and as a versatile, multipurpose cycle it is difficult to beat in this price bracket. The fact that it has an SR Suntour NFX front fork with suspension means that it can surpass its rivals and give riders a sportier experience than other hybrid options. Gary Fisher Bodega Overview The Gary Fisher Bodega shares several features which appear on much more expensive bikes in this range, including the alloy frame and the aforementioned front fork with 63mm of travel and adjustable pre-load. The seven speed gear set up may offer a little less flexibility than the costlier models and the bike lacks disc brakes but you cannot ask for more at this price point. Performance is assured given the presence of components from Bontrager and Tektro. The prevalence of aluminium makes the bike a lightweight option that can make weaving through traffic or heading out across dirt tracks enjoyable and easy. Ultimately it will be the price that seals the success of the Bodega in the crowded hybrid market,...

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Scott Voltage JR 24-inch TMO 2011 Kids Bike

The Scott Voltage JR 24 Inch TMO is a specialised bike designed for children between the ages of nine and eleven with a single speed set up that is perfect for terrific control. It is also ideal for competitions and trials, which dedicated kids may want to enter. This means that it won’t necessarily appeal to everyone and if you want a versatile ride, you may need to look elsewhere for multiple gears and bikes with suspension. However, for a particular rider of a young age this could be a great option. The specially stiffened alloy frame benefits from hydroformed tubes and features full disc brakes on the wheels that are hydraulically operated and have large 160mm rotors. This will provide stopping power superior to most bikes on the market. On top of this, you have a low-slung seating position and components from top manufacturers, which are well orchestrated by Scott. Durability comes hand in hand with lightness and reliable handling, forming a suitable adept package. Given the intended age group of this bike it is easy to see how the yellow and grey frame and detailing will be a selling point. All of Scott’s bikes tend to carry a good level of styling touches and this certainly shows off the premium nature of the bike as a whole. Scott Voltage JR 24 Inch TMO 2011 Specifications Frame: Scott...

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Scott Contessa Genius

Scott Contessa Genius Women’s Mountain Bike The Scott Contessa Genius 2011 women’s mountain bike manages to be chunky in both the frame and tyres but still much lighter than the competition thanks to strong carbon technology. This type of advanced tech ups the price but it will be one that is worth paying for serious riders. Because this is a high-end bike you can access many different types of on the fly adjustments for precision riding. The TwinLoc technology allows you to switch between three different settings that determine the amount of travel allowed by the shocks, which means there is no need for mechanical interference in between stages. The advanced two way release system and rapid changes of the Shimano gears will help you put down some power, adding to the overall traction of the bike in the process. Whilst some of Scott’s offerings do not necessarily showcase their capabilities in the design, this is not the case with the Contessa Genius. You can instantly tell that this is a bike that needs to be used competitively, its thick white frame and bulging Schwalbe tyres yearning for steep climbs and downhill sprints. Scott Contessa Genius Specifications Frame: Genius Carbon Mainframe / IMP4 technology HMF NET / Alloy 6061 Double Butted swingarm with replaceable hanger / sealed aircraft bearings 150mm rear travel Front Fork: Rock Shox Revelation RL Dual...

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Norco Mountain Bikes

Norco Bikes is a bike manufacturer headquartered in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Norco designs and distributes more than 140 bike models to more than 21 countries. Founded in 1964 by Bert Lewis, Norco was originally named Northern Cycle Industries Ltd. The first distribution branch opened in Toronto in 1970. In 1980, the company began sponsoring a factory BMX team. Norco has also been distributing bicycle-related parts and accessories for more than 45 years. Norco has six categories of bikes for 2010: Mountain, Urban, Road, Women’s, BMX, and Kids’. However, each category has its own sub-categories of bikes, each holding several different models. In the Mountain category, there are fourteen different subsets of bikes. Each subset is defined by what the cyclist wants the bike to do, or what the cyclist wants to do with the bike. The subsets of Norco Mountain Bikes are: DH (downhill) Race/Park, Shore, Slopestyle, Forma, Enduro, All Mountain, Marathon, XC (cross-country) Hardtail, 29er, Shore Hardtail, Adventure X, Adventure, Dirt/Street, and Freeride Light. These bikes price anywhere from £200 for an Adventure Scorcher to £5,000 for an XC Hardtail Team Carbon. The Urban bikes, divided into nine subsets, are substantially less expensive than the Mountain bikes. The Urban subsets are VFR, XFR, Indie, Belt Drive/Fixie, Corsa, City Glide, Hybrid, Comfort, and Cruisers. These bikes are not meant for trail or off-street riding. The Hybrid Olympia...

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Raleigh Bikes

The Raleigh Bicycle Company is a bicycle company based in Nottingham, UK. It is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world, founded in 1887. They even made three-wheel cars and motorcycles from 1929 to 1935. Eventually, this became the Reliant Company. Raleigh has had several expansions and mergers along the way. There was also reorganization and new ownership. Raleigh produces a whole line of bikes like road, hybrid, comfort, mountain, cruiser, women, and youth. They are probably best known for their kids bikes. Raleigh bikes still use steel in a lot of bikes unlike their competitors which seem to be transitioning to carbon for everything. Their reason stated is heritage, and that is because that is how bikes have always been done, and Raleigh is sticking with that. Their decision to butt the system in this way is just one of the reasons why Raleigh is sticking out compared to other bike companies. Raleigh’s line of mountain bikes includes Talus 29, Talus Sport 29, Talus 8.0, Talus 5.0, Talus 4.0, Talus 3.0, Talus 2.0, Eva 8.0, Eva 4.0, Eva 3.0, Eva 2.0, and others. All these are due out in 2011. They also have a 2010 mountain bike range, 2009 mountain bike range, and 2008 mountain bike range. Raleigh uses mostly Shimano components on its bikes, but this is not a negative because most bike manufacturers use...

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