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Author: Sasha

Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves are a useful item for those who do a lot of heavy cycling, or in extremes of temperature, particularly winter. However, they are equally valuable for those who clock up a lot of miles, those who want to keep their hands dry in warmer weather and those who generally value the protection and comfort of an outer ‘skin’ in the event of a fall. Cycling gloves come in various styles and forms, depending on preference and the time of year. Options include full fingered gloves for both winter and summer and half finger ‘mitts’ which are favoured particularly by touring cyclists and road racing enthusiastics. All gloves are available in a range of prices and will have different technical specifications, such as being made from advanced technical fabrics to wick away sweat or regulate hand temperature. They are also available in specific fits and sizes for men, women and children and should be bought accordingly in order to get the most out of the protection offered. Cycling gloves are an important piece of kit. They keep a cyclist’s hands protected and assist with a strong grip. In cold temperatures, they insulate hands and fingers and are particularly valuable for cyclists who cycle long-distance, where pressure and pain from bike vibrations can suddenly become very painful or uncomfortable. Specialist gloves are available for distance riding with gel inserts...

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Scott Sub 35 Solution

The Scott Sub 35 Solution is a bike intended to provide speed and performance in combination with versatility and convenience. People who live in a town or city and want to get away from using their cars for short local trips or on the daily commute will find that this is a good alternative. It is also capable enough to provide decent speed and handling for when you are less focused on getting from A to B and more interested in having a bit of fun. Scott Sub 35 Solution Overview With alloy used to make the frame and front fork, the Scott Sub 35 Solution is a tough customer that can also be easily handled thanks to its unimposing weight. Scott V-Brakes and Shimano components work together to give you a flexible ride, which should help you to gain confidence if you are not entirely comfortable with riding amongst other road traffic. In addition, you can attach accessories to help you carry bags on the bike and protect you from any moisture or mud, which can get flung up by the wheels. For a bike designed to be used as an all-round workhorse, this is a nice feature, although these accessories are sold separately and so require that you make a bit more investment to get the complete package. The Scott Sub 35 Solution is finished in a...

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Scott Voltage JR 24-inch Disc 2011

The main feature, which sets this kid’s bike apart from the similar options at this point in Scott’s range, is the presence of mechanical disc brakes from Tektro. It maintains the same high standard of components throughout, but for kids who are getting passionate about cycling, this is definitely a worthy choice because it goes beyond the more basic models to provide precision, handling and high octane thrills. The 24-inch frame is fashioned from light alloy and its Voltage Octagon tubing looks reassuringly chunky without giving the bike any extra weight. The front fork features suspension with 50mm of travel to give the rider a smoother time in the saddle without compromising traction. Of course, the disc brakes are a definite improvement over the standard callipers, which are available on bikes of this type designed with kids in mind. With 18 gears the Scott Voltage JR 24 Inch Disc is a good all-rounder, capable of taking on difficult terrain or the local roads without compromising in either situation. The mostly grey frame of this bike is juxtaposed with green elements on the handlebars, saddle and white front fork. It does not look as playful as some of the other Scott bikes in the junior ranges but if your child is looking for a focused ride, they will not be disappointed. The one issue with this, like many other bikes...

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Scott Contessa CR1 Team Triple

Scott Contessa CR1 Team Triple Overview Although the name of this bike is perhaps a little too much of a mouthful, it seems that the manufacturer has simply attempted to fit in as much information about it as possible in order to avoid confusion between the other models in the range. In short, this is a hardcore road racing bike designed for female enthusiasts. That just about sums up the main purpose of the bike but it barely scratches the surface when it comes to its cutting-edge technology and handsome looks. To keep the weight of the bike as low as possible, Scott has raided the labs and come up with a carbon frame and carbon forks so that it drops a few grams and ends up weighing in at just 7.6kg. The frame geometry and the overall set up are, as you might expect, tailored to female riders. You will definitely feel the difference of the shock damping system, which does a good job of minimising road rumble and ensuring comfort over long distances. The Contessa CR1 Team Triple is raring to go and race for fun, although at this price point you will probably need to compete in order to make the most of what is on offer. With a largely black frame that has dull silver swooshes and Scott branding, this is not an entirely flamboyant...

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Mythic Mountain Bikes

Mythic offers the highest-quality Mountain Bike frames for the progressive rider. The company is based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Mythic Bikes are designed and created by a team of highly experienced frame builders and riders. With a huge passion for the sport of cycling, Mythic strives to produce firm, steadfast and original bikes, and to provide top customer service in the industry. Customers can purchase a frame and build their bike themselves, or they can purchase a custom build through exclusive Mythic importer Freeborn Bikes. Mythic sells eight models of mountain bikes, the newest of which is the Spitfire trail-bike. The Spitfire is built for aggressive trail riders who require a twist-free, sturdy frame that will let them power up the steepest climbs, hit the singletrack and blast down through rough descents. The Spitfire possesses a virtual pivot trail suspension frame with adjustable geometry, something unusual for this type of bike. Other Mythic Bikes The AMP: an aluminum-alloy, 26″ specific hardtail frame for dirt jumping, street, the skatepark, 4X racing, or the bike park. It can handle all a cyclist’s freeride demands. The hydro-formed 7005 tubeset means this bike has a low weight of 4.4 pounds, while remaining very tough. AMP is available in short and long sizes. The RAMPANT: a short-travel 4″ freeride suspension frame for 4X racing, slopestyle, dirt jumping, the bike park, and even...

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Could the Bendy Bicycle Defeat Crime

The Bendy Bicycle first caught my attention back in July, when the bike’s inventor, Kevin Scott, collected a £500 runners-up prize at the Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year Award in London. At a time when the weather was still bringing countless joy to thousands of recreational cyclists, Mr Scott, then a final-year Product Design student at Leicester’s DeMontfort University, decided to build on his second-place success by bringing the Bendy Bicycle to market. The question that has been playing on my mind ever since is: could the Bendy Bicycle defeat crime? Ok, for the record, I am not suggesting that the Bendy Bicycle is set to become the latest tool in Batman’s war chest (or cave), although, the thought of watching Christian Bale cycle his way around the streets of Gotham City on a black and orange bicycle that bends at its frame, is one that I am sure many fans would love to see come to fruition. Ignoring its Hollywood blockbuster movie potential, I am of the opinion that the Bendy Bicycle could actually do a great job of reducing bicycle thefts – crime prevention was, after all, one of the key objectives behind Mr Scott’s creation. Unfortunately, the Bendy Bicycle must swim against the tide (metaphorically, at least, unless Batman requested an amphibious set of wheels) if it is to succeed in reducing bicycle...

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