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Author: Mark Taylor

Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bike shoes are essential for getting a good ride. Brands like Gore, Specialized, Shimano, and Northwave make mountain bike shoes from £30 to £150 for men and women. They enhance peddling efficiency, comfortable walking, and the constant rotation of turns you have to make on the bike. There are shoe lace keeper loops to keep the shoe laces tucked away so they don’t cause life-threatening and grave bike errors. There are even removable sole plates for simple cleat installation. The resin is appended to add a reinforced toe for increased rugged durability. Mountain bike shoes should also be useful inside or outside the pedals. That means that you should be allowed to walk with it and also use it on the bike with comparative ease. Toe spring, flexibility, and rigidity are all markers that determine the ease of pedaling, and these are especially fine-tuned to the parameters of the mountain bike shoe for enhanced riding. They should be lightweight, absorb shock well, return energy back to the person, and provide powerful cushioning to make the mountain bike trip as painless as possible. They should be quick drying, easy breathing, and offer enhanced protection and durability. They should have a secure fit that can be released a little to let in less strain than would otherwise be there. They should have outsoles that supply superior traction, beveled heels for...

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Mountain Bike Clothing

Mountain biking is often done in wet, rainy, snowy, foggy weather in the UK, and even when it is not, there are tricks like dirt jumping, descending fast down rough mountain passes, and traveling on rocky terrain that can create lots of spills, chills, and thrills that can leave scratches, bruises, and marks. That is why you need mountain bike clothing to protect you. Even the high wind speeds when you are racing through the air can make an otherwise hot day into a nightmarishly cold one. That is why long-sleeved, protective, rough clothing is essential for mountain biking. Assuming you’ve assessed the need for mountain bike shoes and taken care of those, let’s move on to the clothing and see what you need to get. There are tops, heavyweight full-zip hoodies, softshell jackets, casual jackets, pullover hoodies, technical bike jackets, lightweight hoodies, rain jackets, windshirts, and jackets. Most original pieces are under £100. One example of a particularly good jacket is the Endura Stealth Jacket which is designed for bikers looking for a 100% waterproof jacket with softshell comfort. The Endura Stealth Jacket is the first fully waterproof, breathable soft-shell cycling jacket. Externally seam-sealed waterproof breathable soft-shell fabric with stretch Entrant fabric front collar, underarms and side panels create a superbly well fitted garment. Other features include side and underarm zip vents, and waterproof zipped rear pocket and...

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Mountain Bike Accessories

Mountain bike accessories are just as essential as getting a good mountain bike. Accessories like helmets, gloves, and wrist guards are givens, but what about other accessories? Accessories Accessories are divided into large groups for easier understanding of the different facets of mountain biking. Bags for frames, laptops, gear, and wheels, baskets, batteries for the computers on cycles, alarming, alerting, and annoying bells and horns, bicycle cases to package, transport, and carry your bicycle around, wheel bags, bike protection like frame protection, shock protection, fork protection, and spoke protection, bleed kits, brake fluid, books and posters, cameras, camp kitchen, car and truck racks, computers, gps, electronics, fenders, gifts, health, heart rate monitors, hydration packs, water bottles, kickstands, lights and reflectors, locks, lubes, cleaners, solvents, mirrors, multi-sport, nutritionals, pups and CO2 inflation, bicycle racks, skin care (yep, things rub!), stickers and banners, storage and display racks, tire sealants, liners, and rim cement, tools, trailers, trainers and rollers, and videos and DVDs are some examples of the accessories you’ll need. Oh, I could have listed more! Brands Some brands include Shimano, Maxxis, Kenda, Gore Bike Wear, North Face, Sram, Wtb, Thomson, Camelbak, Mountain Hardwear, Schwalbe, Ritchey Design, Fox, Pearl Izumi, Mountain Khakis, Cycle Source, Group, Keen, GEAX, Pyramid, Hutchinson, Crank Brothers, Giro, Oury, GoLite, Louis Garneau, Truvativ, Sidi, Bell, and others. For example, some good bike bags are manufactured by Topeak,...

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Motorbikes, or motorcycles if you prefer, are highly popular icons of vehicular identity that have connotations of individualism, daring and danger. There are about 200 million motorbikes worldwide so they’re quite popular. Types of Motorbikes There are various types of motorbikes like street, off-road, and dual purpose motorbikes that each serve specific purposes. The first category, street, are geared to be ridden on paved roads. The smooth tyres, light tread pattern, speeds up to 100 mph, and fuel efficiency all make them highly ideal for this purpose. The various types of street bikes include cruisers, sport bikes, touring bikes, sport touring bikes, naked/standard bikes, feet-forwards bikes, scooters, and mopeds. True bikers may not recognise scooters and mopeds in this category but they are still bikes. Off-road bikes are made for specific functions. Their weight is light, they have long suspension travel, they have simple construction, large knobby tyres, and they’re used for motocross, rally raid, trials, and track racing. These are the bikes for whom street racing just isn’t dangerous enough. We’ve written an interesting article on motorcross safety equipment if this is something that interests you. The third category, dual purpose, or dual-sport, bikes are designed to be driven on the road, however, they can enter off-road situations. Some types of this category include adventure-touring, Enduro, and Supermoto. There are also specialty bikes like a farm bike, derny,...

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DMR V12 Magnesium Pedals

434 that’s it, that’s all you need to know, review over. Okay, maybe not. The 434 refers to the weight, 434g, which we will come back to later. DMR V12 Magnesium 9/16 Inch Pedals are the ultimate platform pedal. Die-cast from a special magnesium alloy that is 30 percent lighter than aluminium but just as tough. DMR Pedals DMR have 3 pedals in this range. DMR V8 Pedals DMR V12 Pedals DMR V12 Magnesium Pedals Before we go any further, let’s look at the price vs weight scenario. DMR V8 Pedals – weight 528g – price £27.99 DMR V12 Pedals – weight 536g – price £51.99 DMR V12 Magnesium Pedals – weight 434g – price £69.99 As you can see, the standard V12 pedals are the same weight as the V8 pedals but are twice the price. So why bother with the V12 pedals? The V12 Magnesium pedals are 100g lighter than the standard V12 pedals. If you don’t think that is a lot, before you read on, just pop into the kitchen and find something that weighs 100g and then imagine that being taken off your bike at the end of a long day halfway up that climb – now do you see why its worth shedding the extra weight? The choice in my book is the V8 pedals at half the price or the V12 Magnesium pedals...

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Kids Bikes

Kids bikes typically have many distinguishing features that make them separate from adult bikes like training wheels, adjustable seats, handlebar accessories, foot and hand brakes, and garish decals. When getting started out in kids bikes, it is important to get one that has sufficient safety features to ensure the safety of a child that is making his or her first entry into the streets where there are passing cars, motorcycles, and other children in the way. Retrofit the bike with reflector lights and set strict limits on where the child may ride his or her bike. Even if your child does not ride their bike at night, he or she may ride it in low light towards the end of the day and as such, it is a good idea to have reflector lights so cars can see the child, or at least their bike. This is especially true during the school holidays when kids play out all-day, and often into the evening when the light can fade quite quickly. Encouraging children to ride their bikes during the school holidays is a great way to get them outside and do something healthy. Another safety device is a flag that can be appended to the bike so that other cars can see it from a long distance off. Since the training wheels will most likely be on the kids bike,...

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