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Author: Mark Taylor

Cycling Holidays

The most appropriate way to see special countries is to go cycling through them. This enables you to take in the beautiful scenery, freshen the body, and revitalize in the context of nature while also seeing something new for the first time. The double effect of getting exercise and cycling through somewhere new you haven’t seen before can spark a psychological revitalization and get rid of mild depression, work-related anxiety, and specific somatic syndromes. What makes it even better is that the guided cycling tours make it so you don’t have to do any work at all. For a small fee, a guide can tour you through the area on a bike. Having a guide along will get rid of any extra anxiety because he knows the area, can help you discover, can provide first aid if someone falls ill, and knows where to get help if someone is injured. These kinds of cycling holidays are much preferred to vacations by airplane which can seem stagnant, stalwart, and malevolent comparitively. The reason is that the exercise, nature experience, and outdoor information guide is comparatively better for your system than being cramped in an airplane, vehicle, or lying motionless on the beach. Bike Tours Cycling holidays, also called bike tours, bike vacations, and bike trips are gaining ground in families because they provide a way for the whole family to...

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BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are not for the faint of heart. These bikes are designed for extreme dirt and motocross cycling where the primary purpose is riding, racing, and jumping bikes in motocross style on specialized tracks with inline start and big obstacles. BMX bikes can be used for casual use, usually by kids – and big kids – but their express use is dirt and motocross cycling. BMX encompasses all forms of extreme bike usage like the dirt track, vertical ramp, park, street, and flatland racing, but it is not limited to those.   The materials used to make BMX bikes include steel, aluminium, chromoly, hi tensile steel, or a composite metal material. These BMX bikes are used for the race, freestyle biking, dirt jumping, and flatland riding, and children, people, and teenagers, especially teenagers, have taken up the sport at BMX and skate parks to compete and ride in organized competitions.   BMX bikes continue in a long line of extreme sports, and you need the right equipment and accessories to not get hurt in the sport. The protective gear like a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, protective clothing, and BMX repair tools are a must, and they’re a necessary accessory pack for your BMX experience. Long-sleeved clothing is often worn like special jerseys and pants in case of rough scratching, burning, and abrasion from falling, landing irregularly,...

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Ducati 1098s Review

The extremely sexy Ducati 1098s immediately strikes you as a modern bike, with images of the old Ducati styling back, thankfully. Ducati features like the high tail section, and compact front end flowing into twin under-seat silencers and single-sided swing arm are very pleasing to the eye. The 1098s actually looks fast on the side stand. Add the new Testastretta Evoluzione engine at the heart of the machine and you get an all-out performance Ducati Superbike. The 1098 introduces a number of ‘firsts’ for Ducati, The 1098 is the first production motorcycle to have the amazing stopping power of Brembo Monobloc brakes, the first to have a data acquisition system integrated as standard equipment, and the use of the information-rich instrumentation, like on the Moto GP bikes, although there is an inherent problem with misting up of the instrument panel, which should have been sorted out in pre-production. But I suppose it is a Ducati and we need something to complain about don’t we? Ducati have a lot riding on this new machine, least of all its heavily dented reputation after the 999 debacle, despite being successful at racing. Inspiration has clearly come from the infamous 916 model on which Brit Carl Fogarty won five world championships. Ducati are also hoping to make their bikes more accessible by increasing the servicing interval and reducing the costs. They claim to...

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Llandegla – North Wales

Trail Name: Llandegla Trail Location: Llandegla Forest, North Wales Distance (green): 5km – 3 miles Distance (blue): 12km – 7.5 miles Distance (red): 18km – 11 miles Distance (black): 21km – 13 miles Time: 1 hr – 4hrs, depending on route Bike Trail Grade: – Something for everyone; green, blue red, black Suitable For: Beginners to more experienced mountain bikers, black route is not too technical. Surface Types: Forest paths with some more technical sections on the red and black routes. Technical Features: Gentle climbs and descents. Expect boardwalks, medium rocks, medium steps, drop-offs, cambers. Suggested Fitness Level: Entry level of fitness and stamina to medium to enjoy the more challenging routes. Llandegla Review Llandegla, or Coed Llandegla for when you are looking for it in your Sat Nav, is a dedicated mountain bike track in North Wales, not too far from Wrexham. The trail is typical forest track and is perhaps seen as an easy trail. It has a gentle climb which is readily accessible for those with moderate fitness. There are trails suitable for all types of bikers and is a great place for beginners and family groups to get to grips with what Mountain Biking is all about. The trails are marked as green for beginners, blue for newbies or those just wanting a decent introduction to mountain biking, red for those wanting a good ride...

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Mountain Bike DVD

Mountain bike DVDs are integral to understanding how to mountain bike, getting inspiration to be a better mountain biker by looking at an experts, repairing your mountain bike, training you in the tricks you can do on mountain bikes, learning from experts in the field, getting in-depth reviews of trails, getting a handle on the fundamentals, and becoming more adept as an overall mountain biker as you learn to perfect, craft, and fine-tune your mountain biking hobby, sport, profession, adventure, or leisure activity. With thousands of Mountain Bike DVDs to choose from its hard to know where to start. So we’ve put a selection of our favourites together to get you started. Some good DVDs include Race Across the Sky, Nitro Circus 7 Country Fried, Klunkerz – A Film about the Development and Birth of Mountain Bikes, Roam: The Collective 2, Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance, New World Disorder 10 (NWD 10) – Mountain Bike DVD, The Collective (Mountain Bike), NWD 9 Never Enough BD [Blu-ray], West Coast Style Freeride Fundamentals – A Mountain Bike DVD, Fundamentals Mountain Bike Technique DVD, Bike Garage, and West Coast Style Mountain Biking DVD. Many of these DVDs are for inspiration purposes only. They showcase the best and the most adept in the mountain biking field in new and interesting ways that inspire young people to get on their mountain...

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With thousands of BMX Bike DVDs to chose from its hard to know where to start. So we’ve put a selection of our favourites together to get you started. There are lot of great BMX Bike DVD’s out there that you can buy and watch. You may even want to learn how to do some of the tricks yourself at home. BMX Bike DVDs There are lot of great BMX Bike DVD’s out there that you can buy and watch. You may even want to learn how to do some of the tricks yourself at home. DVDs featuring BMX bikes are great for giving novices a visual introduction to the sport that they can watch over and over again for entertainment, education, and enjoyment. BMX bikers that make it onto DVDs are usually so good that they have attained BMX notoriety for their smooth moves on and off the bike. A lot of the time, these personalities are pre-eminent BMX bikers that are sponsored by major corporations that give them money to wear their insignias, clothing, and marketing logos while they’re riding on bikes, especially when they appear in videos. This encourages audiences that buy the videos to buy the clothing too. BMX bike DVDs are good for showing neophytes what is possible with BMX bikes instead of leaving it open to interpretation about the limits of what can...

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