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Author: Mark Taylor

Beginners Guide to Cycling Training Camps

Cycling training camps will take your cycling to the next level You’ve just bought your new shiny bike and you’re looking like a pro in your cycling gear and you’re ready to ride in the same spirit as Sean Kelly, Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins. You’ve signed up with Strava and you’re seeing early success. This is wonderful and no doubt you will soon be building your base miles. The problem comes when you hit a wall and progress begins to halt. Some find this too demoralising and give up the sport; others find cycle training camps and take...

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Bike Chester Sportive

The Bike Chester sportive includes some of the best routes through Cheshire we’ve experienced. The Bike Chester 2017 sportive was managed by the experienced team at Iconic Cycling Events and was supported by a variety of sponsors, including Redrow Homes, The Bike Factory and Halliwell Jones. The 2017 event took place on Sunday 11th June 2017 and the organisers are hoping to host next year’s event in June 2018. This Chester based sportive is included in our list of the best Cheshire Sportives so if you enjoyed this event, why not take a look for ideas for your next...

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5 Common Mistakes When Choosing a Bike Carrier

Bike carriers have revolutionised the way cycling enthusiasts travel, giving independence from public transport and freedom to travel further afield. Being able to carry your own bikes on the back of your car, van or even caravan has made cycling holidays and cycle group trips all the more enjoyable, whether you’re a road cyclist off to a weekend sportive or a mountain biker going to a dedicated MTB track. Though they appear simple to use, and indeed many are, the fact is that not all bike carriers are suited to all vehicles. And not all carriers are suited to...

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Beginners Guide on How to Avoid Common Cycling Injuries

Cycling injuries can be common but with careful consideration, can be avoidable and prevented Common Cycling Injuries and How to Prevent Them For many new cyclists, watching others casually cycle past looks fun and easy. After all, surely the bike does most of the work, right? However, once you get involved in cycling, you need to learn the reality about cycling injuries and most importantly how to prevent them. The truth about cycling injuries can be that they are more common than you realise but with care and diligence, you can prevent injury or at worst, learn how to...

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Guide to Energy Drinks and Foods for Cycling

Here’s a test, nip out on your bike before you read this but don’t do your usual prep. Make sure you’ve not eaten for at least 3 hrs or taken any energy drinks or gel. Just go for about 20 mins and take no water either. How did that feel? I’m actually hoping you didn’t do that as it’d be pretty dumb – but you knew that (unless of course you’re doing a fasted ride). Whatever you’re pre-ride routine currently is, one thing is for certain, you know that you need to eat something before you go. But why?...

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