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Author: Mark Taylor

Who has the Cheapest Bikes?

In part one of this series of articles, we looked at the importance of Christmas trading for the Cycling Industry. In particular, we looked at who has the Best Choice of Bikes for adults and saw that it was the specialist bike shops; Winstanleys Bikes, Tredz and Evans Cycles that were the clear leaders. In part two, we looked at who has the Best Choice of Childrens Bikes and saw that, for choice, Amazon was the place to go this Christmas with 600 bikes for children. The specialist bike shops were once again well represented at the higher end...

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66 Tips on How to Prepare for Winter Cycling

Winter Cycling – there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing Black ice, heavy rain, dark days and darker nights, cold biting winds, uncertain road surfaces, ever changing weather conditions, crosswinds, tailwinds and the dreaded headwind, all equate to challenging winter cycling conditions. For many cyclists, winter weather is the primary reason for not cycling through these cold, dark months. But before you pack your bike away for the winter and make like a hibernating bear, take a moment to read through our Winter Cycling Guide for some tips on how to prepare for winter cycling....

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Ultimate Guide to Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes are comparable to other bicycles, fun to ride, economical to run and environmentally friendly. Electric Bikes are becoming a more common sight on our roads. They are the same as other bicycles but they have an added battery and motor which are environmentally friendly and easy to ride. What is an eBike? An Electric Bike or eBike is a bicycle which has a motor and battery attached. These help to power the bike providing you with power assisted pedaling, making it easier to pedal. With an eBike you still pedal as normal but the addition of the...

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Beginners Guide to Cycling Training Camps

Cycling training camps will take your cycling to the next level You’ve just bought your new shiny bike and you’re looking like a pro in your cycling gear and you’re ready to ride in the same spirit as Sean Kelly, Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins. You’ve signed up with Strava and you’re seeing early success. This is wonderful and no doubt you will soon be building your base miles. The problem comes when you hit a wall and progress begins to halt. Some find this too demoralising and give up the sport; others find cycle training camps and take...

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5 Common Mistakes When Choosing a Bike Carrier

Bike carriers have revolutionised the way cycling enthusiasts travel, giving independence from public transport and freedom to travel further afield. Being able to carry your own bikes on the back of your car, van or even caravan has made cycling holidays and cycle group trips all the more enjoyable, whether you’re a road cyclist off to a weekend sportive or a mountain biker going to a dedicated MTB track. Though they appear simple to use, and indeed many are, the fact is that not all bike carriers are suited to all vehicles. And not all carriers are suited to...

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