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Author: Mark Taylor

CW125 Sportive Cycling Weekly Event

The CW125 Sportive celebrates the 125th anniversary of the Cycling Weekly magazine with three cycle routes across the Cheshire countryside. The CW125 Sportive marks a pretty impressive anniversary in the cycling community, and one in which you can participate. How often can you say that you’ve celebrated a quasquicentennial (no, I can’t say it either!). The event is based out of Oulton Park Race Circuit, Tarporley, Cheshire (directions to Oulton Park) and takes place on Sunday 10th September 2017. This sportive is ideal for cyclists based in Cheshire and is a short journey from Chester, Manchester, Wirral and the...

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Wirral Bikeathon

Wirral Bikeathon Charity Cycle Event 2018 – 10th June 2018 The Wirral Bikeathon is an annual charity cycling event held in June on the northern part of the Wirral peninsula. About Wirral Bikeathon So what’s it like to cycle the Wirral Bikeathon? In short, fun. If you haven’t participated in a charity bike ride before, it may be quite daunting at first but before you decide that it’s too hard for you, please take a moment to re-consider. First consider why you are reading this. There are many reasons for entering the Bikeathon, in memory of a loved one,...

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How Cycling Can Help Alleviate Stress

Cycling regularly helps to reduce stress, improve the quality of sleep and general well-being In this hectic and chaotic era that is the 21st century, many of us are feeling under more stress than ever before and are finding it increasing difficult to handle. We need to find a way to relax and let off some steam, a human exhaust valve if you like. In an ideal world, we’d head off into the sun and find the nearest beach and bar to rest and recuperate for a week or two. However, not every can afford such luxury or have...

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Muc-Off Athlete Performance Products

Muc-Off go from caring and protecting bikes to caring and protecting cyclists with their range of Athlete Performance products. As a cyclist, there is probably one brand’s products that we all have somewhere in the garage, shed or wherever we store our cycling stuff. Muc-Off has been helping cyclists clean, protect and lube for over 20 years. Muc-Off bike cleaner and degreaser are the two must-have products that I always have to hand. They are just two of the 20 products in the cleaning range, with a further 20 to choose from in the protect and lube depts. So having established themselves firmly in bike care and protection market, they’ve decided to care and protect cyclists with the launch of their Athlete Performance product range. Athlete Performance Range The product range consists of shaving products, skincare products, chamois cream and recovery aids. Prices are at the luxury end of the market, with shaving cream at £15.00 for a 250ml tube. This matches other luxury shaving creams and gels, such as the Clinique for Men shaving gel, although the Muc-Off shaving cream is twice the size (250ml vs 125ml). The shaving range consists of Shaving Cream, a Shaving Brush and a combo gift pack, which at £40.00 is possibly out of reach of some people. Chamois Cream is an essential aid for cyclists spending more than a few hours in...

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Velo Birmingham

The Ultimate Guide to Velo Birmingham Sportive, including route maps, feed stations, elevations, download the GPX file and enjoy this unique closed road sportive event.

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What Causes Leg Cramps in Cyclists?

Leg cramps can affect all cyclists, regardless of experience but lactic acid is there for a reason – it’s a signal for you to stop what you’re doing You’ve finally achieved it, ridden that extra mile! You feel great about it too – at last accomplishing one of your goals is fantastic, but in the process you’ve pushed your body to the limits and your feeling leg cramps. Does this sound familiar? Interestingly, this scenario is common to both elite cyclists and beginners alike. In this article I’m going to explore exactly what is going on in your body...

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