With thousands of BMX Bike DVDs to chose from its hard to know where to start. So we’ve put a selection of our favourites together to get you started.

There are lot of great BMX Bike DVD’s out there that you can buy and watch. You may even want to learn how to do some of the tricks yourself at home.


There are lot of great BMX Bike DVD’s out there that you can buy and watch. You may even want to learn how to do some of the tricks yourself at home.

DVDs featuring BMX bikes are great for giving novices a visual introduction to the sport that they can watch over and over again for entertainment, education, and enjoyment. BMX bikers that make it onto DVDs are usually so good that they have attained BMX notoriety for their smooth moves on and off the bike. A lot of the time, these personalities are pre-eminent BMX bikers that are sponsored by major corporations that give them money to wear their insignias, clothing, and marketing logos while they’re riding on bikes, especially when they appear in videos. This encourages audiences that buy the videos to buy the clothing too. BMX bike DVDs are good for showing neophytes what is possible with BMX bikes instead of leaving it open to interpretation about the limits of what can be done on a BMX bike. Some of the tricks are so astonishing that users will only see them on DVDs and will never get the chance to see them in real life. Anyone can show their mum and dad, friends or brothers, the result of getting good and practising on a BMX bike. For this reason, mum and dad may be less hesitant to get you the BMX bike and accessories that go into creating these wonderful stunts, tricks, and flips that only professional BMX bikers can really do well.

Some leading BMX bike DVDs spell out the basics of BMX riding, but more importantly, they showcase the top of what BMX professionals can do when they’re in competitions and freely riding on their own. A few DVDs like Props How To – Beginner to Intermediate BMX Tricks (White Knuckle Extreme) and World Extreme Games Jumps show you what you can do if you really apply yourself in BMX riding and even show you how to do it if you are advanced enough to follow the tricks. Other DVDs like the Props Megatour 6 BMX DVD and BMX Bandits / Evel Knievel Double Feature show what BMX riders can do on their own without any inhibition. Stronger Than All BMX DVD and Fresh Fish BMX Divd are a couple BMX DVDs that are just showcases of tricks performed by leading BMX bikers in the field. Livin’ It – Skate / BMX is a street skate video that is a fairly popular genre BMX DVD. It even stars such mainstream celebrity stars as Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Palau, and Sierra Fellars. Who knew that Stephen Baldwin was so into BMX riding that he would appear in a BMX DVD, and it is one of the top-selling BMX DVDs no less. Another DVD called RAD (BMX Racing Classic) is a movie that is quite expensive at £10 but it is a classic in the genre. The ultimate BMX Box Set: The Props Box is probably the thing to get if you are really into BMX racing.