Cheshire Sportives take in some of the most beautiful countryside scenery in the North-West, here are some of the best ..

Cheshire Sportives

Living in the North-West, I often enter sportives in Wirral, Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire. This list of Sportives in Wirral & Merseyside covers events in those areas but I also wanted a list of Cheshire sportives, so here we are.

Many of the sportives listed below are ones that I have either done or plan to do this year. Cheshire is beautiful and with the exception of one or two hills, is predominantly flat. For cyclists like me, who are not huge fans of climbing, this makes Cheshire a great place to do longer sportives. When I say flat, a number of these sportives include routes with upto 10% gradients and one or two include the infamous 25% Mow Cop, so perhaps not strictly flat.

Having said that, Cheshire is a good area to do your first sportive or to move from smaller distances of circa 25 miles to medium distances of 50 miles, before adventuring into the realms of longer 75 miles or even the infamous century. If you are thinking of cycling this milestone, this article on How to Train for a Century Bike Ride may be helpful.

There are around 14 Cheshire sportives in 2018 but I suspect I may have missed a few so please feel free to add a comment in the box below and I’ll update the article.

For those sportives that I have already ridden, I will add a personal review of the ride and for those I am yet to complete, I’ll add post ride comments.

For those of you who are new to cycling events, our guide on How to Prepare for a Charity Bike Ride will help you to get ready for your event.

Cheshire Sportives 2018

Cheshire Sportives
FebTorelli Mini Cheshire Sportivetbc60mPoynton, Cheshire
MarPolocini Winter SprinterMar 464mWoodford, Cheshire
Cheshire CatMar 2550m, 80m, 110mCrewe, Cheshire
MayTour de MancMay 6100km, 100mMiddleton
JunLapierre Cheshire Cobbled ClassicJun 10100km, 100mStockport, Cheshire
Bike ChesterJun 1050m, 80mChester, Cheshire
JulLiverpool to ChesterJul 150m, 100mLiverpool, Merseyside
Manchester to Blackpooltbc60mSalford Quays
SepManchester 100Sep 2100km, 100mManchester
The Grimshaw Gruellertbc47m, 75mBollington, Cheshire
Cheshire Ride for Lifetbc40m, 70mChester, Cheshire
Cheshire Cycling SportiveSep 965mKnutsford, Cheshire
CW125 Cycling Weekly SportiveSep 965m, 80m, 125mTarporley, Cheshire
Seashell SportiveSep 1640m, 60m, 106mCheadle Hulme, Cheshire

Cycle Sportive in Cheshire

  1. Torelli Mini Cheshire Sportive
  2. Name:Torelli Mini Cheshire SportiveOrganiser:Team Torelli Cycling Club
    Location:Poynton, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
    Event:SportiveStart Time:9.00am
    Distance:30m, 60mFeed Stations:15m, 30m
    Climbing:2,500 ft on 60m routeRide Profile:Rural country lanes.
    GPS Route:link to StravaMap:link to map

    The Torelli Mini Cheshire Sportive is a winter warmer event and is usually my first sportive. It is well organised on the day but a response to questions prior to the event was slow. Team Torelli, as they like to be called, don’t have a website per se but instead have a series of web pages to each of their various sportives. It’s not easy to find information on the various events but the ride itself is a good way to start off your sportive season.

    The East Cheshire roads are not of a good standard and I found them to be rough and littered with potholes. Combine this with the to be expected, wet and icy roads and it means this isn’t a ride for the fair-weather cyclists.

    There are just over 200 cyclists which makes it quite a thin field over 60 miles. Having said that, having done it a few times, I would do it again as it’s always good to have an early sportive to give your winter training a focus and the route was a lovely ride through the Cheshire countryside, as always.

    Torelli Mini Cheshire Sportive Route

    From Poynton, the route heads out towards Woodford and then on to Alderley Edge via Mottram St Andrew. It then takes a familiar route to Jodrell Bank across roads with no elevation to speak of. In fact, the whole of the 60m, or 100km if you prefer, includes just 2,500 ft of climbing.

    From Jodrell Bank, there is around 5 miles due West, 5 miles due South and then a pleasant ride through Twemlow Green, Kermincham and Marton before the ride home North. This final 15 mile stretch runs West of Macclesfield, through Prestbury (try not to upset the local gentry) and Adlington before arriving back in Poynton.

    My Strava ride shows that I did this in under 4 hours at an average of 15.7 mph. On the slow side for me but it probably reflects that it was my first long ride of the year and I’d probably ridden less than ten rides so far this year.

    Torelli Mini Cheshire Sportive Route Map

    Torelli Cheshire Mini Sportive

  3. Polocini Winter Sprinter Sportive
  4. Name:Polocini Winter SprinterOrganiser:Polocini
    Location:Woodford, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
    Event:SportiveStart Time:9.15am
    Distance:62mFeed Stations:30m
    Climbing:2,200 ftRide Profile:Rural. Country Lanes.
    GPS Route:link to MapMyRideMap:see MapMyRide page

    The Polocini Winter Sprinter is very similar to the Torelli Mini Cheshire Sportive in that it is a winter warm-up ride through [mostly] the same Cheshire country lanes, over the same 60m distance and the same gentle climbs. However, the Polocini is probably better organised and certainly has better food.

    The event is limited to 300 cyclists, which makes it an uncluttered field and one that is unlikely to upset too many of the Cheshire gentry.

  5. Cheshire Cat Sportive
  6. Cheshire Cat Sportive

    GST Team Limited, trading as Kilo to Go, has now ceased to trade. However, the famous Cheshire Cat sportive lives on, thanks to Velo29 Events, who have bought the rights.

    Name:Cheshire CatOrganiser:Velo29 Events
    Location:Crewe, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
    Date:25th March 2018Price:£27.50
    Event:SportiveStart Time:8:00am
    Distance:50m, 80m, 110mFeed Stations:Yes, High5 sponsored
    Climbing:1,500ft, 4,000ft, 5,400ftRide Profile:Rural. Challenging.
    GPS Route:link to short route, medium route, long routeMap:link to route maps

    The Cheshire Cat sportive is one of several to include the infamous Mow Cop killer mile. It was the first really challenging sportive I did and as such, I have a soft spot for it.

    There are three distances to choose from and for the past couple of years, I’ve completed the middle distance (80m). However, it’s about time I did the longer 106-mile route, in part because I should be challenging myself and in part because it’ll be good practice for the Velo Birmingham sportive in September.

    Previous rides have been blighted by cold, wet and windy conditions but this is all par for the course with early season sportives. Previous Kilo to Go Cheshire Cat events were held in February so it’ll be interesting to see the weather in March. Kilo to Go were good organisers and the event is one that should be at the heart of all Cheshire cyclists’ sportive calendar. Past events attracted around 3,000 cyclists so it’s one to target.

    Cheshire Cat Sportive Route Elevation – Long Route (108m)

    Cheshire Cat Route Elevation

    As you can see from this elevation, the challenge is very much in the first 65km and whilst there are some steeper climbs, they are manageable. The first ascent is definitely the hardest, Mow Cop is a mile-long hill, which ramps up to 25% gradient, right at the very end. Not sure what the weather will be like in March but the views are pretty special.

    The second clim is gentle and you’ll be at the top before you realise it. Climbs three and four are quite short but you will see 10% gradients for some aspects of the climb. Once you pass the 65km mark, it’s all straight forward cycling from there.

    Cheshire Cat Sportive Route Map – Long Route (110m)

    Cheshire Cat Route Map Long

    Cyclists leave Queens Park in Crewe and after a few miles of town centre traffic, you head towards Shavington and then East to Alsager and onto Mow Cop for the first climb at 35km.

    The next 30km is the hardest as this section contains the four climbs at Biddulph Moor and Rudyard. After Wincle, you’re pretty much riding on the flat.

    From this point, cyclists head West towards Northwich, cycling through Sutton, Lower Withington and Goostrey on lovely cheshire country lanes. Traffic builds a little as you circumnavigate Northwich but it gets better by the time you reach Mouldsworth.

    The ride back to Crewe passes near Tarporley, Little Budworth and Wetterhall, all of which will be familar to regular Cheshire cyclists. The ride into Crewe is on busier A-roads but organisers try to keep you on the quieter roads where possible.

    Cheshire Cat Sportive Route Map – Medium Route (80m)

    Cheshire Cat Route Map Medium

    Cheshire Cat Sportive Route Map – Short Route (50m)

    Cheshire Cat Route Map Short

  7. Tour de Manc
  8. *** Coming Soon ***

  9. Lapierre Cheshire Cobbled Classic Sportive
  10. Name:Cheshire Cobbled ClassicOrganiser:Cycle Classics
    Location:Stockport, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
    Date:10th June 2018Price:£30
    Event:SportiveStart Time:8.30am
    Distance:100km, 100mFeed Stations:unknown
    Climbing:5,250 ft (100km)Ride Profile:Rural
    GPS Route:link to GPX fileMap:link to route map

    This Cheshire Cobbled Classic sportive is a tough one. It’s not particularly long at 100 km (62m) but it has over 5,200 ft of climbing and includes 12 cobbled sections, five of which are over 20% gradient. Like I said, tough. For those that like things really tough, the organisers are adding a 100-mile option from this year. Details are pretty limited at present but it’s safe to say that this is only for the hardy cyclist, or nutters.

    As you may have expected, this event is inspired by the Tour of Flanders – the Belgian one-day Classic. Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of the course is the 45% maximum gradient (yes, forty-five), Corkscrew. This is a steep, twisting, cobbled road whose 45% maximum gradient makes it the steepest climb in the country.

    Cheshire Cobbled Classic Sportive

    The eastern part of the Cheshire Cobbled Classic is located within the Peak District National Park and takes in the spectacular Goyt Valley and the Fernilee and Errwood reservoirs, before heading south and west via a further five reservoirs and Macclesfield Forest.

    The event website has a good description of the beauty of this route, along with some pictures of the numerous cobbled section. It certainly isn’t a sportive for a novice and even some more experienced cyclists may wince at parts of this ride but this is certainly going to give you a challenge.

  11. Bike Chester Sportive
  12. Name:Bike ChesterOrganiser:Iconic Cycle Events
    Location:Chester, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
    Date:10th June 2018Price:£36
    Event:CharityStart Time:7:30am (80m), 8:30am (50m)
    Distance:50m, 80mFeed Stations:Yes, with local produce
    Climbing:2,000 ft (50m), 2,700 ft (80m)Ride Profile:Rural, flat
    GPS Route:link to routesMap:Bike Chester Sportive Route Maps

    The Bike Chester Sportive is organised by Iconic Cycle Events, which are the same people behind Cheshire Pedalthon. As for Bike Chester, there are two marked rides of 50m and 80m, which take in the best scenery of Chester and the surrounding Cheshire countryside.

    Entrants benefit from a timed record of the ride, fully signposted routes with a back up route map and GPS files. The event will have support from medical staff and finishers will receive a medal. I’ve published an in-depth article on the Bike Chester Sportive which has full details of this excellent event.

  13. Liverpool to Chester Sportive
  14. Name:Liverpool to Chester LCLOrganiser:Pennine Events
    Location:Liverpool, MerseysideEvent Website:link to website
    Date:1st July 2018Price:£30
    Event:SportiveStart Time:7.30am
    Distance:50m, 100mFeed Stations:25m, 75m
    Climbing:4,300ft (100m route)Ride Profile:Rural
    GPS Route:link to website & GPS filesMap:link to map of 100m route

    One of the cool features of the LCL Liverpool to Chester event is that you get to ride through the tunnel under the Mersey. It’s quite a surreal feeling, especially if you are used to driving through either of the tunnels.

    This is a well organised event and one that is well attended (over 3,000 cyclists). There are three primary distances; 25m, 50m, 100m. The mid distance is one that I have done for the past few years and it is basically a straight ride from Liverpool to Chester, riding through the minor roads of the Wirral. The halfway point is a stop off at the Countess of Chester, before returning to Liverpool, using similar secondary roads across the Wirral Peninsular.

    This year, I’ve decided to do the longer route, which shares the 50m route through the Wirral but then extends a further 50m out to Delamere Forest. This is a great day out and a ride that I book as soon as entry opens, which both secures my place and gives me the early bird price.

    Liverpool to Chester Sportive Route Map : 100m

    Map of Liverpool to Chester Sportive Route

  15. Manchester to Blackpool
  16. *** Coming Soon ***

  17. Manchester 100
  18. *** Coming Soon ***

  19. Bollington Bikefest / The Grimshaw Grueller
  20. Name:The Bolly Bash & The Grimshaw GruellerOrganiser:Bollington Bikefest
    Location:Bollington, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
    Event:SportiveStart Time:7.30am
    Distance:40m, 75mFeed Stations:24m (short), 32m (long)
    Climbing:3,100ft, 7,800ftRide Profile:Rural with Hills
    GPS Route:download GPS filesMap:download route map

    The Bollington Bikefest is organised by the Macclesfield & District Lions Club, Bollington Town Council and Girl Guiding Cheshire Border. The sportive is a charity bike event in aid of East Cheshire Hospice.

    The Bikefest incorporates three routes; a 20km Twenty is Plenty fun ride which encourages less experienced cyclists to raise money for the charity, a 40m short sportive route and a more challenging 75m long route.

    Don’t be too fooled by the shorter distance as this includes 3,100ft of climbing, which makes it a great option for cyclists looking to push themselves beyond what they perhaps normally do. The standard sportive distance of 75m is definitely for the more experienced cyclist as it includes 7,800ft of climbing.

    The Bolly Bash Route

    The short route leaves Bollington and heads North towards Whiteley Green before heading West to Prestbury and Over Alderley. At this point the route goes South through Henbury, Gawsworth, North Rode and Key Green. Shortly after this, you’ll reach Timbersbrook and will have completed around 20 miles, all on the flat.

    This is where you’ll see your first climbing, approximately 500ft over 3 miles so nothing too taxing. Your reward however is the feed station, in and around Rudyard. The first half of this ride takes in just 1,400ft of elevation, with the return journey slightly more at 1,750ft.

    The Grimshaw Grueller Route

    The Grimshaw Grueller Route Map

    The Bollington Bikefest organisers have tried to include something for every typre of cyclist and the Grimshaw Grueller is their contribution for the more experienced cyclist. It covers more miles, has more hills, more counties (Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire) and tons of climbing, almost 8,000 feet. However, don’t be put off too soon as many of the hills are below 6% gradients so if you can do the distance (just over 115km) then you can do this ride.

    Just to set the scene from the start, the route heads North out of Bollington and then through Pott Shrigley and onto the first climb, around Rainow with a 600ft climb over 2 miles. It’s always good to get a warm-up early on a ride!

    From there its downhill for 8 miles through Wildboarclough, Allgreave, Wincle and Danebridge before two small climbs at Meerbrook and Upper Hulme, and then onto the feed station at Rudyard (same feed stop as the short route).

    The first part of the route covers less than 3,000ft but you may want to grab your breath before heading off as the second part includes just under 5,000ft of climbing, with no less than 6 hills.

    From Rudyard, you follow the same route you took earlier until you reach Allgreave, and from there you head East towards Buxton, taking in two gentle climbs. From Buxton, the route weaves around Errwood reservoir and climbs alongside it until you reach the A537.

    The final 10 mile section is a gentle underlating meander on Cheshire country lanes until you return to Bollington and the well-deserved congratulations from the waiting supporters.

    The Grimshaw Grueller route looks a good one and will definitely be on my list, although the date clashes with a few others so I’ll have to decide later in the year.

  21. Cheshire Ride for Life Charity Bike Ride
  22. Name:Cheshire Ride for LifeOrganiser:Life NoW
    Location:Chester, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
    Event:CharityStart Time:9.00am
    Distance:40m, 70mFeed Stations:unknown
    Climbing:unknownRide Profile:Rural
    GPS Route:unknownMap:unknown

    This is a charity sportive ride around West Cheshire, which starts and finishes in Upton, Chester. This event is run by volunteers and after set-up costs, all entry fees go to Life NoW, the charity that aims to build a hospice and respite centre for the North-West and North Wales specifically to cater for teenagers and young adults.

    The ride coincides with the Ride of the Roses sportive, which is the one I’ll be doing but this is for a good cause so well-worth considering.

  23. Cheshire Cycling Sportive
  24. Name:Cheshire Cycling SportiveOrganiser:Cheshire Cycling Sportive
    Location:Knutsford, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
    Date:9th Sept 2018Price:£22
    Event:Charity SportiveStart Time:8.00am
    Distance:65mFeed Stations:unknown
    Climbing:5,400 ftRide Profile:Rural
    GPS Route:link to stravaMap:link to strava

    Coming just two weeks after the Rise Above sportive, the Cheshire Cycling Sportive is another climbing challenge.

    This ride covers 65 miles and includes 5,500 ft of climbing, which comes after the halfway marker. It also includes Swiss Hill and it’s rather steep cobbled sections.

    The route travels through many well-known Cheshire towns and villages, including; Knutsford, Mobberley, Alderley Edge, Prestbury, Bollington, Pott Shrigley, Windgather Rocks, Goyt Valley, Cat and Fiddle, Blaze Hill, Swiss Hill and Wizard Hill.

    For the competitive cyclist there are a few prizes on offer, such as King of the Mountains, Best Sprinter, Lanterne Rouge and strangely, Best Fancy Dress.

    This looks to be a challenging event, the route itself looks good and takes in some excellent parts of Cheshire. However, this is one for cyclists who like a challenge, especially those that don’t mind hills.

  25. CW125 Cycling Weekly Sportive
  26. CW125 Sportive

    Name:CW125 Cycling Weekly SportiveOrganiser:Cycling Weekly
    Location:Tarporley, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
    Date:9th Sept 2018Price:£40
    Event:SportiveStart Time:7:15am
    Distance:40m, 80m, 125mFeed Stations:Yes
    Climbing:1,600ft, 3,300ft, 4,700ftRide Profile:Rural
    GPS Route:download GPX filesMap:see below

    The CW125 Sportive was originally organised to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Cycling Weekly – I bet you didn’t know it was that old eh?

    The ride starts and ends at Oulton Park Race Circuit and includes a timed lap for those competitive types. This is a late summer / early autumn sportive and most riders should have their full fitness by now so there’s no excuse for choosing the short distance, all you have to do is decide on the 80m or 125m route. For those selecting the longer distance, the route will take you into Delamere Forest, which may offer some cool cover should we get a late summer.

    The Standard and Epic routes share much of the same route, which include views of North Wales, the River Dee and much of the Cheshire countryside. However, don’t get too settled as there is a sting in the tail of this ride – Mow Cop. Yes, the classic killer mile makes another appearance in a Cheshire sportive.

    I’ve published a more extensive write-up of the CW125 Sportive if you’re interested in doing this event.

    Last year’s event was one of my favourite of the year and I’ll certainly be looking to do it again this year.

    CW125 Cycling Weekly Sportive Route Map

    CW125 Cycling Weekly Sportive Map

    CW125 Sportive Short Route Elevation

    CW125 Cycling Weekly Sportive

    CW125 Sportive Standard Route Elevation : 80m / 125 km

    CW125 Cycling Weekly Sportive

    CW125 Sportive Epic Route Elevation : 125 miles

    CW125 Cycling Weekly Sportive

  27. Seashell Sportive
  28. Name:Seashell Trust SportiveOrganiser:Seashell Trust
    Location:Cheadle Hulme, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
    Date:16th Sept 2018Price:£35
    Event:Charity SportiveStart Time:7.30am
    Distance:100km (62m), 170km (105m)Feed Stations:unknown
    Climbing:5,500ft, 9,150ftRide Profile:Rural with Hills
    GPS Route:links to routes 70km, 100km, 170kmMap:download route map

    The Seashell Trust Sportive is a late summer ride and whilst it won’t be blazing sunshine (is it ever in Britain), the weather should still be warm.

    This is a new sportive and one which I’m pleased to say sees the whole of the entry fee go towards the Seashell Trust charity. It’s a non-competitive cycle sportive with 3 routes to chose from; 70km (43m), 100km (62m), 170km (105m). Entry fee is £30 for the shorter route and £35 for the longer routes.

    This sportive takes place on 17th Sept 2017, just one week before the Velo Birmingham ride so I’ll need to think carefully before committing to the 105-mile route as two Century rides within the week may not be the best idea, especially given the 9,000 feet of climbing.

    The 70km route heads South and to the West of Macclesfield. Whilst it’s not a particular challenging ride for experienced sportive riders, it’s aim is to introduce cyclists to sportives and at 43-miles and 2,000ft of climbing, this is a great beginners sportive.

    Both of the longer routes circle Macclesfield and take in a significant portion of the West Peak District, known for it’s lumps and bumps, along with stunning scenery. This looks to be a great sportive and one that I’m looking forward to.

Previous Cheshire Sportives 2017

Torelli Jodrell Bank Classic Sportive

Name:Jodrell Bank ClassicOrganiser:Team Torelli Cycling Club
Location:Poynton, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:19th March 2017Price:£25.00
Event:SportiveStart Time:8.30am
Distance:50m, 80mFeed Stations:Yes by High5
Climbing:unknownRide Profile:Rural
GPS Route:not availableMap:not available

Given that this is organised by the Team Torelli Cycling Club and is a Cheshire Sportive across the county’s countryside, it is perhaps unsurprising that the Jodrell Bank Classic is very similar to both the Torelli Mini Cheshire sportive and also the Polocini Winter Sportive.

Jodrell Bank SportiveRegardless of the similarities, it is still worth doing this ride, which is slightly more expensive than the others, for some unknown reason.

The first part of the course is flat, which allows the legs to warm-up as you ride along the Cheshire country lanes. As the name suggests, you’ll soon find yourself alongside the famous Jodrell Bank Radio telescope, which you pass on both the way out and the way home.

Whilst I’d categorise this as a typically flat Cheshire sportive, there are a couple of lumps towards the end and as such, it can be seen as a natural progression on the previous two rides. The main culprit is the Pott Shrigley climb after Bollington, which climbs steadily up past the village and golf course, just what you want at the end of a ride! The event sees around the same number of cyclists as the previous two events but as this is slightly later in the season, you may see more riders.

Wiggle Along the Border Cheshire Sportive

Name:Wiggle Along the BorderOrganiser:Wiggle & Pennine Events
Location:Chester, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:19th March 2017Price:£33
Event:SportiveStart Time:8.00am
Distance:49m, 62m, 88mFeed Stations:21m, 42m
Climbing:unknownRide Profile:Rural
GPS Route:route unavailableMap:map unavailable

The Wiggle Along the Border ride starts at the Countess of Chester Health Park in Chester and both rides set off along the same route, towards Wrexham, before splitting just north of Whitchurch.

Wiggle Along the Border 2016As the name suggests, this is a wiggle along the Cheshire & Welsh borders, with riders crossing the border six times. The route passes through Marford, Gresford and along the outskirts of Wrexham. After this it goes through Bangor-On-Dee before returning towards Chester at the 35 mile marker.

On the return, all rides join together and riders complete the ride on the same route, which passes through Oldcastle Heath, Shocklach (second feed station), Farndon, Holt and finally Lavister, after which there is a further 10 miles before returning to the Countess of Chester to finish.

I’ve uploaded the GPX file to Strava (link to Strava) and as you’ll see, the route is straightforward and whilst the 62m ride has 2,600ft of elevation, there’s nothing too difficult and nothing much uphill after the 40m mark. Insurance is not provided on this sportive.

I liked the idea of riding in and out of England & Wales and it was fun to see the border signs several times but after that, there’s nothing special about this ride or route.

At £33 it’s too expensive and isn’t worth it – we didn’t even get a goody bag at the end, which is somewhat surprising considering Wiggle must have good links to the leading nutrition suppliers.

The route was pleasant but the poor road surfaces meant riders spent more time looking down at the road rather than admiring the countryside. It’s not a ride I would do again.

Wiggle Along the Border Sportive Route Map

Wiggle Along the Border Map 2016

Panorama Prospect Sportive

Name:Panorama ProspectOrganiser:David Matthews
Location:Willington Hall, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:20th May 2017Price:£6.00
Event:AudaxStart Time:8:30am
Distance:136km / 85mFeed Stations:unknown
Climbing:1,150m / 3,800ftRide Profile:Rural
GPS Route:link to GPS routeMap:link to route map

This is actually an Audax (long-distance road cycling event in which participants must navigate a route within a specified period of time) rather than a sportive but nevertheless, it’s an organised cycling event so I’ve included it.

At just 85-miles (136km), the Panorama Prospect is one of the shorter audax rides, and as such, makes a good introduction to Cheshire audax for those looking for something different to sportives.

Starting from Willington Hall, near Chester, the route takes in five controls (to demonstrate that you have completed the required distance) at Prospect Tea Rooms and Chirk, plus 3 information controls.

After leaving the Willington Hall country house hotel, riders cycle through beautiful Cheshire lanes and Welsh foothills. It’s a scenic route with just one significant climb.

Wiggle Cheshire Cheetah Sportive

Name:Wiggle Cheshire Cheetah SportiveOrganiser:Wiggle
Location:Crewe, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:18th June 2017Price:£35
Event:SportiveStart Time:7.00am
Distance:50m, 70m, 100mFeed Stations:Yes
Climbing:2,900 ftRide Profile:Rural
GPS Route:unavailableMap:unavailable

The Wiggle Cheshire Cheetah isn’t a sportive I’ve done before and there are few reviews elsewhere of others that have so it’s perhaps a new one for 2017. I have however done the Wiggle Along the Border and was unfortunately disappointed with it. That won’t put me off and as it doesn’t clash with any other sportive, I’ll probably try this one in June.

There are 3 routes to chose from; a short 50m, great choice if you are new to sportives, standard 70m and a full 100m Century. Given that this is a summer sportive, it’ll be either the 70m or 100m, depending on what else I’m doing that month.

Before you commit to a challenging 100m, you may want to bear in mind that this sportive includes one of Cheshire’s finest climbs, Mow Cop and one of the Peak District’s highest hills too, Fiddle Road. I can’t find any GPS routes and so haven’t got a handle on the amount of climbing, gradients or elevation yet.

This sportive will be a challenging one but nothing too difficult for regular cyclists. This part of Cheshire, especially in the summer, is beautiful so you can expect a great day out, on your bike, surrounded by other cyclists. Perfect.

Wiggle Cheshire Cheetah Sportive Route Map

Wiggle Cheshire Cheetah Route Map

Evans Cycles Hoy 100 Sportive

Name:Hoy 100 SportiveOrganiser:Evans Cycles
Location:Northwich, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:2nd July 2017Price:£35
Event:SportiveStart Time:7.00am
Distance:100km (62m), 100mFeed Stations:unknown
Climbing:1,565ft, 4,580ftRide Profile:Rural with Hills
GPS Route:download GPS filesMap:download route map

Olympic legend, Sir Chris Hoy has joined forces with Evans Cycles to create the Hoy 100 Sportive. This is a ride around the Cheshire countryside with a choice or 100km or 100 mile routes.

Cyclists congregate in the Arley Hall Estate before setting off on one of the two routes. The 100km route follows local country lanes, taking in Dunham Massey Deer Park and Tatton Park before returning to the Estate.

Cyclists looking for a more challenging route have the option of the 100 mile route, which takes riders to the edge of the Peak District. The longer route also adds a few more climbs, including some challenges through Macclesfield Forest before starting to head back past Alderley Edge and then a relatively fast and flat section across Cheshire and back to Arley Hall Estate again.

The Evans Cycles sportives, just like those of Wiggle, are some of the more expensive. At £35, they are becoming quite expensive, especially if you are like me and do plenty of sportives each year.

Rise Above Sportive

Rise Above Sportive 2016

Name:Rise Above SportiveOrganiser:Rise Above Sportive Ltd
Location:Chester, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:27th August 2017Price:£39
Event:SportiveStart Times:7:00am (100m), 8:00am (75m), 9:00am (50m)
Distance:50m, 75m, 100mFeed Stations:3 available (see below)
Climbing:2,100ft, 5,850ft, 8,450ftRide Profile:Rural with Hills
GPS Route:link to download pageMap:link to 50m, 75m, 100m route maps

The Rise Above Sportive is one that has been devised by Tour de France supremo, Mark Cavendish, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s tough.

As sportive distances go, the routes are standard at 50m, 75m or 100m but just take a look at the climbing; 2,100ft, 5,850ft and a whopping 8,450ft on the 100m ride.

The routes take cyclists across Cheshire, around Chester and into North Wales which takes in scenic forestry roads, breath-taking views and iconic Welsh landscapes. This sportive is certainly going to challenge most cyclists, with tough climbs and energy-sapping elevations but one that will also bring plenty of reward too. So all that’s left, is to choose which route to do.

This will be my first involvement with this event, which looks to be well planned, with plenty of on-site support and an extensive list of features, including mechanical support, full route marking, public liability insurance for cyclists, free SiS nutrition product, on-site catering, emergency support, gift bags, post event massages etc.

This year I’ll be doing the 75 mile (120km) route as the near 6,000 ft of climbing will be the most I’ll have done in a single ride. The distance will be fine but I’m certainly challenging myself on this one.

Rise Above Sportive Feed Stations

There are a number of SIS sponsored feed stations on this sportive, all of which will be clearly marked and sign-posted with 500m to-go warnings. As you can see from the table below, they are evenly spaced out and strategically placed at distances where they’ll be needed.

The feed station on the 50m route is positioned at the highest point on this route and as such, it’ll be all downhill after your rest stop.

The first feed station on the 75m and 100m routes is also at this point but as these routes are more challenging, there are three higher peaks than this, including two category 4 and one category 2 climbs.

The second stop on the 75m route can be found after all the main climbs, and whilst there is still a small category 5 to go, it’s pretty flat on this route after this second feed station. This is also the third stop on the 100m route.

The second feed station on the 100m route is located in the dip between the two main climbs, and comes after 54m, so just under halfway to go.

Feed Station by Route:Distance Marker:Location:
50m (80km)35m (56km)Minera Lead Mines, Minera, Wrexham, LL11 3DU
75m (120km)24m (38km)Minera Lead Mines, Minera, Wrexham, LL11 3DU
75m (120km)55m (89km)Kingswood Colomendy, Loggerheads Rd, Cilcain, Mold, CH7 5LB
100m (160km)24m (38km)Minera Lead Mines, Minera, Wrexham, LL11 3DU
100m (160km)54m (87km)Corwen Sports Pavilion, Corwen War Memorial Park, Green Lane, Corwen, LL21 0DN
100m (160km)78m (125km)Kingswood Colomendy, Loggerheads Rd, Cilcain, Mold, CH7 5LB

Rise Above Sportive Route Map : 100m / 165km

Map of the Rise Above Sportive 100m Route

Rise Above Sportive Route Map : 75m / 120km

Map of the Rise Above Sportive 75m Route

Previous Cheshire Sportives 2016

Cheshire Cheese Chase Sportive

Name:Cheshire Cheese ChaseOrganiser:Final Corner Ltd
Location:Nantwich, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:27th March 2016Price:£25
Event:SportiveStart Time:unknown
Distance:50m, 86mFeed Stations:unknown
Climbing:unknownRide Profile:Rural including Mow Cop.
GPS Route:not yet availableMap:link to map

The Cheshire Cheese Chase isn’t some weird Cheshire ritual, it’s simply a ride through the Cheshire dairyland. There are two or four routes, depending on how you look at it. The challenging routes are 50m and 86m long, both of which take in the infamous Mow Cop killer Mile, which for local cyclists, will need no introduction. However, for those that don’t wish to tackle this 25% gradient climb, there are two six-mile short-cuts.

The 2016 Cheshire Cheese Chase Sportive has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

Elevation of Mow Cop

Elevation of Mow Cop

Wirral Wheelers Early Season Sportive

Name:Wirral Wheelers Early SeasonOrganiser:Wirral Wheelers
Location:Waverton, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:3rd April 2016Price:£12.50
Event:SportiveStart Time:unknown
Distance:60mFeed Stations:30m (entry inc lunch)
Climbing:unknownRide Profile:Rural
GPS Route:not availableMap:not available

This early-ish season challenge is organised by Wirral Wheelers and is a loop that starts and finishes at Waverton, Cheshire. The route is generally flat and stays predominantly on the Cheshire lanes and minor roads. I haven’t ridden this ride before but it looks to be a friendly event, with refreshments on offer at each control point. Full route details will be available closer to the event.

Feisty Fifty Charity Bike Ride

Name:Feisty FiftyOrganiser:Up & Under Foundation
Location:Crewe, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:8th May 2016Price:£14
Event:CharityStart Time:9.00am
Distance:30mFeed Stations:unknown
Climbing:2,000 ftRide Profile:Rural with some hills
GPS Route:unknownMap:unknown

The Feisty Fifty is a 50km (hence part of the name) charity ride than takes in 2,000 ft of climbing (hence the other part of the name). It takes place in and around the Crewe side of Cheshire, although the route does dip into Staffordshire. The charity benefitting from this event is the Up and Under Foundation, which hopes each rider will be able to raise at least £25 for their good cause.

Foundation Ride Charity Bike Ride

Name:Foundation RideOrganiser:Up & Under Foundation
Location:Crewe, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:8th May 2016Price:£14
Event:CharityStart Time:9.00am
Distance:30mFeed Stations:unknown
Climbing:unknownRide Profile:Rural
GPS Route:unknownMap:unknown

The Foundation Ride is one of several rides taking place on this day in aid of the Up and Under Foundation. It is a lovely, albeit short, 30 mile ride around the Cheshire lanes, which passes through the pretty villages of Audlem and Wrenbury. As with the Feisty Fifty, the charity hope each rider will raise at least £25.

Pedal Power Salt Towns Shaker

Name:Pedal Power Salt Towns ShakerOrganiser:Pedal Power Northwich
Location:Northwich, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:12th June 2016Price:£20.00
Event:SportiveStart Time:9.00am
Distance:5m, 20m, 35m, 80mFeed Stations:unknown
Climbing:3,300 ftRide Profile:Rural. Country Lanes.
GPS Route:tbcMap:link to map

The 2016 Pedal Power Salt Towns Shaker offers several routes but we are concentrating here on the 80 mile challenge. This route goes through the Cheshire countryside, with highlights including Beeston Castle and Delamere Forest.

The Salt Towns Shaker starts from Marbury Country Park, near Northwich and takes in other historic Cheshire salt towns, including Middlewich and Winsford. Whilst other cyclists will be riding the 35-mile route, more hardy cyclists will take on the climbs around Beeston and Sandstone Ridge, as well as riding through the scenic Delamere Forest.

All riders receive a goody bag at the finish in the Pedal Power Festival area where there will be food, drinks and cycling related stalls and activities.

RTPI NW Cycle Event

Name:RTPI NW Cycle EventOrganiser:RTPI
Location:Knutsford, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:19th June 2016Price:£25
Event:Charity Bike RideStart Time:9.30am
Distance:35m, 60mFeed Stations:unknown
Climbing:unknownRide Profile:Rural
GPS Route:unknownMap:unknown

The RTPI NW Cycle Event isn’t one I’d heard of before putting this list together and neither the British Cycling or RTPI websites have much to offer in regard to further information. The ride date clashes with the Cheshire Cat event so I’ll be doing that one instead of this. However, I’ll edit this page once I get more info.

Cheshire Pedalthon Charity Bike Ride

Name:Cheshire PedalthonOrganiser:Iconic Cycle Events
Location:Chester, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:24th June 2016Price:£100
Event:Charity Bike RideStart Time:9.00am
Distance:40m, 80mFeed Stations:Yes, with local produce
Climbing:unknownRide Profile:Rural
GPS Route:unknownMap:unknown

The aim of the Cheshire Pedalthon charity cycle event to raise £10,000 for the Sale Sharks Community Trust in a single day. Whilst this is to be applauded, the entry fee is a whopping £100, which perhaps aims this event at businesses rather than cycling enthusiasts.

The event is held on a Friday and includes “A fantastic new cycling and networking experience for the Cheshire and Manchester business community.” The event is limited to 400 places, which means that if they reach the maximum, they’ll raise £40,000 – won’t they? There’s no route, GPS or map available and so it’s hard to pass further comment on this ride at present.

Bob Clift Memorial Cycleways Ride

Name:Bob Clift Memorial Cycleways RideOrganiser:Chester & North Wales CTC
Location:Waverton, ChesterEvent Website:link to website
Date:26th June 2016Price:£10 (50m), £15 (100m)
Event:Local Group EventStart Time:8.30am (100m), 10.00am (50m)
Distance:50m, 100mFeed Stations:unknown
Climbing:unknownRide Profile:Rural. Country Lanes.
GPS Route:tbcMap:link to map

The Bob Clift Memorial has it’s roots back in 1986 and is managed by the Chester and North Wales CTC.

There are two routes, one leisurely ride over 50m and a longer 100m ride, both of which take you though the beautiful Cheshire countryside. Both routes start and finish at Waverton Institute, Village Road, Waverton (near Chester, CH3 7QN), where there is ample free parking.

Torelli Jodrell Bank Summer Sportive

Name:Jodrell Bank Summer SportiveOrganiser:Team Torelli Cycling Club
Location:Poynton, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:24th July 2016Price:£27.50
Event:SportiveStart Time:8.30am
Distance:65m, 100mFeed Stations:35m, 65m
Climbing:tbcRide Profile:Rural. Country Lanes.
GPS Route:tbcMap:tbc

The official Jodrell Bank Summer Sportive website is showing that this event has been cancelled. However, it appears that it is still possible to enter so be careful before you hand any money over.

The Jodrell Bank Summer Sportive is another ride organised by the Team Torelli Cycling Club in Cheshire. The two previous events are some of the earliest in the calendar and are considered winter warmers but this one is clearly a summer special.

There are two routes, one of 65m and the other a true century at 100m. I haven’t yet had sight of the routes, nor the elevation, but I will publish routes, maps, GPX files etc once I have them. I suspect the routes will follow previous Torelli roads and incorporate the beautiful Cheshire B-roads, so this would be a Sportive I would recommend.

Wirral Ark Mow Cop Challenge

Name:Wirral Ark Mow Cop ChallengeOrganiser:Ray Hellon
Location:Knutsford, CheshireEvent Website:link to website
Date:16th Oct 2016Price:£35
Event:Charity SportiveStart Time:8.30am
Distance:60mFeed Stations:unknown
Climbing:2,000 ftRide Profile:Rural
GPS Route:link to routeMap:link to map

The Wirral Ark Project is a registered charity that exists to provide accommodation for the homeless and the Wirral Ark Mow Cop Challenge aims to raise money for this worthy cause. I had the pleasure of riding alongside the event organiser, Ray Hellon, whilst participating in the Wirral Wanderer sportive earlier this year.

The route covers 60 miles of the previously mentioned beautiful Cheshire countryside, taking in Jodrell Bank along the way. There is a small lump in the middle of the route, namely Mow Cop but you probably saw that in the name of the sportive. However, at just over 2,000 ft across 60 miles, it’s not a ride that you would call hilly.

The event looks to be well organised event and whilst the entry fee isn’t the cheapest on this list, it’ll get you the following; hot drinks and biscuits at start, signage along the route, marshalls on Mow Cop, marshalling at key junctions, feed station, hot drinks and cake at the finish, support vehicle and apparently, smiley people!