Scott Plasma Premium Triathlon Bike

Scott Plasma Premium Triathlon Bike Review

The Scott Plasma Premium is here, its space-age shape and appropriately high price point making sure that there is no question as to its capabilities. Professional triathletes will be able to maximise their potential on this cycle, while mere mortals can do little but drool over its specifications and marvel at the technical prowess which has been used to help create this bike.

The Scott Plasma Premium is the stealth bomber of the triathlon bike market. In short, it has been created with aerodynamics at the top of the agenda, which means everything from the frame to the seatpost has been shaped and created in order to glide through the air in the cleanest possible fashion. With the stamp of approval from the famous Normann Stadler and hardcore credentials that are difficult to match, the Scott Plasma Premium really is the pinnacle of the triathlon bike market.

The purpose of the Scott Plasma Premium’s design is to provide as much seamless integration of components into its setup as possible, without compromising on build quality or performance. Its moulded carbon frame has been elegantly combined with each separate aspect of the bike in a superficially simple and eminently sensible manner. While previous class-leading super bikes like this might have required a team of specially trained engineers to get to grips with its complex features, the Scott Plasma Premium takes things back to basics without watering down any of the performance capabilities, so it is a very usable bike.

The ride of the Scott Plasma Premium is designed to be stiff and responsive, obeying your every command and eliminating the lumps and bumps on the road surface which might distract you and cause added fatigue. Even cross winds have been taken into account, so you will not be unbalanced by a surprise gust coming in from the side. Although it is understandably a very light bike, it has a planted, reliable feel which is in part endowed as a result of its relative mechanical simplicity.

As is often the case with extremely aerodynamic products, the Scott Plasma Premium looks surprisingly angular, its edges and shapes allowing it to force its way through the air without causing so much as a ripple. Scott has accepted the seriousness of the design, giving it a matt grey finish and suitably blocky graphics to keep the look and feel cohesive. The large Zipp branding on the rims does slightly detract from this cool and confident style, but it should be subtle enough to not stand out from a crowd of similar bikes, although on its own it is still an inevitable head-turner.

The Scott Plasma Premium deserves to be ranked amongst the best in the world. While it may not have all of the cutting edge features boasted by other triathlon bikes in this category, it does go above and beyond to give you hard wearing reliability, not just technical prowess, with its back to basics mechanical components helping to give it the edge in the long run.

Model: Scott Plasma Premium
5 / 5 stars