Silverback Road Bikes Revealed for 2013

A range of road bikes from German manufacturer Silverback are set to hit the UK for the 2013 season, which means that this little known brand could establish itself in Britain more solidly over the next 12 months.

The flagship range is the Scalera, which features lightweight carbon frames and on the Pro iteration will even use disc brakes, which is an increasingly common sight on premium road bikes.

The most affordable Scalera comes in at £2059 and will feature the Ultegra groupset along with Mavic Cosmic Elite rims and Rubino Pro Slick tyres, which should help to make sure that it is yet another compelling choice aimed at keen road racers who want to access great acceleration and fast rolling momentum.

The Space range sits just below the Scalera models in terms of price, performance and component selection. You still get a carbon frame and fork, along with plenty of components from Shimano, but the most affordable model will be just £1149 in the UK.

The Strela range harnesses alloy frames and carbon forks to cut costs further and the Strela 2 with its Shimano Sora drivetrain will cost around £759.

The most basic bikes for road action being offered by Silverback in 2013 are the Scento models, which will range in price from £419 to £649. Alloy frames and forks are on show here, with industry observers at the Eurobike 2012 event praising Silverback for its work on its latest breakthrough ranges.

Like many cyclists, I've been riding bikes since I was very young and despite now being less-young, I love it just as much. I've done my time on touring bikes, have cycled throughout the UK, including Lands End to John O' Groats (yes, uphill!) and now have fun on a mountain bike in the hills, do regular charity bike rides and organised bike events on my road bike.