Sunn bikes have a fantastic range of mountain bikes that include ranges such as the enduro, downhill, urban, and atomz categories. Nowadays, mountain bikes have become increasingly specialized with differences as far as XC, downhill riding, mega/marathon riding, DH, freeriding, and the list goes on.

Sunn has created bikes for all the categories of mountain bike racing. The four bikes that Sunn offers in the all mountain category include Seasons, Wisdom, Modular, and Kern. Each has specialized abilities and can do different things better than others, but each performs in a well-rounded way to be able to do anything too. The Seasons is a bike that can perform under all riding conditions when you’re out with friends and you don’t know what kind of trails you’re going to be up against.

Some of its components include a fork with 120 mm travel and a frame that can handle firm handling and sportiness all together in one bike. There is the Wisdom S3, Wisdom S2 and Wisdom S1. The Modular has an old school frame with modern graphics. Finally, there is the Kern mountain bike, which was voted mountain bike of the year by the French magazine, Velo Vert. This is the pinnacle of achievement for a bicycle brand, and it showed that Sunn was one of the top mountain bicycle brands in the world. The Kern has a 140 mm of travel, and it is available in up to five sizes.

The geometry was conceived with only one aim in mind, and that was to give you ultimate versatility on whatever terrain you were on. There are three types of Kern, the Kern finest, the Kern s2, and the Kern s1. There is also the Kern LT, which is the big brother of all of them. There is an underlying technology present in all four that uses proven kinematics of the connecting rod/rocker link that is static throughout all four bikes. This ensures unusual progress and precision in riding and a better centre of gravity and stability.

The Rock Shox are additionally prepared to handle the kinematics. The global frame and shock design has allowed Sunn to achieve these goals with the Kern. There is also some reenforcement on the back, and everything is assembled and sealed with annular bearings with Torx stainless screws with added inserts that avoids any risk of damages. There is also a serious stuff link that explains more about the company. Sunn was created in 1989 in France, and it has 81 titles under its belt. It was originally focused on BMX but moved its focus to mountain bikes in 1990.