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What are Sportives?

Sportives are cycling events organised in advance for cyclists to ride a pre-determined route. Events are sometimes aimed at raising money for charity but can also be for the sole pleasure of introducing new routes to cyclists in parts of the country they may be less familiar with. Either way, they are known collectively as Sportives. In this section, I only list Sportives from personal experience, which is why many are based in Cheshire, Wirral & Merseyside. These are sportives that I have either participated in or plan to.

Bianchi Mountain Bikes

Bianchi Mountain Bikes Bianchi holds the accolade of being the oldest bike manufacturer to remain in operation to this day. Although it is venerable and well respected it shows no sign of slinking off into historical obscurity...

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Bianchi VIA Nirone 7

Bianchi VIA Nirone 7 Review The Bianchi VIA Nirone 7 family of road bikes is made up of a number of stylish, well built models, each of which is surprisingly affordable when you consider its pedigree. Race-ready geometry and...

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Bianchi Impulso Range

Bianchi Impulso Review The Bianchi Impulso range has a fiery, passionate name and this is matched by a set of fast, enthusiastic road bikes. The trio of options available to you should cater to those with different amounts to...

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Bianchi Road Bikes

Bianchi Road Range Review Style, class, performance and one of the most venerable brands on the market today, Bianchi road bikes offer all this and more. After starting life back in the 19th century, Bianchi has built up a solid...

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Bianchi Infinito Range

Bianchi Infinito Review Carbon frames, low profiles and eminent style help to define the Bianchi Infinito group of race-ready road bikes. Although these are typically compact in their designs you will experience a surprising...

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Bianchi Sempre Range

Bianchi Sempre Review The Bianchi Sempre family of road bikes has been put together in order to court the affections of those who value precise handling in their cycling experience. A blend of carbon, aluminium and components...

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Bianchi Oltre Dura Ace

Bianchi Oltre Dura Ace 2012 Range Review It is difficult to find a more stylish road bike range than the Bianchi Oltre family which still manages to pull some serious performance out of the bag. This year you get a lot for your...

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