Getting the proper equipment to make the most of your motocross experience is an affair that leaves a bittersweet taste in the minds of many. On the one side, you really need the proper equipment to protect yourself and in order to minimise the risk of injury; with the proper equipment you can enjoy a fun ride on your bike without the constant feeling that, should something go awry, the odds are stacked against you for coming through without a scratch. On the other side, it is no secret that the gear itself can be very expensive and, for many, this is a deterrent to get into the sport as the initial investment seems too high.

Getting What You Need

The good thing to know is that you don’t need to purchase absolutely everything in order to get on the bike and have a few laps around the track. In fact, while all the safety elements are very helpful, it is quite clear that some of those elements will give a greater impact on your safety than others and thus it is not hard to start purchasing the most important elements first. Here is a list of the usual safety gear used for motocross; we have ordered the list according to the importance of the item so it stands as a very nice check-list when you are out shopping.


A helmet is, hands down, the most important piece of gear that you can have. In fact, it is so important that you should absolutely not ride your bike without it. Your head is the most vital part of your body and, while the skull does a pretty good job at protecting it, you don’t want to take any risks when it comes to it.


A good pair of googles not only protects your eyes from the incredible amount of dirt and other things that usually go flying on a motocross course, it also allows you to see the road ahead clearly (a very good perk for anyone driving a vehicle!) A must buy for having fun and crash free activity days.


Oh yes, the boots. Be prepared to spend quite a lot of money on these as motocross boots are one of the most expensive items of the whole safety set. They are very important for protecting your legs, which go under heavy abuse while you are riding.

Guards: Knee and Elbow guards

These two items serve a double purpose each. First, they serve as shock protection: the guards will absorb a deal (hopefully a great deal) of the shock from any impact so that your body doesn’t have to. The second function is to restrict the mobility of the limbs so they don’t bend in ways they shouldn’t. Even the cheapest guards will take care (at some level) of the first function, usually only the expensive ones also take care of the second.

Kidney Belt

While it’s not a number 1 top priority, a decent kidney belt will absorb some of the constant impact that your kidney and back suffer from all the jumping around in the motocross track.

Body Armour

And since you are at it, you might as well go for broke; this upper torso armour will make sure that you take the better half of all the bumps and bruises coming to the upper part of your body. Some body armours include a kidney belt so check before making your purchase.