BeOne is a bike company based in the Netherlands. Their website is available in English and its product offer is very minimalist, but there few other websites with such outstanding quality. The collection, under products, includes road, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, cyclocross bikes, and frames. They have a constant news stream with updates to show the progress of what is going on with the company, and they have a black, white, and grey design to showcase how beautiful and streamlined their collection is.

The technology behind BeOne is truly sensational. They use carbon frames that are specially designed for sport and racing. They achieve quality with enormous confidence in their technology and frames to get their job done. Riders can only perform to the full extent of their abilities with the confidence of the bike underneath them. That is the philosophy that runs BeOne.

Premium unidirectional carbon fibre is one of the technologies they put to use that results in massive rigidity, lowest weight, and superior handling. The unique balance of strength and low-weight construction is evident in this carbon fibre design.

There is also a twin section for double chamber construction of internal carbon fibre design that makes sure that your energy is directed to forward motion only. The forks have been designed specifically for the frames, and this has caused a perfectly balanced unit.

There is also an oversized BB shell to transmit maximum power from the bottom to the chain. All the bikes are constructed from high grade aluminium alloy additionally.

Their mountain bikes are really where it’s at. They have mountain bikes divided up into carbon and aluminium. The carbon mountain bikes include raw sram xx, raw xtr, pearl, and bronze. The aluminium include karma beach ltd, karma, chakra, aspire, spirit, and kosmos. They also list all the specifications under each bike in a very technical and well-laid out manner that specifically identifies each component for the austere mountain bike rider in all of us. There are specifications for size, frame, fork, rear derailleur, front derailleur, shifter, brakelever, brake, crankset, handlebar, stem, seatpost, saddle, hub, rim, chain, cassette, tire, weight, and colour. Anyone who is even mildly interested in mountain bikes will be fully satisfied with the selection here. You can also see underlying diagrams of the geometry that has a meticulous outline of each corner. The geometry includes seattube length, effective toptube length, headtube length, seattube angle, headtube angle, and wheelbase.

Their bikes are decidedly sexy and in sleek colours and shapes that conform to the highest ideals of design. These are not merely bikes crafted for material significance and technical allure. These are bikes that are designed to look good on the road. Their slogan is BeOne of us, and it’s hard not to be with the bikes available here.

You can search for dealers in any area of the country, but most are in Amsterdam. There are several dozen dealers around the UK, and this bike company has a huge following in this part of the world. There are a high concentration of followers. It is one of the most prestigious bike companies.