In a previous article, we looked at how bike shops should be preparing for Christmas trading and which of the leading retailers had the Best Bike Shop Online for Choice of Bikes.

The clear leader was Wigan based mail order company, Winstanleys, who have over 2,200 adult bikes.

The report also saw a clear winner in the perennial supermarkets vs specialist bike shop debate, with the latter dominating the results. But is this the case when looking at kids bikes?

Balance bikes are designed specifically to teach very young kids to learn to balance on a bicycle without the complications of pedaling. For the purpose of this analysis, this are excluded from this report.

Best Bike Shop Online for Choice of Kids Bikes

1.Amazon600 bikes
4.Sports Direct140
5.Evans Cycles120
8.Chain Reaction Cycles85
10.Leisure Lakes Bikes75

Note: All data correct as published.

Winstanleys loses top spot to perhaps the expected winner, Amazon. With a choice of 600 childrens bikes, this is clearly the place to go this Christmas for the best choice of bikes.

Tredz and Evans Cycles once again come near the top of the list and more than adequately represent the specialist bike shops.

Whilst the supermarkets are again towards the bottom of the list, they have a more credible offer of childrens bikes than adults bikes. In fact, Sports Direct, Argos, Asda and Sainsbury’s all have more bikes for children than they do for adults.

In part three of this series, we look at Who has the Cheapest Bikes Online?

We also look at how this compares by gender, both between Men & Women and Boys & Girls.

Specialist bike shops were the clear winners over the Supermarkets for choice but how will these smaller retailers compare on price to the buying power of the big four supermarkets?