Best Cycling Chamois Cream

Best Cycling Chamois Cream for Cyclists Review

Cyclists don’t tend to discuss saddle sores, chafing or discomfort in the nether regions but yet it’s so important to avoid, and chamois cream does exactly that. It’s an anti-bacterial cream that helps to protect cyclists from unwanted friction between skin and clothing, specifically between the legs around the groin area.

Why use chamois cream? To prevent the aforementioned chafing, redness and soreness, which are incredibly painful if left without protection or treatment. The cream acts as a lubricant between surfaces, just in the same way as lubing your chain but with the added advantage of the chamois cream having anti-bacterial properties.

Each cyclist will have a different requirement, some insist on applying cream on every ride whilst others may only use it on long rides or warm days. Trial and error (unfortunately) will result in you discovering your own requirements.

Whilst it’s likely you’ll have big pots of cream at home, you may want to consider carrying a small tube of cream with you on rides, just in case you get caught out.

It is generally accepted that Assos Chamois Cream is the best on the market, there are some alternatives, with well-known brands like Muc-Off coming into the chamois cream market.

Applying chamois cream is somewhat of a personal experience and one that should be done in private, even when out on a ride. Who the heck wants to see another cyclist with their hands around their tackle? Some apply cream direct to the cycling shorts, on the padded section, whereas others apply it to the skin. Whichever you choose, apply it in plentiful amounts to avoid saddle sores.

The chamois part of the name comes from the original use of the cream, to moisten the padded area of cycling short, which were once made from chamois leather. Unfortunately, I’m old enough to recall my first pair of cycling shorts being made in this way but not that old to remember using steaks in lieu of chamois leather before this. Thankfully things have moved on since, but our basic human requirements for lubrication are still the same.

Top 10 Cycling Chamois Cream for Cyclists

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Muc-Off 20148US Athlete Performance Luxury Chamois Cream, 250 Millilitres - Antibacterial, Anti-Chafing Moisturiser - Formulated For Athletes
  • LUXURY MOISTURISER: Enriched with provitamins and ultra-hydrating to provide deep moisturising and long-lasting protection.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL: Athlete Performance Luxury Chamois Cream is a unique antibacterial moisturiser that provides a mild cooling effect. It’s also made with natural ingredients and free from parabens,...
  • ANTI-CHAFING: Designed to form a protective barrier to help prevent skin damage and make saddle sores a thing of the past.
  • EASY TO USE: Available in two different sizes, our Chamois Cream is ideal for on the go and can be easily applied either direct to skin or to the inside of your shorts.
Review #2
Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream Tube 118ml
  • Udderly Smooth anti chaffing cream helps prevent chaffing for cyclists, runners and for those who suffer from this uncomfortable condition
  • This anti chaffing cream containing Shea Butter, this product is thicker in texture but retains the greaseless feel when applied to the skin
  • It is pearlescent in colour with light scent, the moisturisng effect of the cream will leave your hands smelling fresh and feeling soft
  • It works well for a longer time without re-application and certainly increase comfort on long rides
SaleReview #3
assos Chamois Cream
  • Assos Chamois Creme
SaleReview #4
VeloSkin Chamois Cream for Cyclists and Cycling - Premium anti chaffing cream 150 ml (Chamois Cream suitable for ladies)
  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE CHAMOIS CREAM FOR CYCLISTS - We are confident that it is the best out there for protecting that part of your body that is so vital for sustained, enjoyable riding. At VeloSkin, we...
  • NO STICKY RESIDUE - Our patented formula of calming shea and cocoa butter absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue. And like all products in the VeloSkin range, our signature orange blossom...
  • ANTI BACTERIAL CHAMOIS CREAM - VeloSkin’s patented formula is packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as natural ingredients to soothe, smooth and keep harmful bacteria at bay.
  • CHAMOIS CREAM TESTED ON CYCLISTS, NOT BUNNIES - We are certain that we are yet to see a rabbit on a bike, which is why you’ll understand our commitment to never testing on animals. We could have...
Review #5
Luxury Anti Chafe Chamois Cream Ideal For Cycling, Running & Sports – Great For Your Skin Reduces Friction & Prevents Inflammation (150ml)
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR LONG TRAINING SESSIONS - Formulated to reduce friction, inflammation and discomfort. Cyclists use chamois cream for prevention of saddle sores
  • ✅ GREAT FOR YOUR SKIN - Applied to the skin, it gives a soothing, cooling effect and applied to the short's pad it helps maintain suppleness, elasticity and freshness. Please note that the cream may...
  • ✅ REDUCES FRICTION & PREVENTS INFLAMMATION - Anti Chafe / Chamois Cream is an anti-bacterial, viscous substance that helps to reduces friction between skin and clothing and cools the skin for a...
  • ✅ IDEAL FOR CYCLING, RUNNING OR GENERAL SPORTS - Anti chaffing cream helps prevent chaffing for cyclists, runners and for those who suffer from this uncomfortable condition, especially during the...
Review #7
Ozone Elite 3513001 Protect Cream Chamois 150 ml
  • Elite O3one Protective chamois cream 150 ml tube
Review #8
Morgan Blue Chamois Cream Solid (200cc, Tub)
  • Chamois Cream Solid 250ml Tub
  • Colour:
  • Colour:
  • Weight: 290 grams