BH mountain bikes have a reputation for quality out on the trail. Some great names for mountain bikes are included like Racer, Hunter, and Killer. There is a feeling of rush and adrenaline when you go down sharp hills on this full suspension mountain bike by BH Bikes.

One of the best BH bikes is the BH Ultimate, a featherweight with a carbon fist. The Ultimate range is in a class of its own. The way that you feel, enjoy, and compete with a BH bike will be outclassed by this fabulous mountain bike. The frame has an amazing design, and this is one of the most innovative frames of the last decade. It weighs just 1.2 kg, yep that’s not a typo, and there is an integrated yoke and saddle. This BH mountain bike has undergone extensive structural studies and proved itself in different ways. You can download the full catalogue to see all of the new mountain bikes that BH has made over the last few decades. There are extensive differences in the superb construction offered in the collective output.

There are several categories of mountain bikes that include Ultimate 9.9, Ultimate 9.8, Ultimate 9.7, Ultimate 9.6, Expert 7.9, Expert 7.8, Expert 7.7, Expert 7.6, Expert 7.4, Sommet 6.8, Sommet 6.7, and Sommet 6,6. These mountain-dual bikes are extensively classified and categorized on the website with small thumbnails, plain white titles, and fact sheets for each bike. The grid system enables you to get a broad overview of each bike compared side-by-side. For example, the Ultimate 9.9 has a carbon ultimate frame, fsa k-force lite 42/28 bb30 crank set, and dt swiss xcr carbono wheel set.

BH sponsors teams around the world to carry out their missions to spread the name of BH to the world on cycling tours, competitions, and worldwide races that garner national attention. Some of the teams include BH Suntour, BH Hermans, BH CESPA-Euskadl, BH Burgos 2016 – Castilla y Leon, BH Team USA, BH Team Highworks, and other BH athletes which BH sponsors in many disciplines in athletics.

BH has many tips, bike sports, feature articles, videos, and a section on BH in the media and recreation information as well. There is really no end to the amount of fantastic information available on the BH website. It is a busy reservoir of activity for all sorts of people to find information.