Bianchi Impulso Review

The Bianchi Impulso range has a fiery, passionate name and this is matched by a set of fast, enthusiastic road bikes. The trio of options available to you should cater to those with different amounts to spend and different requirements from their next cycle.

The Bianchi Impulso Veloce is equipped with a triple hydroformed alloy frame which has undergone extensive work in order to perfect the racing geometry and improve the overall efficiency of the power transfer that can be achieved onboard the bike. The frame has a carbon look finish, allowing it to blend in amongst much more costly models without seeming out of place. You do get a bit of carbon on the Veloce in the form of the FC09-Alu Carbon fork. Meanwhile the Campagnolo Veloce groupset helps give the bike its name and also provides a level of consistency across the various different components which help push the bike in the right direction. Reparto Corse rims and a whole host of equipment from this same range are present and correct. Meanwhile the Hutchinson Equinox tyres, with wire bead and dual compound formation, are a good companion which will keep you rolling over long distances without letting you down by going down with a puncture.

Bianchi Impulso 105

The Bianchi Impulso 105 is largely identical to the Veloce, but this time it uses Shimano Tiagra and 105 components rather than those sourced from Campagnolo. You can still experience the benefits of the triple butted hydroformed alloy frame along with its carbon-rich fork, but this time with Shimano’s 10 speed drivetrain linked up to the pedals.

Bianchi Impulso Ultegra

The most capable bike in the current Bianchi Impulso range is the Ultegra, which once again reverts to Shimano, taking advantage of both the Ultegra and Tiagra groupsets. While the alloy frame is similar to those found on the Veloce and 105, the Ultegra does get some other improved components. The Maddux RX 5.1 rims are an obvious example, with their 4 spoke pattern layout and customised logos for those that like that kind of thing.

All three of these bikes use the same braking systems in the form of the Reparto Course RC-471E. These calliper brakes are able to bring the bike under control with ease, which is particularly relevant when you consider that the stiff frame will have you powering forward at high speeds.

One of the things which is consistent across all of these bikes is the level of style which comes as part and parcel of buying a Bianchi bike. There is plenty of flamboyance to the designs and everything feels as if it has been carefully crafted and perfected to improve the overall image. Street cred is not necessarily a particularly useful reason to cite when investing in a road bike, but it will not stop you fantasising about the thought of turning heads onboard a Bianchi Impulso model. While the image may be a bit of a facade, like the carbon-esque design of the front end, it is difficult to ignore.