Bianchi Oltre Dura Ace 2012 Range Review

It is difficult to find a more stylish road bike range than the Bianchi Oltre family which still manages to pull some serious performance out of the bag. This year you get a lot for your money, with carbon frames and improved lateral stiffness delivering a high powered, low profile selection of cycles.

The Bianchi Oltre Dura Ace Double acts as a great introduction to this range at £6,600 thanks to its carbon frame and full complement of carbon components, including the HOC full carbon fork. Shimano Dura Ace kit adorns the Oltre Double, letting you shift smoothly and quickly between gears as you take on a road race or a long, winding journey towards improving your fitness levels. Like all in the Oltre range, the Dura Ace Double is able to cut through headwinds and side-swiping blasts of air better than most thanks to a focus on the aerodynamic properties of each component.

Bianchi Oltre Dura Ace Di2 Compact

The Bianchi Oltre Dura Ace Di2 Compact is a sleek carbon-framed design which makes the most of this space-aged material by allowing for internal routing to minimise drag and reduce the chance of damage or failure befalling your cabling. Shimano Dura Ace Di2 components make up the drivetrain and braking systems and it is nice to see Bianchi sticking to a specific set of components from a range to ensure that there is consistency throughout. Hutchinson Atom Comp tyres which feature a dual compound material and are reinforced to lessen the likelihood of punctures can be found affixed to Fulcrum Red WIND XLR rims which have a profile of just 50mm for a superbly aerodynamic design overall. Price: £8,600.

Bianchi Oltre Super Record Double

The Bianchi Oltre Super Record Double also features a carbon frame with internal cable routing and special Nano Tube technology to ensure that the strength and lightness are not oppositional to one another. The HOC full carbon fork fits in well with this design and there are many other carbon elements, from the seatpost to the handlebars. The Campagnolo Super Record groupset is found in abundance for the gearing and brakes, while the Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels, which are compatible with a tubeless setup, do a good job of holding the same Atom Comp tyres from Hutchinson in place to reduce wind resistance. Price: £7,500.

The entirety of the Oltre range is geared towards high-end riders who either have aspirations towards professional cycling and personal success or who are already amongst the ranks of the pro athletes. It should be obvious from the specifications that these bikes are designed to cover ground quickly and slip over the tarmac smoothly, which does come at something of a price. You cannot avoid spending more when you start looking at carbon frame bikes and Bianchi uses its stylish image and pedigree to further inflate things. However, this does not detract from the capability of each Oltre cycle. You can tell that a lot of work has gone into making the frame stiffer than ever before so that you can see the fruits of your labour each time you put down some power.