Best Bike Batteries for Electric Bikes & eBikes Review

Best Bike Batteries for eBikes & Electric Bikes Review

The growth in cycling in recent years has only been surpassed by the increase in Electric Bike sales. Electric Bikes, or eBikes, have played a significant part in getting people out cycling, whether it’s to aid recovery from injury, enabling older people to cycle further or to give them a bit of help uphill, electric bikes are here to stay and play an important part within the cycling spectrum.

We’ve reviewed a number of Electric Bikes recently and have been impressed by the quality of the Perry eHopper folding electric bike, versatility of the Swifty Electric Bike and price of the Hyuhome Electric Bike, which tops our list of cheap electric bikes in the UK.

Many of the entry-level electric bikes are fitted with basic batteries to power the electric motor, which see standard watts of 250W and 350W. Batteries are normally 8Ah, 10Ah or 13Ah but much larger power packs can be fitted and we’ve listed some of these below in our review of the best bike batteries for electric bikes.

Things to look out for when buying bike batteries within the UK is that they are fitted with British Regulations power units and plugs. Most batteries will be lithium-ion and many are rechargeable, saving a lot of money over the years of use. Charging options often come with USB chargers too, adding to the overall convenience, which for example may be recharging the battery after cycling to work, especially as your fitness increases and the distance you travel increases. Battery discharge should also be taken into consideration, and whilst all batteries lose power without being used, you should look for low discharge rates.

Suitability is of course important so just check that the battery is compatible with your eBike before making the final selection. Another consideration is battery weight. While it may appear attractive to buy a 23Ah battery rather an 8Ah version, larger batteries weigh more.

If you’re keen to learn more about electric bikes, you can read our Ultimate Guide to Electric Bikes here.

Introducing the Samsung Electric Bike Battery: Powerful. Reliable.

The Samsung electric bike battery is a top quality 48V 17AH battery that comes in two charging options, standard 2A and faster 5A. The battery is fitted with an anti-theft key lock for security and a USB charging port for conveniently charging a device on-the-go. This sturdy battery weighs 5kg and is a convenient size (111 x 90 x 367 mm). Supplied in the UK by Greenlance, this Samsung eBike battery comes witha 24 month warranty and at the time of publishing, was priced at £300 for the 2A and £325 for the faster 5A but do check for the latest prices and deals. There is a 15% discount code at present – Samsung15.

Built to Last:

With a charge cycle exceeding 1500 times and a life expectancy of up to 5 years, this eBbike battery aims to guarantee long-lasting performance and judging by our experience, that’s a fair expectation. The intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) effectively prevents overcharging, over-discharging, overcurrent and short circuits, ensuring safety and preventing delays or failures.

Extreme Conditions, Unmatched Efficiency:

Tackling all terrains should be a breeze as this battery is able to operate at temperatures as low as -20°C. Its discharge efficiency of up to 80% enables you to cover greater distances with a fully charged battery. Greenlance take safety seriously, demonstrated by subjecting their electric bike batteries to thousands of repeated discharges and rigorous safety tests, enabling them to confidently claim they take a safety first approach.

Lightweight and Easy-to-Use:

Featuring a compact and lightweight design, this lithium-ion battery is incredibly easy to install and remove, adding to the convenience of your electric bike.

Fast 5A Charger Upgrade:

This is a nice upgrade option to enable faster charging – choose the 5A upgrade option over the standard 2A battery. This delivers more than 2.5 times faster charging than a standard charger, thanks to the 5A output.

Samsung Electric Bike Battery 48V 17AH

Samsung Electric Bike Battery Range

About Greenlance

Greenlance are a UK based company that offer fast reliable delivery within 1-2 working days and work with the well-known UPS courier. The Samsung battery featured here is a high performance, high quality lithium ion Samsung cells battery. Samsung is a trusted brand for many products and this electric bike battery is no exception. The battery is best suited for Bafang Mid-Drive or Electric bike conversion kits 250-1000+ Watts. Greenlance provide a 24 month warranty and 24/7 customer service. They also offer a Greenlance VIP Club for extra benefits.

Battery Features

  • Battery: 48V 17AH 2A or Faster 5A
  • Security; Anti-Theft Lock
  • Port: USB Charging Port
  • Size: 111 x 90 x 367 mm
  • Power: 250 to 1000 Watts
  • Watts: 816 Watts
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Warranty: 2 Years
Samsung Electric Bike Battery

Best Bike Batteries for Electric Bikes & eBikes

Best Buy #1
UPP(UK Warehouse) Ebike Battery 36V 48V 52V 24AH 20AH 15AH with Charger, USB Port, Lithium Electric Bike Battery for 1500W- 250w Motor [48V 15AH(0-1500W)]
  • 🪂🪂【Li-ion Battery Parameter】48V 15AH, 3000mAH Cell, suitable for 250W 350W 500W 750W 1000W 1500w motor. Max Constant Discharge Current: 45A, Charger: 54.6V 2A. Discharge connector:...
  • 🚴‍♀️【Useful Features】🌈 USB Port could use on other phone, blue speaker. 🌈 The Safe Lock prevents the battery from being stolen. 🌈 the Power Switch can avoid wasting...
  • 🚴‍♀️【Safety & Convenient】High quality electric cells and built-in a 30A BMS protective plate, prevent over charge, over discharge, over current and short circuit and ensure the long life...
  • 🪂【One Year Warranty】Charger damage, could resend new one. " Note " According to the seller's instructions, opening the battery case will not affect the 1-year warranty. Any quality problems...
Best Buy #5
48V 24Ah Triangle Ebike Battery G3000maH Top Great Cell for 1800W 1500W 1000W 750W Motor Kit, Mountain/Fat Tire/Tricycle Bike Battery with 4A Fast Charger
  • 🔋🚲【EBIKE BATTERY PARAMETER】Triangle Mountain Bicycle Battery is 48V 24Ah (13S 8P), with 40A BMS, it suitable for 1500W 1000W 700W 550W 350W Motor, max discharge current: 40A (BMS), come with...
  • 🔋💯【PERFECT DESIGN】Black hard plastic housing effectively protects the battery and design in a modern way, easy to install and remove, the USB port can charge your phone and other devices...
  • 🔋💯【Perfect Compatibility】 Our battery can fit most motor kits(compatible with Bafang Voilamart AW Ancheer and Other) Best choice for adult electric mountain bike, commute ebike, hybrid...
  • 🔋💯【OUTSTANDING BATTERY EFFICIENCY】The lithium-ion battery is built of high-quality 3000mAH cells that provide excellent safety performance to E-bike. Don't have any memory impact or...
Best Buy #6
X-go (2-5 Days Delivery) 36V Ebike Battery 10ah Lithium Ion Mountain Bike Battery Pack Bottle Type Waterproof for 250W 350W Electric Bicycles Motor with Charger and Holder (36V 10AH Aviation Port)
  • 🪂【UK WAREHOUSE/18-MONTH WARRANTY】📢 UK Warehouse to your address. Two Month Return& Resend & Refund if battery have problem, 18 Month Warranty (Free Repair & Replacement), and Lifetime...
  • 🔋‍【LI-ION BATTERY PARAMETER】Size: 13.0*3.6in, aviation 4pin output port on the bottom, suitable for 200W 250W 350W motor. Max Constant Discharge Current: 20A, Recommend Charger: DC 42V 2A....
  • ‍🔋【IP65 WATERPROOF & ANTI-THEFT】IP65 waterproof - classic aluminum alloy+ ABS plastic shell.📌5 LED power indicator, each of which represents 20% power, inform you charge your battery on...
  • 🚴‍【≥80% CAPACITY AFTER 800 CYCLES】Comes with a powerful 2A battery charger, and it takes about 3-5 hours to fully recharged, can satisfy nearly 20 miles of riding (load weight, road...
Best Buy #8
Xgxyklo 48V 20Ah Ebike Battery Lithium Battery Pack, 13S3P Lithium Ion Electric Bike Battery with Charger 54.6V 2A, for 1000W Motor Electric Bicycle Scooter
  • E-bike battery specification: This Ebike battery is 48V 20Ah, compatible with 200-1000W motor. Max constant discharge current: 30A. It comes with battery 54.6V 2A charger.
  • Waterproof battery: The outer layer of the battery pack is made of waterproof PVC material, insulation, anti-corrosion and wear resistance. The inner layer has the advantages of low melting point,...
  • High quality lithium ion battery: Made from lithium ion that keeps a charge and keeps its shelf life longer than lithium iron batteries that tend to die out quickly. High quality Battery Cell to...
  • Long life time: Every Lithium battery have pass the appearance and function test before shipment. The Ebike battery charge cycle exceeds 1000 times, life expectancy of up to 5 years. Standard...
Best Buy #9
X-go 36V Ebike Battery 10AH 10.4AH Electric Mountain Bike kit Lithium ion Battery Pack for 750W 500W 350W 250W Bicycles Motor, with Safe Lock, Charger, BMS(36V 10AH 25AMP)
  • 👍🚚【UK Warehouse/ One Year Warranty After-sales service】⭐We are a professional electric bike battery manufacture, with excellent worker and professional engineer. The battery warranty...
  • 【Li-ion Battery Parameter】Ebike battery is 36V 10AH 4pin, Size: 14.2*3.5*3.6inch(L*W*H); Top A Grade 2500mah Cell, suitable for 200W 250W 350W 500W 750W motor. Max Constant Discharge Current:...
  • 【Safe Lock & Led Battery Level Light & Two Keys】 The electric bike battery pack has a 4pin battery base, will fit for most bike frame. it's easy to remove and charge at home or bike.Lock with keys...
  • 【 ≥80% Capacity After 800 Cycles】The large-capacity battery makes bicycle long-lasting; it also features long cycle life, which is more than 3 times longer than lead acid; The charging time is...
Best Buy #10
XP-POWER Ebike Battery 52V Lithium-ion Battery, 20Ah Triangle Electric Bike Battery for 1500W 1000w 750w 500w Bafang or other Motor
  • 🔋🔋【Germany in Stock & Fast Delivery】We ship from the DE, Please ignore the default time of delivery, normally it take 2-5 busniess day to your adress, any questions, please feel free to...
  • 🔋🔋【Parameter】Ebike battery is 52V 20AH, it suitable for 1500W/1200W/1000W/700W/350 motor (200W-1500W), Max constant discharge current: 40A. Dimension: 364*232*64*343*80mm. Charger: 58.8V...
  • 🔋🔋【Main Features】USB Port: You can charge your phone, and it's used in the bike,outdoor and so on// LED Battery Level Light: inform you charge your battery in time//With a 40A BMS protection...
  • 🔋🔋【 ≥80% Capacity After 800 Cycles】We has implemented a strict high quality management policy:Every Lithium battery have pass the QC appearance and function test before shipment. The Ebike...

Frequently Asked Questions About eBike Batteries

  1. How long does an eBike battery last? A typical life expectancy of an electric bike battery is around 4 to 6 years, depending on how well its been maintained, frequency of use and weather conditions. An eBike lithium-ion battery will slowly dissipate its capacity over time.
  2. How long does it take to charge an eBike battery? An electric bike battery is likely to take around 3 to 5 hours to fully charge if starting with an empty battery. Partially charged batteries will of course take less time. Typical charging time is faster up until around 80% full with the remaining portion taking slightly longer as the battery slows down towards the end.
  3. Can I replace my eBike battery? Yes. Replacing an electric bike battery is quite simple on most bikes. Just contact the manufacturer for the battery model and swap on a like-for-like basis.
  4. How do I maintain my eBike battery? Ensure you fully charge the battery after every ride, regardless of how far you’ve ridden. Store your electric bike in a dry location (garage or shed) and try to avoid low temperatures. Covering the battery with an old blanket helps to avoid the cold.
  5. How far can I ride on a single charge of my eBike battery? The short answer is, it depends. A fully charged electric bike battery can be anything up to 80 miles but this depends on riding style, acceleration, weather, rider weight, battery size and so on.
  6. What type of eBike battery is best? The best electric bike batteries are lithium-ion batteries and are generally the ones most common, although lead-acid batteries are also available and whilst they are cheaper, they’re also three times heavier.
  7. How much does an eBike battery cost? Electric bike batteries range from around £150 to £450, depending on quality and capacity.
  8. How heavy are eBike batteries? A typical eBike battery varies in weight based on its size, capacity and its chemical component but expect the weight to be 4 to 8 pounds.
  9. How do I dispose of an eBike battery? Safely and securely. In the UK we have strict recycling schemes for all batteries but the good news is that you can either return the battery to the shop you bought it from or dispose of it at your local recycling centre.

Whilst it would be great to answer all of the FAQs it’s almost impossible as the answers are specific to each eBike and battery. For example, how long does an eBike battery last depends on the size of the battery, with an 8Ah battery having less power than a 23Ah battery. The more powerful battery also weighs more and when combined with the weight of the cyclist will ultimately require more power to propel the bike and rider. There is then the consideration of riding style and terrain. As you can see, these are just some of the complex factors in answering this question.

Having said that, please add your questions in the comments below and we will try to provide you will the best answer.