Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular past time for recreation, commuting and competing. Many people travel to work or to school each day by bicycle. British athletes are excelling in various biking sports including indoor track events and road racing and there are more extreme activities to consider, including BMX racing, mountain biking and downhill racing.

Using the appropriate eyewear is a very important consideration. For the everyday road cyclist, a wide range of glasses are available to suit all conditions. For the more extreme sports, sturdy goggles are necessary in order to protect the eyes.

For the road cyclist, glasses are recommended to block out the sun or to protect the eyes from rain. Glasses are therefore advisable for all weathers. Eyewear will not only protect the rider from the weather conditions but also from dust, insects or any road debris which may be picked up. Glasses are made with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses so that, should an accident occur, the glasses will not cause any further damage. There are a wide range of glasses on the market for every cyclist depending on budget and style.

The cheapest cycling glasses are around £15. These include the Endura Spectrum range and Coasters Glasses. The price of glasses can go up as high as £150 for brand names such as Adidas and Fox. The most expensive ranges are sponsored by famous cyclists.

Some glasses fit behind the ears, whereas others are a wrap-around style for maximum protection. They are designed to be as lightweight as possible. Some brands are padded in order to give extra comfort. Glasses come in every colour and design imaginable.

For the more extreme sports, it is more essential that goggles are worn. Goggles again come in many shapes and designs. Many different brands are available, with prices beginning from £18 for Smith Evo Goggles and going up to around £90 for the Smith Turbo option.

The lens used in glasses and goggles must be super-tough and pass strict EU standards. There are many different types of lens available. The common lens is clear but some may be tinted in a whole range of colours. A persimmon lens is the most advanced and is basically a light enhancing lens for dull days. Some lens are even designed with anti fog technology.

In addition to the glasses and goggles themselves, for most brands, it is possible to buy replacement lenses. Even tear off lenses which can be thrown away after use can be purchased. Sets of various types of lens can be purchased together. For goggles, it is possible to purchase goggle cleaner to keep the lens clean.

One of the most famous brands when it comes to eyewear is Oakley. They have spent years developing and testing their products on the world’s best athletes and have created an innovative switch-lock system where the lens can be changed without the need to physically touch it. The nose clip can also be replaced to give the perfect fit.

Eyewear is a very important consideration for any cyclist, whether travelling on the road or competing in an extreme event. An abundance of products are available online to suit all budgets and requirements.