According to our recent research (a quick flick through the latest What Car? magazine), the cheapest new car in the UK at the moment is the Nissan Pixo, priced at just £6,995. As cars go, the nippy Nissan looks reasonable enough; a one litre engine with five doors that does an estimated 65mpg and 0-60mph in just 14s. Tempted? No, I didn’t think so.

What’s much more entertaining in our book is looking at which 2012 Bikes are more expensive than the cheapest new car.

Before you glance down the page to take a look at which bikes are included, how many bikes do you think are more expensive than the cheapest new car? These are UK specification 2012 models, on-sale now or very soon, and are simply off-the-shelf bikes with no customisation.

There are fourteen, yes, 14 bikes, bicycles that is, not motorbikes; 9 road bikes and 5 mountain bikes. Scott Bikes top the list with 4, followed by Scott & Specialized with 3, then Bianchi & Trek with two.

Unsurprisingly, all of the bikes listed have carbon frames, which make them super-light, strong and flexible. SRAM gets the nod above Shimano, with 8 bikes favouring SRAM and 5 using Shimano kit (one of the Bianchi’s is the odd one out, using neither). We’ll be doing individual bike reviews on each of these fine machines in the coming weeks so come back soon to drool some more!

Road Bikes

  1. Scott Foil Premium – £9,500
  2. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Ultimate – £8,800
  3. Bianchi Oltre Dura Ace Di2 10sp Compact – £8,600
  4. Specialized Venge S-Works Di2 – £8,500
  5. Scott Plasma Premium – £8,300
  6. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Di2 – £7,600
  7. Trek Speed Concept 9.9 – £7,500
  8. Bianchi Oltre Super Record 11sp Double – £7,500
  9. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Team – £7,000

Mountain Bikes

  1. Scott Spark SL – £8,800
  2. Scott Scale SL – £8,800
  3. Trek Remedy 9.9 – £8,500
  4. Specialized Epic S-Works Carbon 29 XTR – £7,200
  5. Specialized Stumpjumper S-Works FSR Carbon – £7,000

Have I missed any? I hope not, but if I have, or you have any other comments, please drop me a note in the Comments section towards the bottom of this page.

Top 10 Most Expensive Bikes 2012

This exercise also gave us the opportunity to list the Top 10 Most Expensive Bikes in 2012. Should you wish, the following ten bikes would set you back a mere £85,000.

  1. Scott Foil Premium – £9,500 (road bike)
  2. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Ultimate – £8,800 (road bike)
  3. Scott Spark SL – £8,800 (mountain bike)
  4. Scott Scale SL – £8,800 (mountain bike)
  5. Bianchi Oltre Dura Ace Di2 10sp Compact – £8,600 (road bike)
  6. Specialized Venge S-Works Di2 – £8,500 (road bike)
  7. Trek Remedy 9.9 – £8,500 (mountain Bike)
  8. Scott Plasma Premium – £8,300 (road bike)
  9. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Di2 – £7,600 (road bike)
  10. Trek Speed Concept 9.9 – £7,500 (road bike)

So, the Top 10 most expensive bikes, also cost more than the cheapest new car.