BMX bike events can be attended by types, not just those that ride BMX bikes as a hobby, sport, or venture. They are the venue for all sorts of people to see the tricks, moves, and flips that BMX riders are capable of. ESPN, in the US, even has a category for extreme sport that has opened up this sport to national television audiences.

These events are often outdoors with makeshift ramps and rails set up for simulated street skating on a controlled course. Helmets are required, and some events require pads. All bikes must have a number plate appended to them, usually on the handlebars, so they can be identified and given the kind of visibility that is so vital on a big course with thousands of spectators, announcers, and camera crew ready to film the footage and put it on national tv. These events usually have a ticket price, but they can be viewed free on tv. Unfortunately events like this can be quite rare. You can also purchase a BMX DVD of the event afterwards.

The events usually have top prizes – usually hundreds or thousands of pounds. The extent of observance of these events is stifling because other sports usually edge them out for the main exposure. However, attending these events personally, whether as a participant or a spectator can be invigorating. BMX bike events can even be set up impromptu by companies that provide stunt shows for local audiences. You can get a BMX stunt show going at your event, perhaps sporting event, to spice up the events for the audience present. Professional riders will come along and perform stunts for all people that are present, sell a plethora of gifts like t-shirts, and sign autographs. It is a great way to get people interested in extreme sports.

You may have to travel some distance to find a BMX event in the UK as they are few and far between however it is certainly well worth going out and getting to one of these events. It’s worth checking online as well as in newspapers and BMX magazines to see if there is a BMX event near you.

Events range from advanced, beginner, camp, event, and intermediate. If your looking to see some advanced BMX biking then you will be able to see a lot of professionals in action. It’s usually best where there are actually a mix of people with different skill levels who you can learn from without looking like a total beginner. If you are someone who has some experience with a BMX bike then you may want to go to an event that has more professionals who can help take it all to the next level.