Without the proper BMX clothing for racing, riding, or trick showcasing, there can be fatal consequences. You’d look uncool. You may of course also be left bruised, scratched, scraped, razed, and burned by the harsh concrete, metal poles, sanded wood, or any of the other features of one of the many BMX parks you happen to be in at that moment.

BMX clothing should be made of tough materials that can guard your skin in case of a fall, accident, or injury. The clothing should cover you from head to toe. It should be baggy enough to accommodate the pads underneath. You may get by with light clothing, but make sure it still covers your entire body to ensure it protects you thoroughly.

The vast majority of park riders already wear these clothes, but maybe from a fashion perspective rather than a protective standpoint. If you don’t have the gear, you can purchase them at most of the larger BMX parks in their shop. Whilst we’re on this subject, make no mistake, you need BMX shoes as well as clothing if you are planning on doing any BMX racing. Unlike rollerbladers, BMX clothing is a must, especially as it is tailored specifically to the nature of the sport.

BMX clothing goes to the extent of wallets, pants, hats, jackets, socks, t-shirts, belts, hoodies, and shorts. However, these are just the fashionable items in BMX clothing. The unfashionable, yet severely necessary, items are long-sleeved thick clothing to prepare your body in case of an impact that could otherwise cause crushing, bruising, scraping, scratching, scarring, and otherwise unsightly bodily harm. BMX clothing should be distinguished from street skate clothing and clothing designed to protect the person. Protective clothing also falls under the domain of protective gear and includes padding as well. There is a thin line between padding and clothing with things like BMX upper body armour, BMX lower body armor, BMX gloves, BMX wrist braces, and performance clothing. These designations are further blurred as more and more riders are wearing their protective gear under their clothing for stylistic reasons.

Taking a look at one category of BMX clothing, upper body armour, we see several stylish variations on the clothing in different colours, orientation of padding, and position that the padding rests on your body. Some look robotic cyborg suits and others look like small little pieces that fit over you’re a small part of your body. Some brands include Brave Soldier, Crank Brothers, Cyclepassion, Demos Watch, Evomo, Evomo Films, Pactimo, Sock Guy, Tifosi, and Voncooper. Think about the fusion of style and protection when you purchase your skate clothing. Get the protective clothing so that you can then add on your protective clothing later.