Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is based in Canada, but also has offices in Bethel, Connecticut, and it makes its bikes in Taiwan. That is a pretty complicated story for what seems like such a small bicycle company. The company was founded back in 1971, when it used to just manufacture backpacks and camping equipment. In the late 1990s, Cannondale made a move into the motorsports business, and its motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles were semi-successful. However, the company was losing money every time they shipped a motorbike.

Cannondale used to be a privately held company, but it launched an IPO in 1995 which raised about $22 million in capital. Cannondale began manufacturing bicycle frames as far back as 1982. Now, they are very successful in the mountain bike business.

Cannondale MTB Bikes

Let’s take a look at their mountain bike models. Some of their mountain bike models include Judge, Perp, Gemini, Prophet, Rush, Scalpel, Rize, and Moto. With names like those, it is hard to pass up those mountain bikes. Cannondale is the sponsor for the Cannondale-Vredestein racing team for mountain bikes. It has also sponsored the Saeco team.

These mountain bikes are made for the trail being able to handle even the toughest terrain. They steer straight, take big hits, and keep right on the track. Some of the innovations in Cannondale’s range of mountain bikes includes a hot box, hatchet drive, and diablo headtube. Carbon fiber is very resistant to forces, but the engineers also boosted that trait by sandwiching that area with two slim carbon plates that go over that area. The hatchet drive breaks the rear shock stiction much faster, and they have re-oriented shock forces inside the frame with the floating shock for a better performance in real-world riding situations.

The headtube is very large with a 66.6 mm outer diameter which is probably why they call it the Diablo. The proportions give it the precise steering it needs to succeed. You will appreciate this feature while you are picking out lines through hard rock gardens. There are several models of the Moto and several models of the RZ One Forty. The BB30, Lefty, and GE credit financing available are some of the of innovations on this model. The increased torsional resistance and increased power transfer gave the bike a very improved motif, and it has a no-holds-barred performance with its suspension. There are low flexible payment options so anyone can get one. It is truly a marvel of a bike. There are up to 5 models of each main model. Anyone can afford one, and everyone can get the right bike for them.

Cannondale also have cycle clothing, bike gear, customer support, and a dealer locator to help support their customers in their quest to get the best Cannondale gear. There is a reason why Cannondale is one of the top bike brands.

Bike: Cannondale MTB
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