Christmas Advent Calendars for Cyclists

Christmas Advent Calendars for Cyclists

Let’s be honest, who knew you could get a Christmas Advent Calendar for that special cyclist in your life? Well, Happy Christmas, because we have a great range of calendars for you to choose from.

There are some luxury Christmas advent calendars from artboxONE, each featuring a cyclist in abstract form on the cover of the calendar with some tasty Ferrero chocolates inside. The calendar is actually filled with a variety of chocolates from the different Ferrero brands, including Ferrero Rocher, Ferrero Küsschen and Ferrero Raffaello.

There is also an artboxONE advent calendar which is empty, and whilst this would be rubbish if you were to receive it this way, is a great idea for you to fill the 24 doors with gifts perfect for cyclists.

Like much of our Christmas heritage, Advent Calendars originated from German Christmas practice. Believed to have started around the beginning of the 19th century, Protestants began to mark the days of Advent by marking walls or doors with a line of chalk as each day passed. This led to people hanging an object, which eventually led to the creation of the first known Advent Calendar, handmade from wood in 1851. Around 50 years later, the first printed calendars appeared, and then followed by Gerhard Lang’s innovation of adding small doors to the calendars in the 1920s.

Christmas Advent Calendars for Cyclists with Ferrero Chocolate & Cyclist Digital Art Designs

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