Compex Muscle Stimulators

Compex deals in products designed for professional cyclists and athletes as well as items which are suitable for use by those who are just looking to keep fit or speed up their progress during a training session. In short its various gadgets can be used to stimulate your muscles using electric pulses and this year’s devices are tailored to give you a personalised experience with web functionality.

Compex Wireless

The Compex Wireless is the first of its kind, allowing you to apply electro-stimulation to important muscle groups without the need for annoying wires trailing all over the place. Coupled with unique electrode placement technology that allows you to position each one for maximum efficiency, the Compex Wireless is a comprehensive tool for anyone who is concerned about their physical fitness.

With link-ups to a web-based system for managing its use and adding new programmes from a selection of over 50 options you will be able to expand and adapt its usage as you continue to harness its power over time. It is also stylishly designed and easy to put on, with a separate docking station allowing you to power the four electrodes for extended periods, improving the effectiveness of each workout.

Compex Sport

The Compex Sport is another of its professionally-targeted gadgets which helps you plan training sessions around the development of your muscles. Because it has this bespoke degree of adaptability you will never feel like you are trying to squeeze into a one size fits all box. Instead it features full, intelligent stats gathering throughout each session, eight programmes preinstalled and an easily viewable backlit monochrome screen which goes hand in hand with the durable construction of the device itself. Like the more expensive Compex Wireless the Mi-Sport can be synchronised with an online training planner, although the fully customisable onboard electrostimulation options allow for an added degree of real time training adjustment.

Compex Energy

If you want the same quality of muscle stimulation but want to spend a little less money then the Compex Energy might be right for you. Three categories of programming which cover those who want to train for sporting purposes, health improvement or simply added bodily aesthetic appeal are included as standard. You can easily apply the electrodes to your front or back using just one hand thanks to the special Easy Snap technology, so you will not need help from anyone else when preparing to train. Although the Energy model does not come with any dedicated stat tracking or online functionality, it still gives you all of the basic features that you would hope to see from an electrostimulation kit.

Compex is one of the best in the business when it comes to this kind of product. While you can get consumer gear which does roughly the same thing, these more discrete, feature-rich gadgets are much better for serious athletes and those who want to maximise their muscular development across a range of different areas. Cyclists might be particularly interested in the benefits of improved fitness when getting out and about on the open road or muddy trails.

Top 10 Compex Muscle Stimulators & Accessories

Best Buy #1
Compex FIT 3.0 CO1 2534116 Muscle Stimulation Device Blue
  • The Fit 3.0 gives you strength back, strengthens the muscles and relieves pain.
  • It includes all the features of the Fit 1.0 and the MI technology. Additionally, the Fit 3.0 offers a massage programme for fitness fanatics who train up to 3 times a week.
  • 4 stimulation channels, 8 ache program, 2 recovery program, 9 fitness programs, 1 rehab program
  • Swiss technology from Compex/ DJO Global
Best Buy #2
Compex Unisex Adult Sport 4.0 Muscle Stimulator - Black, N/A
  • Improves your performance and recover faster
  • Including all the features of SP 2.0, SP 4.0 also offers rehabilitation programs
  • For athletes with frequent injuries who practice their activity 3 times per week
  • Model number: 2536960
Best Buy #3
Compex Unisex Adult Sport 6.0 Muscle Stimulator - Black, N/A
  • Compex SP 6.0 wireless muscle stimulator improves your strength and restores muscle volume
  • It helps you to relax and recover faster
  • Designed for athletes who practice their activity more than three times per week
  • Includes wireless features that ensure total freedom of movement
Best Buy #4
20 Electrodes Compatible with COMPEX - TENS EMS Pads Easy snap 5x5cm - Button Connection 3.75mm - axion Brand Quality
  • PRODUCED IN GERMANY to the highest EU and UK specifications, Axion electrodes for TENS EMS machines are premium-quality, reusable and self-adhesive in an inexpensive storage pack
  • EASILY REUSABLE pack of 20 50 x 50mm pads can be used anywhere suitable on the body.
  • SUPERIOR ADHESION and conductivity. Adheres to neck, back, abdomen, arms, legs, knees and joints for efficient pain therapy, relaxation, muscle building and weight loss
SaleBest Buy #5
Compex Unisex's Easysnap Self-Adhesive Electrodes with Snap Connectors, Blue, 50 x 50 mm
  • Compex electrodes are used during muscle stimulation with Compex devices
  • Electrodes play a big part in the Compex muscle stimulation session
  • Are the points where the pulses are transmitted to your motor nerves, and ultimately your muscle fibers
  • The Compex electrodes aren't adhering properly, the electrical pulse can't be delivered at the intensity needed to work your muscle at peak effectiveness
SaleBest Buy #6
Compex Unisex Easysnap Performance Self adhesive Electrodes With Snap Connectors, Black, 50 x 100 mm UK
  • Compex Electrodes Are Used During Muscle Stimulation With Compex Devices The Electrodes Play A Big Part In The Compex Muscle Stimulation Session They Are The Points Where The Pulses Are Transmitted To...
Best Buy #7
Compex Unisex Adult Sport 2.0 Muscle Stimulator - Black, N/A
  • Tones your muscles, sculpts your body, helps you relax and recover faster
  • With all the basic electrostimulation features and mi technology
  • SP 2.0 is the ideal partner for athletes who practice their activity 1 or 2 times per week
  • Model number: SP 2.0
Best Buy #8
Electrodes for Compex electrostimulators - 20 Patches with 3.75mm Button Connection for TENS EMS electrostimulators Size 5cm x 5cm
  • Easy snap 5 x 5cm patch patches reusable self-adhesive 3.75mm stud connection.
  • Certified Class 1 Medical Electrodes Using Japanese Skin Friendly Hydro Gel.
  • The only electrodes with a complete biocompatibility report.
  • These electrodes are only suitable for Compex and Cefar-Compex models.
Best Buy #9
COMPEX Fit 5.0 Wireless Muscle Stimulator
  • Designed for those who train daily Supplied with 2 stimulation modules, with the option to add 2 additional modules for an even more effective result
  • Develop your muscles, sculpt your body and help relax
  • With wireless technology and Mi technology: MI Scan, Mi-range on all channels
  • Web connection: save history to drive
Best Buy #10
Compex SP 8.0 Wireless Muscle Stimulator, black
  • Optimizes your strength and endurance, helps you recover faster, while helping to avoid injury and treating pain
  • Designed for athletes, SP 8.0 is the TOP of the range in terms of wireless electrostimulation
  • Connectable and modular, SP 8.0 includes the brand new mi-Auto range feature that continually brings you better results
  • Item package quantity: 1