Cycle Route in Derbyshire, East Midlands (Image courtesy of

East Midlands, one of the nine fabulous regions of England is composed of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, City of Peterborough, Burton upon Trent, and Staffordshire. This exciting region is home to some great cycling routes.

Some cycling routes include Leicester Circular via Loughborough Cycle Route, Northampton to Hunstanton Cycle Route, Leicester to Woodhouse Loop Cycle Route, Northampton to Maimsbury Cycle Route, and Langley Mill to Trent Lock Cycle Route. The first, Leicester Circular via Loughborough Cycle Route, starts at London Road (A6). It lasts for 30 miles. Links to the route maps, distance markers, elevation and GPX files can be found here;

A few other routes include Rutland Water to Bourne, Cottesmore to Stamford avoiding A1, Rugby to Cold Ashby Loops, Nottingham and Wymswold Loop, Bingham to Sherwood Forest Youth Hostel (part 1), Market Harborough Circular via Gartree, Collingtree Park Circular, Langley Mill to Trent Lock and Back, Northampton to Maimsbury, Leicester to Woodhoose Loop, Northampton to Hunstation, and Leicester Circular via Loughborough. Each of these routes is about 30 miles on average, but the longest is 110 miles, and the shortest is 9 miles. Each lasts a couple of hours at least. The longest one lasts a good 9 hours. If you’re in the East Midlands, and you have some time for cycling, you should partake of some of these routes for a good time that you will not soon forget.

Some of the trails in Rutland include Rutland and Lincolnshire 100 Circle that begins on Burley Road (B668) and ends on Burley Road (B668) that lasts 10 hours and goes for 100 miles, the Langham Ridge Loop that begins on Melton Road (A606), Langham and ends on Melton Road (A606), Langham that lasts 30 minutes and goes 5 miles, Stretton to Belvoir Loop that begins on Stretton Road (off A1), Stretton and goes to Stretton Road (off A1), Stretton that goes 8 hours and lasts 80 miles, and Rutland Water Circuit that begins on Sykes Lane, off Whitwell Road (A606) and ends on Sykes Lane, off Whitwell Road (A606) that lasts 1 hour and a half and goes 15 miles.

Leicestershire also has some great routes. This part of Central England is some of the best cycling around if you go to the routes like the Western Park to Thorton Circular Route, Stoneygate Circular via Beaumont Chase and Tur Langton Cycle Route, Seagrave 15 mile Time Trial Cycle Route, Nuneaton to Combe Fields Loop Cycle Route, Birstall Circular via Eastthorpe Cycle Route, and several more that are too numerous to count. Actually, there are about 67 cycle routes in Leicestershire, far more than almost any other city. Some that are included in the list include Beacon Hill Loop which starts at Ling Road and goes to Loughborough for a duration of 1 hour and a half and lasts 15 miles and the Birstall Golf Club cycle route.