North West England is one of the top regions in the UKguess where I live – and is composed of the following areas; Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, and Cheshire. There are over 6 million people in this region. The cycling routes are quite extensive through this lovely region of England.

In Manchester alone, there are several dozen cycling routes like the Tour of Timperley in Altrincham, Mersey Circular, Manchester Eye Hospital to Victoria, Avenue East, Withington to Handforth, Trafford Centre – Worsley Loop, Over Hulton to Eccleston, Chorlton to Piccadilly, Timperley to Salford Quays, Kenneth Adamson, Whalley Range to Altrincham, West Pen Moors Loop, Sale-Chorlton-Fallowfield-Didsbury loop, and so on. Most last about 5 to 30 miles, and they’re pleasant rides through the heart of Manchester, Greater Manchester to be more precise. The longest route is about 65 miles. That is the Kenneth Adamson route that begins in Swinton and ends in York. The duration is about 6 hours to complete it from start to finish, but it is well worth it. Most routes take close to an hour to finish, but that kind of intense exercise can really prepare one for the amount of hard exercise required for a healthy lifestyle. People are enamoured of the diverse cycling routes in Manchester, but there are several more in other areas of the North West of England.

There are several routes in Lancashire, the most beautiful region in all of the Northwest. Some of the more prominent routes include Breightmet to Lostock and Farnworth Loop Cycle Route which starts at Bury Road (A58), Breightmet and goes 18 miles, Breightmet to Whitefield and Kearsley Circular Cycle Route which starts at Bury Road (A58), Breightmet which goes 14 miles, Breightmet to Harwood Circular Cycle Route which starts at Bury Road (A58), Breightmet and goes 10 miles, Much Hoole Circular via Longton and Hutton Cycle Route which starts at Much Hoole B5427 and goes 30 miles, and West Pennine Blackburn Circular Cycle Route which starts at Cherry Tree Train Station and goes 17 miles. All of these routes are of enormous benefits to the inhabitants of Lancashire and to the tourists who come and visit regularly. Moreover, there are several more cycle routes of varying durations throughout the area that are no less inviting for cyclists. There is a huge amount of cyclists that come in and out of this area each year for its cycling. There are thousands of people each year that find their time on the cycling routes is more than fulfilling. Most cycle routes are pretty short in the area, and they go between 30 minutes and 8 hours. Most are about 20 miles but go up to 60 miles and more if people really want to get into cycling.