Dawes Cycles Limited has been synonymous with quality bicycles since 1926. The company was founded by Charles Dawes, who initially partnered with a motorcycle manufacturer under the banner Humphries and Dawes in 1906. Later, Charles Dawes was able to ride on his own two wheels, and moved to the firm’s current home in Birmingham.

Dawes started out producing bicycles for the military during the world wars. They later built tour bikes, tandems, race bikes, and mountain bikes. In the early days, all the bikes were built by hand in Tyseley, an industrial district near Birmingham. But modern business practices allow for a more practical solution. Bicycle parts are now built in the Far East and then assembled in Birmingham, which allows for larger volumes and more efficient production. Dawes Cycles Limited is one of the pioneers of the single speed mountain bike, which is light and hardy.

Currently, the Dawes Mountain Bike Range has 16 bikes ranging from £229.99 to £899.99. The Dawes design is based on reducing the overall bike’s weight by using narrow tubes for the bike frame. The tube diameter is carefully calculated to make sure the bike is light but stable, which is crucial for off-road biking. All the bikes have grips made of Kraton rubber, and have black resin pedals.

The XC 1.o is a 21 speed beginner’s bike. Its low price is great for a novice who may not yet have the skills or budget to blow. It has a gents and ladies version, and has a steel unicrown fork which is good for light riding.

The XC 1.1 bike has an alloy frame and a Suntour suspension fork which makes it ideal for intermediate mountain biking. The fortified suspension makes it good for taking corners.

The next bike in the series is the XC 1.2. Its suspension fork is the RST Capa T8 which is as pretty as it is powerful. In a slightly jaded stereotype, the gents version is blue, while the ladies version is pink. The X 1.4 unisex has similar features, except with a gear upgrade to 24 speed. The XC 1.4 Disc Bike has a gents and ladies version with all the props of the XC 1.4, plus Quad QMD-5 disc brakes which are stronger for wet riding conditions.

The XC 1.6 is a 15 kg unisex mountain bike with RST Omega T8 suspension. This one comes with a mechanical lockout that can be worked by hand. It also has double wall rims and alloy cranks on its chain.

The XC 1.8 has its remote lockout located on its handlebars, and has 3 hydraulic disc brakes. The XC 2.0 is strengthened with a double frame and Rockshox Dart 2 suspension, V brakes, and 27 speed gears.

The XC 2.2 is just like the XC 2.0. but with 3 hydraulic disc brakes. Finally comes the XC 2.4, which has 5 hydraulic brake discs. Whatever your taste, skill level, or price range, Dawes has a piece that’s just right for you.