Diamondback is a brand produced by the Raleigh Bicycle Company, which started in 1887. It started in Nottingham UK, but now has bases all over the world. The company started when Frank Bowden bought a company called Woodhead, Angois and Ellis. These three men worked on Raleigh Street, and were producing three bicycles a week before Bowden took over. The company grew and moved to Russel Street, but kept the name of its former address. Raleigh Bicycle Company now has factories all over the world.

Diamondback provides 16 different bikes for the UK market. The Apex men’s bike is a light, tough bike which has a large mud guard at the back to suit the UK’s wet conditions. It has sting brakes and 27 speed gears. The XSL Elite bike is unisex, and has a dual air shock suspension.

The Axis bike for men also has the specially designed mud guard, and it has XT hydro brakes for extra grip and stopping power. The Coil unisex adult bike has a single pivot suspension system which translates into easier cleaning and maintenance, but has slowed performance with its 24 speed gear system.

The Outlook FS men’s bike also uses single pivot suspension, which means there are fewer pieces to be rattled around when off-roading, so your bike is less likely to literally fall to pieces. The Response Comp men’s bike incorporates the popular 2009 frame and throws in Rock Shox Dart 2 fork suspension with a lockout feature.

The Peak bike comes in a ladies and gents version. The Peak ladies bike has a frame that has been customised for female riders, and has RST Gila suspension. The Peak for men has a smaller travel for versatility. It can be used for both city and mountain riding. The Peak HD bike for men is similar to the regular Peak bike, except it has Quad Tork hydraulic brakes.

The Overdrive bike for men is sometimes called a ‘real mountain bike’ because it is tougher than the others. It has disc brakes and an alloy frame, but its gear system is just 21 speed. The XSL unisex bike is a pocket-friendly version with Suntour suspension and a 27 speed gear set.

The Outlook is a bit of a middle ground bike for men. It can be used for hiking trails or for street rides, but it does not perform at the optimum in either space. It has an alloy frame and a 21 speed gear set, with a 100 mm Suntour suspension.

The XSL Comp unisex bike has a one piece yoke that makes the bike light but solid. It has a 27 speed gear system. The final bike is the Overdrive Disc bike, named for its disc brakes. It uses Suntour suspension forks.

Diamondback also has Overdrive, Response, and Outlook bikes tailor made for the US market, as well as the Sorrento and Assault series. Each series has three or four bikes in its range, so clients are sure to be satisfied.