Electric Bikes for Children

How To Choose a Kids Electric Bike

When you’re buying a kids electric bike for a child, it can be tempting to go all-out and get the biggest, fastest, most thrilling model you can find. But before you do, think about why you’re buying an offroad ebike in the first place: are you doing it because you want your child to learn how to ride their own bike? Or is it because they’re tired of having to walk everywhere and they want to join you on all your rides?

In this article, we explore some important things to consider when choosing a kids electric bike. For a wide range of alternative bikes, check out our electric bike reviews section.

Beware of UK Laws: In the UK, you must be 14 years old in order to ride an eBike without supervision, even if wearing safety gear, required by law. If your child is under 14 and you want them to ride an e-bike, they will need to be accompanied by an adult at all times when riding on public roads or paths. This means that if you buy one for your child and they try riding it on public roads without a helmet or other safety protection, they could get a fine or even worse!

Electric Bike 26-inch Wheels Ideal for Teenagers
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Electric Bike 26-inch Wheels Ideal for Teenagers
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Kids Electric Bike Guide

Look for a bike with torque sensor. A torque sensor is a device that measures the pedalling force of the rider and adjusts the motor accordingly. This means that if your child is pedalling hard, the motor will kick in at full power; if they’re just coasting along, the motor will turn on at a lower level. This helps prevent overuse injuries and fatigue in children, which can be especially problematic when they’re riding longer distances or going up hills.

Say no to the throttle. The throttle on electric bikes is designed to help you when you’re pedalling uphill or going down a hill. It’s not intended for use while riding on flat ground. If your child gets used to using the throttle while they’re riding on flat ground, they’ll develop bad habits that could be dangerous in the long run. If you want to make sure your child has a safe and fun experience with their new bike, stick with models that don’t have throttles.

Pay attention to weight. The weight of the bike is one of the most important things to consider when buying an e-bike for your child. If the frame isn’t built strong enough, it won’t be able to support their growing body-and if it can’t support their body now, it definitely won’t be able to later on. Most electric bikes have a maximum rider weight limit-and if your child doesn’t meet that limit, then you may have wasted your money on something that won’t fit them. The good news is that most eBikes come with this information printed right on their packaging: just check the manufacturer’s specifications before buying one.

Electric Bike 26-inch Wheels Ideal for Teenagers
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Electric Bike 26-inch Wheels Ideal for Teenagers
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Electric Bike Classifications

There are three classes of eBike, each with its own set of rules and regulations that you should know if you’re interested in buying one.

  • Class 1: A class 1 electric bike is a bike that has a motor that cannot be operated without pedalling. It also has a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour and a maximum power output of 750 watts. Class 1 eBikes are allowed on bike paths and on roads where the posted speed limit is less than 35 mph. Note: local laws may be different.
  • Class 2: A class 2 electric bike is one that has a motor that can be operated without pedalling, but only at speeds no greater than 20 miles per hour. A class 2 eBike has a maximum power output of 750 watts, but it can’t exceed 20 mph on flat ground.
  • Class 1: A class 3 electric bike can be used in any circumstance and under any conditions in which an ordinary bicycle could be used (except for riding on pavements). Class 3 eBkes have motors between 500 watts and 750 watts and up to 28 mph, as well as standard pedals with normal shoes/clothes/etc., so they look like regular bicycles from afar!

In addition to kids electric bicycles there is also an electric motorcycle aimed at children aged 10 years and above, the Sur-Ron Light Bee S electric motorbike.

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Electric Bike Safety Guide for Kids

Safety considerations for kids riding electric bikes. With the increasing popularity of eBikes, it’s no surprise that parents are looking to get their kids on a bike. But with the explosion in the number of accidents involving young riders, safety considerations are a must.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying an e-bike for your child:

  1. Is your child old enough? The minimum age is generally 14 years old before they can ride an electric bike.
  2. Does your child know how to ride a normal bike? If not, they’ll need some practice before you let them take off on an electric bike.
  3. Do you have somewhere safe for them to ride? Electric bikes require more space than traditional bikes so make sure there’s room for them to practice riding around safely without getting into trouble or hurting anyone else.
  4. Are there any restrictions on where they can go while riding? Some places may require helmets at all times and others might only allow electric bikes on certain roads or paths (like bike trails).

Best Selling Kids Electric Bikes for Children on Amazon

Electric bikes are a great way to get kids out of the house and enjoying fresh air and sunshine (instead of staring at their screens). If you want to buy an eBike for your child, there are many options online and the best place to start looking is Amazon. We also have our own Electric Bike Shop.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you should choose what feels best for you and your child, but there are plenty of great options on the market. And based on our research and experience, we believe that eBikes with pedal assistance are a smart choice for young riders. That being said, just make sure that you get a high-quality model that can stand up to years of heavy use!

Electric Motorbikes for Children

Electric bikes are of course not just based on pedal bikes, they also include electric motorbikes such as the Light Bee S ebike. The Sur-Ron Light Bee range includes the road legal Light Bee L1E, the off-road motocross dirt bike Light Bee X and the youth orientated Light Bee S.