Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles is a company based in Ramona, California. It was started by Tony Ellsworth in 1991. The first mountain bike he ever built was a gift for his wife in 1993, but he didn’t acknowledge his hobby as a business until 1994 when his production volume increased significantly. Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles is known for its Instant Center Tracking and Nuvinci technology. The company has a factory in Vancouver, Wasington.

Ellsworth produces 8 full suspension bikes and 2 hard tails. The Witness is a tandem mountain bike that runs on DMS firm tail technology. DMS means Dual Mono Stay. DMS is based on a carbon frame and increase the bike’s flexibility, because it can run on single speed, multiple speed, and even gearless Nuvinci systems.

The Dare bike is a bike tailored for downhill riding. It has ICT suspension. ICT means Instant Center Tracking, and it improves traction and increases energy efficiency. It also has an asymmetrical monocoque chain stay made with hollow sections to reduce the bike’s overall weight without compromising stability.

The Rogue is a free riding bike. It utilises both ICT and a monocoque chain stay, so it is good at both climbing and downhill zooming. It has specially made 12 mm sex pins which hold the bike together, and hand shaped SS tubes which are completely welded to each other so that you can’t see the joint marks. All this makes the bike stronger.

The Evolve is a 29 inch bike built from the ground up to give it more stability. It has a high axle centre and uses ICT. It has a Rock Shoxx Reba fork and Fox Float rear suspension to boot. The steep head angle and short wheel base help the rider to handle the bike better.

The Moment is considered as Ellsworth’s most versatile bike, because it ranges from trails to free riding, so it’s a good choice for all-round riders. The Epiphany has been nicknamed the Holy Grail of Trail Bikes, and was selected as Outside Magazine’s bike of the year. It’s among the world’s most popular XC bikes.

The Glimpse bike is built with customized materials so that the overall price is kinder on your pocket without compromising quality. It has the standard ICT suspension, customised Fox components, and even a genuine leather saddle. It has an efficient pedalling system. The Truth is one of Ellsworth’s oldest bikes but has been constantly redesigned to match current riding needs. It is built for Endurance racing, XC racing and trail biking.

Ellsworth has two hard tail bikes. The Enlightenment 29 uses DMS technology and is built from rare earth carbon sourced from Ellsworth’s Sustainable Business Practice Carbon Facility. The Enlightenment 26 bike came earlier, and also uses rare earth carbon, which is environmentally friendly. The carbon is used for the front sections of the bike, and the bikes can run on both single and multi gear systems. With high class innovation, green sense, and all these machines to choose from, Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles will never disappoint.