The Ultimate Guide to the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 eBike

Whether you’re cruising the urban jungle, tackling the daily commute or having fun on a woodland trails, an electric bike, or eBike, has become a popular alternative to other forms of cycling. As I pedalled amidst this electric revolution, the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 felt strong, stable and comfortable – and n upgrade to the Engine Pro 1.0, but more on that comparison later. With every bike ride being unique as each rider’s quest, how does this electric bike compare to others? With my hands firmly on the handlebars and feet set on its pedals, here is my honest review on the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 eBike.

Introduction to Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 eBike

Picture this: you are setting off at dawn, the city sleeps but your adventure beckons, after all, why should your commute be a chore, cycling should, and is, fun. The Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 sits before you, not merely as a vehicle but as a trusty companion promising both excitement and efficiency in every journey taken together.

The Engwe Pro 2.0 is an electric bicycle rather than a motorcycle like the Sur-Ron electric motorbike.

The Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 is not just another addition to the ever-growing family of electric bikes, this is a more powerful eBike, and one with an extended range and so it quite rightly stands above some of its peers. Here’s a quick overview of this bike:

  • Powerful Motor: Sporting a robust 1200W electric motor (up from 750W on the Pro 1.0) paired with an equally impressive 52V lithium-ion battery, expect swift acceleration and daunting hill climbs made effortless.
  • Battery Power: The Pro 2.0 also gets an upgrade in battery power, with 832 Wh (from 768 Wh) and 16 Ah.
  • Battery Capacity & Range: A considerable range awaits those hungry for distance, up to 110 km (70 miles) under ideal conditions thanks to its energy-dense battery pack.
  • Design Elements: Its 3-step folding frame encapsulates versatility without compromising functionality, an essential trait for riders navigating storage spaces or public transport.
  • Weight: While it’s foldable option is convenient, don’t forget to check if you can carry the 31.6 kg weight.
  • Durability: Structured with longevity in mind, high-quality materials contribute to its solid build quality ensuring reliability over many rides.

As we delve deeper into these attributes in subsequent sections, keep these headlines close, they paint a picture we will thoroughly explore.

Engwe Engine Pro 2: Technical Specifications

Digging into the details of an electric bike can be quite exciting, akin to opening up a treasure box of endless possibilities for both tech aficionados and cycling enthusiasts or maybe I’m too much of a geek! When it comes to the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 eBike, it’s no exception; this impressive machine offers notable specs that deserve a closer look.

At the heart of the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 lies its robust 1200W electric motor, giving you a level of performance suitable for a myriad of environments. The beauty here is choices: if you prefer leisurely jaunts around town or light trails, this ebike will serve you well with sufficient pep and zip. On the other hand, should your adventures lead you to steeper hills or demand more speed, then the Pro 2.0 1200w motor might just bring out that gleeful grin as you ascend inclines effortlessly. Just be wary of the on-road legal limits in your locale, for example, in the UK the legal speed limit is just 15.5 mph and in Germany 16 mph.

The Engine Pro 2.0 sports a 52v 832Wh 16Ah lithium-ion battery, helping to deliver a hefty 110km range (PAS 1)

Powering these electric motors is no trivial feat, which is where the battery technology comes into play. The Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 sports a 52v 832Wh 16Ah lithium-ion battery with enough capacity to keep you cruising without fret over distance. Engwe claim a 110km range with pedal assist (PAS) and 60 km in full electric mode but I got less than this but to be fair, I was testing the heck out of the bike. Expect an average range between 40 to 60 miles depending on use conditions like terrain type, rider weight, and pedal assist level engaged.

The true gem in this configuration is not merely about longevity but also ease of use, like many eBikes, the battery is designed to be detachable. This means recharging won’t tie down your bike to an electrical outlet. You can conveniently take it indoors after finishing your ride or during pitstops if using this eBike for commuting purposes. The full battery charging time took between 5-6 hours, which isn’t bad.

Engwe Engine Pro Motor

Overview of the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 Frame, Weight & Dimensions

Now onto the skeleton that holds the bike together, the bike’s frame, which is solid, built to last and gives off a reassuring aura. The Engine Pro 2.0 has an aluminium alloy frame, known for being lightweight yet exceptionally sturdy, a dual characteristic crucial in constructing any premium-grade bicycle.

Naturally inclined towards accommodation rather than intimidation, this frame bears geometries that suit various rider profiles, it spells comfort without compromising on control. Its folded dimensions make storage and transport efficient endeavours, and clearly aimed at commuters wanting something a bit more punchy. So whether you are in need of space efficiency at home, or the office, or looking to stash it in or on your car while exploring further fields abroad, this is a good option.

When fully assembled, the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 weight is a hefty 31.6 kg (70 lbs) but this is the consequence of the solid build quality.

Durability & Build Quality of the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 eBike

How does one gauge durability? It’s intrinsically tied with build quality, which can be summed up as attention to detail in material choice and manufacturing precision. I’ve had my fair share of experiences with bikes buckling under less-than-ideal conditions; needless constraints riders shouldn’t have to deal with.

Engwe clearly understands their mandate, or perhaps have a customer demographic in-mind; crafting eBikes resilient in face of wear-and-tear intrinsic in both urban jungles (busy roads), haphazard lanes and rural rugged terrains, an admirable balance by thoughtful engineering prowess. Nicely done Engwe.

Performance and Riding Experience

As soon as I swung my leg over the Engine Pro 2.0 eBike, I knew it wasn’t a typical eBike. The immediate surge of power at the slightest pedal stroke hinted at the thrilling ride to come. This is a powerful bike. Allow me to dive into what sets this beast apart in terms of performance and handling.

Electric bike aficionados often scrutinise how a bike picks up pace from a standstill or during mid-ride sprints. Well, with its robust motor, has torque, the Engwe eBike accelerates like a charm, smooth yet powerful enough to push you back with sheer force. A delight for commuters and adventure seekers alike, it zips through traffic with ease and has no trouble catching up to city speeds quickly.

Navigating through twisty trails or making sharp turns on urban corners presented no challenge for this agile eBike.

Navigating through twisty trails or making sharp turns on urban corners presented no challenge for this agile eBike. With an impressive top speed (capped by legal limits), it’s exhilarating while staying within safe bounds, a testament to its well-thought-out design prioritising control alongside velocity.

The responsiveness of this eBike must be highlighted; steering feels intuitive with a balanced sense of weight distribution throughout. Whether cruising along flat landscapes or tackling rolling hills, the Engwe manages its poise with finesse, an attribute less spoken about but immensely appreciated by seasoned riders like myself.

Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 ebike

Analysis of Different Riding Modes

The versatility offered by multiple riding modes on this Engwe eBike simply enhances its appeal. Let’s break them down:

  1. Pedal Assist Mode: Here’s where harmony is struck between human effort and electric mode, perfect for those wanting some exercise without straining too hard or someone recovering from an injury.
  2. Throttle Mode: Ideal for when you wish to give your legs a rest but still want to enjoy the breeze as you glide forward.
  3. Manual Pedalling Mode: Old-school cyclists can still opt to manually pedal without electrical assistance, a nod to traditional biking that so many purists value, but with the motor on-hand for when needed.

Switching between these options affects not just how much battery you’ll conserve but also alters your experience intensely. In pedal-assist mode, climbing steep inclines becomes less daunting, turn-up the assist level for more help or dial it down if craving more physical engagement.

Conversely, throttle mode showcases what the engine can really do, it takes over completely, delivering unadulterated power at your fingertips commandingly propelling you forward with vigour that is almost addictive.

User Experiences, Customer Reviews, Testimonials & Feedback

Let’s take a look at user experiences and testimonials on the comfort and ergonomics of the Pro 2.0 bike. Step aside professional reviews, the real bike test comes from everyday users who churn miles day-in-and-day-out on these machines. Scouring forums and feedback sections provided insight into what fellow riders think about their bodily rapport with this machine during extended use – so you don’t just get my viewpoint.

  • The seat comfort received high praise, it’s plush yet firm enough ensuring that long rides don’t become punitive expeditions.
  • Handlebars are strategically positioned; contributing remarkably towards reducing wrist strain during prolonged periods of navigation.
  • Testimonials often mentioned feeling minimal fatigue post ride, credit going largely to the ergonomic frame structure easing stress off common pressure points across various body postures during cycling exploits.

This aligns snugly with my own sentiments towards the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 bike, the thoughtful integration of rider-centric designs conjures not just moments but hours of comfortable exploration without compromising systemic stamina significantly which is quite an achievement in my book!

Engwe Engine Pro Folded

Notable Features & Accessories

When exploring the Engwe Electric Bikes, it’s worth mentioning the components that set this Pro 2.0 eBike apart from others. The Engine Pro 2.0 includes a suite of features that enhance its utility, safety, and overall riding experience.

Integrated Lights for Enhanced Safety

Its impossible to overstate the importance of visibility when it comes to cycling safety, especially under less than perfect lighting conditions. The Engine Pro 2.0 is equipped with bright integrated lights, which are designed as part of the bike’s electrical ecosystem. They ensure you can clearly see and be seen whether you’re cruising at dawn or dusk, a must-have for any rider cycling in low-light conditions.

Suspension System

If comfort is king, then the Engwe reigns supreme with a suspension system catered to the throne-bearers who demand smoothing out rough surfaces. This isn’t just about absorbing shocks; it’s about maintaining control and stability across varying terrains, something which is crucial for both urban adventurers and trail enthusiasts alike. Such suspension refinement means you can tackle cobblestones or country paths while keeping everything pleasantly rideable.

Smartphone Connectivity

In today’s interconnected age, Engwe understands that an eBike should seamlessly blend into our digital lifestyles. Hence, smartphone connectivity goes beyond being a simple luxury, it becomes an indispensable tool for modern riders. With this feature, you can monitor your trip data in real time, navigate efficiently with GPS integration or even adjust certain settings of your bike directly through your phone, placing comprehensive control squarely in the palm of your hand. It’s not quite the latest technological thinking of the Urtopia Smart AI Bike with ChatGPT integrated but nevertheless, it’s a welcome addition.

Each of these features alone makes a compelling argument for considering an Engwe Engine Pro eBike but together they present a harmonious package engineered toward peak performance wrapped up in sheer delight for any cyclist serious about their gear.

Engwe Engine Pro Rear Bike Carrier

Pros & Cons of the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 eBike

When considering an electric bike like the Engine Pro 2.0, it’s crucial to weigh its strengths against any potential weaknesses. This balanced approach not only helps you understand what you’re investing in but also sets realistic expectations for your cycling experience. I’ve taken a close look at this model and compiled a comprehensive list of pros and cons.

The Upsides: Why the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 Stands Out

  • Powerful Motor: One feature that’s truly commendable is the 1200W motor. The punchy performance makes climbing steep hills a piece of cake.
  • Impressive Battery Life: With its substantial battery capacity, the 110km range on offer means less frequent charging and longer adventures without power anxiety.
  • Robust Build Quality: From my hands-on with this eBike, it feels solid and well-built, suggesting longevity which is what you want from such a purchase.
  • Rider Comfort: The adjustable suspension system seemingly absorbs most bumps on the road, contributing to a smoother ride.
  • Versatile Riding Modes: Whether it’s pedal-assist or full electric mode, you have options to tailor your riding effort depending on conditions or how energetic you feel.

These features show why many consider the Pro 2.0 as more than just an average eBike and why it promises to elevate your biking experience significantly.

Potential Drawbacks: Points to Consider Before Purchase

Now let’s turn our attention to some areas where the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 may fall short for certain users:

  • Weight: At first glance, the sturdy build gives confidence, but it comes with increased weight which might not be ideal for those who need to carry their bike up flights of stairs regularly.
  • Complex Assembly: If DIY isn’t your forte, setting up this eBike straight out of the box can be daunting due to complex assembly requirements.
  • Cost Consideration: It’s true that quality doesn’t come cheap. This model sits at a higher price point (over £1,200) which might be restrictive for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Limited Customisability: Unlike some other models on the market, there’s limited scope for extensive customisations or upgrades on this particular eBike.

I’ve experienced first-hand these limitations; they’re something I advise potential buyers should carefully ponder over when selecting their ideal steed.

Balancing these insights can help gauge whether or not the Engine Pro 2.0 aligns with your specific needs and preferences as an avid cyclist or commuter enthusiast. Understanding both sides ensures that if you choose to go ahead with this model, you do so fully informed and content with your decision – after all, every cyclist deserves an excellent riding companion!


  • Powerful 1200w Electric Motor
  • Impressive Battery Life
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Rider Comfort


  • Weight
  • Complex Assembly
  • Price


So, how should we reflect on this Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 eBike after a few days of testing and thoughts on his make-up? This is an impressive electric bike and reviews and feedback online pretty much supports that view.

Initially, we peered into the heart of its performance – the robust 1200w motor with 75 Nm torque, paired with a 52v 16Ah battery is a great engine, that delivers good power output and an impressive range. Moreover, when it comes to design, the eBike stands out with its sleek frame and pragmatic dimensions, which don’t just eye please but also contribute to its road presence and stability. So we’re two-for-two so far.

As for durability, the build quality reflects a sound attention to detail. It underscores my confidence in recommending this bike to anyone who values longevity as much as they do aesthetics in their ride. The intelligent integration of features like advanced suspension and lights indeed elevates its convenience and safety profile.

In terms of riding experience, whether you’re breezing through city streets or tackling rustic trails, the eBike reveals an enviable versatility.

Its acceleration and top speed merit applause, providing exhilarating moments while not skimping on handling precision even at brisk paces. And let’s not sideline comfort – users repeatedly praise how well this electric chariot accommodates long rides without ushering in discomfort.

Despite these strengths, no product is devoid of drawbacks. Potential limitations may crop up based on personal needs or preferences such as weight if portability is high on your list or if specific features don’t align with your biking scenarios.

Drawing all these observations together paints a picture of the Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 eBike as more than a mere conveyance; it emerges as a solid companion tailored for independence-seeking explorers and urban commuters alike. This review should offer you enough insights to gauge whether it aligns with your cycling ethos and requirements, and hopefully helping you to make an informed decision about inviting this eBike into your cycling life.

Engwe Engine Pro 2.0

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Engwe Folding eBikes

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Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 vs Pro 1.0 Specifications

Engwe Engine Pro 2.0 Engwe Engine Pro 1.0
Motor 1200W Brushless Motor 750W Brushless Motor
Brakes 160mm Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake 160mm Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake
Torque 75 Nm 55 Nm
Tyres 20 x 4.0 Fat Tyres 20 x 4.0 Fat Tyres
Battery 52V 832 Wh 16Ah Removable Internal Lithium-ion battery 48V 768 Wh 16Ah Removable Internal Lithium-ion battery
Top Speed 25 kph 25 kph
Range 60km (Electric Mode), 110km (Pas 1) 60km (Electric Mode), 120km (Pas Mode)
Frame 3 Step Alloy Foldable New Upgraded Frame 3 Step Alloy Foldable New Upgraded Frame
Battery Charging Time About 5.5 hours About 5.5 hours
Maximum Climbing Degree 10 degrees 10 degrees
Display LCD Colour Display LCD Display
Transmission System Shimano Altus 8-speed Gears Shimano 7-speed Gears
Bike Weight 31.6kg (70lbs) 31.7kg (70lbs)