Faction Chamois Cream Review

The Faction. The ones that choose to do the difficult, the unseen, the hard yards, inch-by-inch. We strive to always choose the right path, not the easy one. The right one for you, your body and the planet.

The above quote is written on to the tin of every Faction chamois cream and is the mantra to which the company is built around and goes a long way to understand the Faction ethos.

Faction claim to be the World’s first and only high performance natural chamois cream, which is powered by Friction Sense® Technology. It contains no silicone, petrochemicals, artificial preservatives and no questionable ingredients. A strong ethical product from a company that lives and breathes these values.

Any experienced cyclist knows the benefits of using chamois cream and whilst using something is usually better than using nothing, there’s no substitute for using a high quality cream. We’ve reviewed a number of chamois creams, most recently the Honest Hemp anti-chafe cream, which along with the Faction gel featured in our review of the best cycling chamois creams.

For those cyclists less familiar with what are chamois creams, they are simply creams or gels that protect the skin around the genitals, and are used by both men and women. As you cycle, like in any sport, your body sweats and increases in temperature. This is quite normal and is your body’s attempt to cool you down. With cyclists, this can cause friction as the skin rubs against itself.

This friction can cause chafing, skin irritation and saddle sores, especially so on hot days or in those that sweat heavily. Over longer distances, this can be quite unbearable and completely ruin your cycling ride, not to mention the following days walking and sitting!

Sustainably Reduces Friction

Faction chamois cream ingredients include olive extract which provides a silky feel to reduce friction and ultimate help to prevent saddle sores. It is long lasting, non-greasy and as it contains no silicone, it has no negative impact on the environment.

Natural Skin Protection Technology

The Faction Friction Sense® Technology is a complex botanical compound designed to avoid cycling sores by reducing friction, skin inflammation and prevent bacteria. Faction claim it is the only chamois cream to use micro encapsulation technology, which protects key ingredients and maximises their efficacy.

Scientifically Proven Ingredients

Faction Actionproof® cream contains active ingredients from Magnolia and White Willow bark that have properties to smooth sensitive skin, reducing inflammation and protect against dry skin. Faction also add Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil & Alba Bark Extract.

Cyclists’ Review

I’ve used the Faction cream on a number of rides now and have found it to be a good product. The rides have been quite short (2-3 hours) and in January for complete transparency, thus cold weather and not the hot summer months, so cannot comment on that aspect at this stage but will of course return to this review in a few months.

The cream is of a good texture, quite similar to the Honest Hemp cream rather than the thicker Assos chamois cream, which may be a reflection of the similar natural ingredients but I really don’t know for sure. Faction say the texture is to allow for an easier application and correct coverage. Some chamois cream manufacturers advise applying the cream 5 minutes or more before riding to enable the application to warm-up but the Faction cream isn’t affected by cold temperatures and so it was simply apply and go.

The question of how much chamois cream to apply is one of personal preference. My own take on this is to apply a generous amount as the consequence of under application isn’t worth it.

Another key question is where to apply chamois cream? Again this is personal preference, with some applying it old school to the bib shorts and some to the skin. I say old school because cycling shorts used to have an actual chamois leather lining, which cream was applied to, hence the name.

One of the bonus benefits of using a good quality chamois cream like The Faction is the post cycling aspects. The key here is the magnolia and willow bark, which keep your skin calm and devoid of any irritation or inflammation, all of which proved to be true on my tests.

The Founder of The Faction, Duncan Ramsay, has a background in the skincare sector and is a keen cyclist, and has personally tested the product thoroughly across the Peak District, on 150 ascents of Winnats Pass, an Everesting of Holme Moss plus 3 Fred Whitton’s so it’s pretty well tested in my book!

Faction Chamois Cream Discount Promotion

At the time of testing, the RSP of the Faction chamois cream was £13.49 but the following discount promotion provides outstanding value.

Faction Chamois Cream - Anti-Chafing Cream for Cycling - 100% Clean Ingredients - No More Saddle Soreness - Natural & Vegan - Actionproof - For Men & Women - For Cyclists & Athletes (150ml)
  • THE MOST ADVANCED PROTECTION FROM SADDLE SORENESS - Designed from the ground up by skincare professionals and long-distance cyclists to eliminate friction, chafing, rubbing and soreness even on the...
  • EASY TO USE, WASHABLE & NON-GREASY - Simply apply just before you ride and Faction Actionproof Chamois Cream gets to work preventing saddle soreness by reducing skin friction.
  • NATURAL PROTECTION, CLEAN TO YOU & CLEAN TO THE PLANET - Unlike other chamois creams Faction Actionproof Chamois Cream doesn't contain any questionable ingredients (No silicone, No parabens, No...
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL, VEGAN & BIODEGRADABLE - Naturally formulated with Olive Extract, Faction's Patented Natural Botanical Complex and Active Molecules from Magnolia and White Willow bark have been proven...

Faction Chamois Cream Features

  • Advanced Protection – This chamois cream has been created by skincare professionals and long-distance cyclists to reduce friction, chafing, rubbing and saddle soreness even on the longest rides.
  • Easy-to-Use – Faction has designed a cream that is easy-to-use, simply apply a generous amount just before you ride and the Actionproof formula gets to work straight away.
  • Planet Protection – Unlike other chamois creams, Faction products don’t contain any unwanted ingredients like silicone, parabens, petrochemicals or PEGS.
  • Natural Protection – This is a natural cream, anti-bacterial, vegan and biodegradable due to it’s careful formulation of olive extract, active ingredients from magnolia and white willow bark.
  • Friction Sense Technology – The Faction chamois cream uses micro encapsulation technology, which protects natural ingredients and maximises their efficacy.
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