Focus is a popular brand of cycle manufacturer right here in the UK. With every bike handmade you are assured that the best product is being delivered to you. To top it up, the parts and frames are tested for long hours to ensure they perform at their best when it comes to real life usage. Besides Focus bikes are also giving triple layer powder coating to ensure high quality corrosion resistance. A great design, meticulous testing, hand assembled bicycle with some of the top brand parts is just what you need to get more bang for your money.

Focus manufactures many categories of bikes depending on the need and demands of the customer.

Road Bike: The road bikes are designed to run fast on the roads. Focus spends a lot of time and effort in ensuring that the bikes are a real extension of the rider’s body to give you maximum speed and control on the roads.

Time Trail & Triathlon Bike: Typically such bikes need to be extremely light, aerodynamic and have great tyres to last the demands of time trailing races or triathlons. Focus has two great models in this category.

Hardtail Mountain Bike: The challenges of mountain biking are control, grip and stability in some of the worst terrains on earth. No matter what stands on the steep slippery slopes, your Focus mountain bike is designed to deliver good speeds on some of the most testing terrains.

Full Suspension Bike: Hardtail bikes are great and easy to manoeuvre, but the comfort levels on real tough roads on the mountains are best achieved with a full suspension bike. You can choose from the carbon frame, aluminum frames and alloy frames depending on your riding style and the terrains you prefer to ride on.

Cyclocross Bike: these are versatile, multi utility bikes from Focus. Whether you want to go on a long ride or just make a quick stop at the local shops then the cyclocross bikes from Focus are your best bet. They bring in the Focus experience from their well-known mountain bikes for toughness and durability and introduce it to daily use.

City Bike: The challenges in a city are quite different than other terrains. The ability to see traffic ahead is more important than speed. The city bikes are designed to give the right a high and upright posture during the ride to ensure good line of sight. The light weight and sleek design allow riders to drive long distances as well as short trips.

Hybrid Bike: With so many speciality bikes on offer it can be really tough for you to choose, especially if you are not looking for a bike for a single purpose. Focus has found a sweet spot where you have a bike that can traverse any terrain and give you the right comfort and speed you need. The hybrid cycles are great on road, off-road, for long rides, trekking, or just a quick ride to the shops in town.