There are plenty of bike clubs throughout the UK, and the rest of the World for that matter. Biking is a sport, and the best sports often require companionship, especially to get the most enjoyment and fun out of a shared interaction. Biking is no different.

Benefits of Joining a Bike Club

The benefits to joining a bike, or cycling, club include the assurance of having at least one partner to go cycling with, whether on a big bicycle trip or to have more safety than you otherwise would have, if you were on your own. Other benefits include, getting personal reviews of the bikes that you’re thinking about getting but haven’t decided to purchase yet. You can check out all the latest fashions in cycling clothing by cross-comparing everything your friends have. You can brush up about the latest techniques for repelling dogs that all your friends are discussing as advantageous for that wily canine that seeks to harass bikers. You can discover new mountain biking trails than you wouldn’t have otherwise known about because they weren’t listed on any map because only your friends know about the secret locations. You can swap cycle routes and discover which roads still have unrepaired pot holes!

Bike clubs are places you can share news on all the latest, pending, and current legislation pertaining to cycling nationwide and locally in the area you ride. You can discover how others in your bike club are making their voices heard in regards to the legislation. You can tell others about the British Bike Association – hint hint.

You can peruse all the latest hi-tech bike accessories. You can also make new friends that you wouldn’t have otherwise made if you had not stayed in the bike club.

Where to find Bike Clubs

Different bike clubs accommodate different types of bikers, and some are more akin to cruisers that go 10mph on average, others to pacers that go 15mph or more, and others to speeders that go 20mph or more. What you will usually find is that there is a bit of everything and as such you’ll bound to find others of a similiar standard to you. Our advice is to check before you join.

Check with your club to make sure you’ll fit into the cycling sport that includes cyclists, racers, road cyclists, mountain bikers, and everyone in between who just likes to ride for the sheer enjoyment of it. Some clubs have specified riding times like breakfast, after work, or just on the weekends. Others do it every day, and others meet up for lunch and then ride thereafter. Sometimes, it’s more impromptu, with a loose group of friends exchanging phone numbers and just riding whenever they can.

Some cycle clubs will hand out laminated cards for extreme cycling professionalism, and they belong to big bike clubs with several different groups. There are several ways to get the cycle club of your choice to accept you. Most don’t have any joining requirements and just accept whoever shows up without a test of any kind. Call ahead and see if you have to meet any requirements or if you can just meet for the ride. Bike clubs are a new frontier in cycling that everyone should explore.