Insuring your bike is not a matter of choice, it should be done for anyone who owns a bicycle. Good bikes can cost quite a lot of money, and the insurance is minimal compared to the cost of keeping a bike in good condition for many years. Getting a premium for your bike is easy compared to getting a premium for motorbike insurance or car insurance.

All you need to do is fill in the value of your bike online and the post code, and a premium is prepared instantly online. This kind of automatic price quote is easier to get online with a bicycle as compared to a motorbike or car because the price disparity in the different modes of transportation is so great and bikes have generally the same values across the spectrum. Cars, on the other hand, can vary widely in price, and motorbikes are notoriously dangerous for getting into accidents – usually the fault of poor car drivers.

Most bike insurance policies cover against loss from theft, damages, or accident. If vandals, burglars, or perilous drivers on the road crash into you, there are few options you have besides getting a new bike and footing the bill of between £250 and £500 or more. Additionally, there may be medical expenses. One trick you can do is get bike insurance because in countries where bike riding is as important as driving a vehicle, there is just no excuse not to get bike insurance. It is as vital to your commuting, shopping, and errand assortment as any form of transportation.

Additionally, bikes have a higher chance of being stolen because they’re so light, portable, and easily unnoticed. There are even options for bike roadside recovery options like repair, maintenance, and help in case you’re stranded. There are even options for families to get covered too because they might use your bike in case of an emergency or because it is the only form of transportation in the house. There is also public liability and personal accident coverage so that you are covered in case someone claims damages against you for injuring them or you get hurt in an accident yourself. Damages are often incurred when a bike accident occurs so everyone should get this optional coverage extension.

Some bike insurance companies allow you to create your own coverage system like a bicycle cover, electric bike cover, urban and leisure use, competition and racing, public liability, personal accident, bicycle roadside recovery, family use, UK only, European extension, worldwide extension, and more. These policies can be quoted, set up, and purchased online without having to work offline to get the insurance set up like you have to at most places that sell insurance. You don’t have to go through a weird insurance agent to get the insurance you want because you can bypass human interaction altogether with bike insurance.

Bike insurance is sold at considerably lower premiums than is offered for other types of vehicle insurance because the likelihood of incurring serious damages while on a bicycle is far less than on a motorcycle car. There is no reason why you shouldn’t insure your bike because most often things will happen to your bike, especially theft.