Children can really get a kick out of using a kickstand. All puns aside, kids need to ride on bikes to discover a fun way to exercise and familiarize themselves with bikes from an early age. Teaching kids to ride a bike from a young age can give him or her a way to be more active outdoors, enjoy their surroundings more, get around faster than he could walking, and seek new and interesting paths in the village that he might not have been aware of before.

The trick to getting a good kids bike is making sure your kid is happy with it. Kids are often more concerned with design than practicality, but as long as it has all the safety features you would expect from most bikes, the only other consideration is looks. If your kid likes the look of it, then you are in good luck. Moreover, your child can become completely engrossed in the practice of riding a bike if he or she likes the exterior design. By investing in a little colour and look for your bike, you can get your child out exercising more than he normally would. Furthermore, you can guarantee you child is more socially active with a bike in their possession.

Some brands of kids bikes include Disney, Halfords, Raleigh Bikes, Mattel, Mongoose, and others. Prices range from £30 to several hundred pounds. Characters and themes include, but are not limited to, the wonderful and memorable characters and themes of Barbie, Disney, Disney Fairies, Disney Pixar’s Cars the Movie, Disney Princess, Go Diego Go!, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Tony Hawk, and Toy Story.

Age ranges for kids bikes include 12-24 months, 2 years, 3-4 years, 5-7 years, 8-11 years, and 12-14 years. The categories that the bikes can be used for include at the movies, bikes, scooters, and riding toys, learning, outdoor play, preschool. There are also gender-specific, age-specific, and activity-specific bikes for boys and girls. Most are priced under £60 so there is really no reason why every kid shouldn’t have a bike. Furthermore, there are a diversity of bikes that have training wheels, baskets, streamers, and accessories that come with the purchase of the bike so that your child will remain safe on the road. However, it is best to buy a dedicated helmet separately because protecting your kids head in the event of an accident is of paramount importance. We wouldn’t recommend a second-hand helmet as you don’t know its history and a helmet that’s had a bump or two will be weakened and may not stand another crash.