Taking a downhill corner at speed is not just about doing it with confidence. Like so many things, confidence is important but so is technique.

The slightest mistake whilst riding at speed we see you on the floor. So smooth and accurate are your buzz words here. Start by ensuring you are setup correctly on your bike and that you are comfortable and feel well-balanced.

Ensure your tyres are in good working order and have good grip. This will give you the confidence to ride the corner at full speed.

Before you start the descent, make sure you are in the correct riding position. This is when you are on the drops, that way you will lower your frontal area making you more aerodynamic and potentially faster. Bend your elbows so they act as natural shock absorbers and help to keep you stable. This also helps to lower your centre of gravity, which lowers your chance of falling and also aids faster cornering.

As you approach the bend, look far enough ahead so you can read the road, and not onto your front wheel – water is directly in front of your wheel is too close to react to, especially at speed. When you approach the corner, get as close to the outside as you can, then aim for the apex.

Keep your inside pedal in the upright position to move it furthest from the road surface. Lean in to the corner and lightly feather the back brake, leaving the front brake well alone too.

As you exit the apex, look for your exit. You need to ensure you maintain a smooth curve, carrying as much speed & momentum as you can out of it. Remember, it’s not how about fast you go into the bend but how fast you come out.

Once you’re upright enough you can kick out of the corner to get back up to speed. Don’t do this too early, though, or you’ll catch your pedal on the ground.