Summer cycling is never far away, it just feels like it when the weather isn’t as good as we’d like. For those of us who cycle through the winter months, whether outdoors or indoors, in preparation for the warmer days, it’s important to look after the nutritional side of things as well as just putting down the miles.

Eating healthy meals, ensuring we get sufficient nutrients & vitamins and a good old fashioned detox should all be part of a cyclists’ winter routine. Combined with our physical cycling not only helps to build muscle strength but will also give you a better chance to maintain a healthier and stronger body.

Preparing our bodies for the physical challenges we demand of them is important. See it as body maintenance, in the same way as you’d do bike maintenance. Get plenty of quality sleep, avoid unhealthy foods and consider adding supplements that will strengthen your immune system.

There are different ways on how you can revitalize your body and give it a greater capacity to endure the challenges of exercising and cycling. If you are looking for the best supplement to add to your diet, natural juice and green superfoods are perfect. Since it is made of fruits, you will be able to get more nutrients and vitamins. You will need this if you want to be successful in achieving your cycling goals. Here are some great juice recipes for cyclists.

Beetroot, Cucumber and Ginger Juice


To make this beet juice based drink, you will need one normal sized cucumber, half a medium beetroot and some ginger. Start by washing each of the ingredients in flowing water to hydrate the food.

Next, cut the cucumber into small cubes, and then repeat for the beet and ginger. Mix the cucumber, beet and ginger in a food processor or juicer and extract. You can also consider blending it if you prefer.

Adding lemon juice and a small amount of honey will improve the taste but obviously this is personal so taste and experiment until you get it as you want. Make sure that everything is mixed well. Enjoy your beetroot, cucumber and ginger juice anytime in the day. This is perfect before or after workout.

Lemon and Apple Juice

This is one of the simplest juices that you can make. The availability of the ingredient, which is lemon and apple, makes it very convenient for a cyclist to have this anytime. First, you will need a medium sized apple and a piece of lemon. Peel the apple after washing it and cut it into small cubes. Then do the same with a small lemon.

Next, start juicing the apple and the lemon. After that, you can now mix the two together. It is up to you if you want to add sweetener to the mixture because for some, the apple is sweet enough for this.

Carrot, Apple and Beet Juice


You will need a piece of apple, four carrots and a half medium sized beetroot for this recipe. As always, start by washing the fruits to make sure that it is hydrated. After that, peel each of the fruits.

Next, cut the fruits into small cubes to aid in perfect juicing or blending. You start by juicing the apple, put the carrot in next and then the beet. You will see that the mixture will turn into a very attractive purple juice because of the beet that you have added.

You can decide if you want it to be sweeter by adding sugar or honey, depending on your preference. But the apple can act as the natural sweetener and too much sugar isn’t good for a calorie controlled diet.

Magical Magnesium Tour (with parsley, carrot and organic lemon)

Prepare the ingredients, three pieces of medium sized carrot, one organic lemon and some parsley. For the parsley, you can decide on the quantity. It’s quite a strong flavour if you add too much.

After washing, peel and cut the carrot and organic lemon into small pieces. Juice the carrot and put the organic lemon in next. Finally, add the parsley.

This juice will help you increase the strength of your bones. As a cyclist, you need to take care of your bones and muscles for you to last longer in biking. You may want to read this article on how your weight affects your bones.

Coconut Water


There is a special reason why coconut water is being recommended not only to cyclists but also to all athletes. Firstly, coconut water is a natural thirst quencher. And secondly, it is all natural. Unlike the shop-bought energy drinks, coconut juice is perfect for your health. You do not have to think of too much sugar or other unhealthy contents. So next time you go cycling, consider taking some fresh coconut water for you to drink when you finish.

Nutritional Values

Let’s talk about the nutrition content of the different fruits and ingredients that are part of these juice recipes.

Beet, or beetroot, is rich in potassium, magnesium, iron and different vitamins. It can aid in increasing your stamina and energy, helping you to reach your cycling goals.

Aside from that, it can also be a great source of fibre. It can help in regulating your digestion. This way, you will not experience other stomach-related problems that will potentially hinder you from cycling.

Carrot and ginger may not be your usual ingredients for a juice but there are also major benefits you can get from these. Carrot contains enough vitamins and minerals that can work perfectly in strengthening your immune system. Ginger may taste a bit odd and yet it should also be part of your juice. Why? It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent that can help you recover faster from cycling. Aside from that, it also works in cleansing your kidneys. If your body is free from different toxins, it will be easier for you to remain active in sports and in other activities that you have.

The condition of your body will certainly determine how you will perform as a cyclist. Do not underestimate the role of the food you eat in how you are going to face the challenges posted by your activities. Be careful in choosing the food that you eat. If you do not want to go wrong with what you are putting into your stomach, you should go for natural and organic foods. The level of nutrients contained in this kind of food and the positive effects your body is going to receive will help you stay motivated in cycling.

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