Kona Road Bikes 2012 Review

Kona is a bike company that is bursting with personality, which is why its quirky cycles have found fame the world over. Founded in 1988, this firm has gone on to manufacture some class-leading bikes which cover a range of categories and its road-ready cycles are fit for racing, commuting or simply having fun at the weekend.

For comfort and all-purpose performance the Kona Honky Tonk is hard to beat. It was specifically built with the needs of racer Eric Tonkin in mind, which is why it delivers smooth, comfortable cycling over mile after mile of tarmac. It is also intended to tackle adverse weather conditions thanks to its Tektro R537 brake callipers and Continental Ultrasport tyres, so you will never feel like it is behaving erratically when things get a little slippy.

The rest of Kona’s noteworthy racing road bike range is made up of the Zing family, which starts with the basic alloy-framed Zing, which also has a carbon fork and goes right up to the King Zing, whose full carbon frame is not overburdened with adornments and can thus achieve impressive things in the right circumstances.

When you want to hit the road in an urban environment, whether heading in to work or travelling around to see friends and family, the Kona Asphalt selection of bikes should have at least one or two options which you might consider. The Humu is a no-nonsense single speed bike which is eminently affordable and designed to be ridden casually across any road surface. Its simple alloy frame is beautiful to behold due to its simplicity and it should be easy to ride regardless of what type of footwear you happen to have on at the time. For a multigeared approach in the same price bracket you might consider the Dew City, an excellent urban road bike which has rack and fender mounts to help you turn it into something of a pack mule.

The Dr family of road bikes represents a slightly more premium quality approach to the problems of typical city cycling. The Dr Fine is a good choice thanks to its alloy frame and carbon fork, along with Shimano M446 hydraulic disc brakes and Continental Contact tyres. You can roll quickly across the asphalt and soak up the city atmosphere at speed, leaving others to tackle the roads at a more leisurely pace simply because they cannot keep up with you.

Kona produces a solid selection of road bikes designed specifically for female riders. These are not simply rehashed iterations of male cycles but fully customised women-friendly bikes which scale to suit your capabilities. The Kali is the company’s most noteworthy female road bike, sporting Shimano Ultegra SS and 105 components along with Tektro R-540 brakes in order to keep you moving at speed and also put you in total control of your cycle. The geometry is fashioned around the physiology of female riders and you can put down plenty of power for fast, efficient road bound cycling.