Now based out of Madison, Wisconsin, Mongoose is a brand name of performance bicycles originally designed, manufactured, and sold by BMX Products Inc., started by Skip Hess out of his home in Simi Valley, California in 1974. Mongoose merged in 2001 with Pacific Cycle. It produces several models of BMX, mountain bikes, and street bicycles, making ample use of light weight alloys and magnesium. Mongoose has always been an innovator. The Mongoose name has become synonymous with bicycle performance.

The 2010 MTB models include their all-mountain bikes: the Canaan, the Khyber, the Otero, and the Teocali; their commuter bike: the Sabrosa; their downhill and freeride bikes: the Boot’r and the Pinn’r; their dirt jump bikes: the Ritual and the Fireball; and finally their Hardtail XC: the TYAX.

Mongoose also sells four categories of BMX style bikes, which include their team bikes: the Fraction, Legion, and Shield; the freestyle bikes: Diagram, Article, Capture, and Subject; their dirt, street bikes: Chamber, Thrive, Culture, Program, and Logo; and lastly their line of juvenile bikes: the Blaze, the Micron, and the Pit.

The 2010 model of the Boot’r received a 5-star review from Distilled Mountain Bike magazine’s online version. Several other Mongoose models have also earned such reviews, including the 2009 Khyber Super, the 2009 Pinn’r, the 2009 Boot’r, and the 2009 Nugget. The culmination of the reviews seems to place Mongoose at the head of its class in terms of performance, style, and technology.

Mongoose’s tech page of their website is different from other bike manufacturers. Instead of giving scientific accounts of the materials used and the processes of making them work to their fullest potential, Mongoose shows each bike component and describes its purpose and function. Their motto is “If you don’t know what it’s called, you shouldn’t be riding it. Learn it, live it, ride it.” Each page gives detailed information for completing repairs on the bikes as well, empowering cyclists to maintain their own bikes, as opposed to using certified technicians.

Mongoose BMX bikes range in price from £150 for a Juvenile Blaze to £500 for a Team Fraction, while Mongoose MTB bikes can cost a cyclist anywhere from £500 for a Commuter Sabrosa to over £3,000 for an All-Mountain Canaan. Reflected in each bike’s cost are the technology that created it, the level of durability, intended use, and skill-level required by the rider.

Bike: Mongoose
4 / 5 stars