Moorlanders MCC – A Brief History of the North Cornwall Motorbike Club

Nestled in the rustic beauty of North Cornwall lies a hidden gem beloved by motorcycle enthusiasts. This is a treasure trove of roaring engines, shiny chrome wheels and passionate people with a shared love for two-wheeled speed machines. Welcome to the celebrated Moorlanders Motorcycle Club or, as it’s more widely known amongst locals and members alike, the Moorlanders MCC.

Introduction to Moorlanders MCC

Brief History and Origin of the Club

While it may not be etched into ancient folklore or steeped in centuries-old traditions, the creation story of Moorlanders MCC is no less fascinating for any motorcycle enthusiast, and even those simply intrigued by local community enterprises. The club took its first breath during an informal gathering of biking friends in 1990, in the heart of North Cornwall.
At that momentous gathering, fuelled by shared adrenaline rushes and stories from dusty roads, there was unanimous agreement on founding a motorcycle club – a place where like-minded individuals could uncover enjoyment from their passionate love for motorcycles, biking and friendship. Thus birthed was ‘Moorlanders’, derived from the rugged moorlands that dominate much-loved routes around the region. Becoming instantly synonymous with fun-filled rides across sweeping landscapes, Moorlanders grew inevitably into one widely recognised Cornwall Motorcycle Club.

From five initial revheads bonding over bikes at an isolated countryside pub three decades ago, to today’s well-respected entity called ‘Moorlanders MCC’, it has been quite a ride – pun wholeheartedly intended! Consistent throughout this journey have remained tenacious commitment towards growth and lofty aspiration to make positive contributions within their local sphere.

Overview of the Club Missions & Values

Setting out initially as band of buddies zipping through Cornish lanes purely because they loved doing so transformed over ensuing years into something far greater. Today’s centre-stage objectives are firmly rooted within community spirit, philanthropy and enhancing every member’s experience as a motorcycling enthusiast.

Keen to nurture the thrill of biking in North Cornwall while simultaneously fostering community connections, Moorlanders has centralised ‘partnership’ within their ethos. Regardless whether someone is an experienced rider, newbie full of zealous enthusiasm or merely captivated by enthralling sound of throbbing motorcycle engines – they have a rightful place within this welcoming club.

Another vital component deeply interwoven into Moorlanders’ fabric is their commitment to charitable causes. Frequently organising charity events and bikers’ meet-ups – all in spirit of raising funds for worthy local charities – reveals Moorlander members wear hearts on sleeves where humanitarian issues are involved.

Lastly, amid these lofty aspirations exists core value – nurturing an ever-thriving affiliation among motorcycle enthusiasts. Club activities cultivates this camaraderie alongside shared love for open roads peppered with thrilling twists and turns beneath Cornish skies.

Club Activities & Events

As a cornerstone of North Cornwall’s biking community, the Moorlanders MCC events calendar is brimming with varied activities. Their packed agenda resonates with their motto “Rides not Hides,” emphasising getting on the road as a cohesive unit rather than being solitary motorcycle enthusiasts.

Special Events Organised by Moorlanders MCC

Moorlanders MCC leverages its robust member base to organise exceptional events, fulfilling their goal to boost camaraderie amongst riders. These occasions are wide-ranging and show the versatility of this motorcycle club in Cornwall.

Annual Rides

The highlight of Moorlanders’ annual activities undoubtedly lies within their famous rides – annual occurrences that garner much anticipation and excitement among members and North Cornwall residents alike. Noteworthy among them is the New Year Ride, an invigorating journey meant to shake off any holiday lethargy and kickstart the year on a high note.

A summer staple for Moorlanders MCC is their Midsummer Madness ride, traditionally held close to the longest day of the year. Often sprawling over several days, it showcases stunning views along scenic routes on a Cornish backdrop that leaves nothing more desired by bikers across the spectrum.

To honor Halloween, they offer Spooky Night Rides, where all bikes have decorations like pumpkins or cobwebs – it’s a fun extravaganza made just for those who relish both motorcycles and thrills.

Charity Events & Fundraising

Aligned with their commitment towards community welfare, Moorlanders MCC dedicates considerable time and resources towards charity work too. They often hold fundraising rallies where the funds generated from ticket sales go to diverse local causes. In some years, they’ve been successful in raising significant sums that were greatly beneficial for various charities across Cornwall.

Their Public Awareness Campaigns also help non-motorcyclists comprehend motorbike etiquette better thus enhancing everyone’s safety on North Cornwall roads.

Myriad other exciting initiatives, inclusive of Christmas Toy Runs and annual Bike Shows, supplement Moorlanders’ charity efforts. With every throttle twist and shift change, they affirm their dedication to leveraging their love for biking for the betterment of society at large.

Membership & Contact Information

Delving into how one can become a vital member of this historic motorcycle club in North Cornwall, let’s explore the processes, eligibility criteria, and contact information for prospective members.

How to Become a Member of Moorlanders MCC

Ever dreamed about riding with the legendary Moorlanders? You’re not alone. Many motor enthusiasts across Cornwall share your aspirations too. Becoming a ‘Moorlander’ is an exciting step towards camaraderie, exhilarating rides and trusted motorcycle resources. The process isn’t as complicated as you might assume. With some key eligibility criteria and simple steps to follow, you will be well on your way to joining the brotherhood (& sisterhood) that is ‘Moorlanders MCC’. Let’s dive right into it.

Eligibility Criteria for Moorlanders MCC Membership

To ensure the upholding of its values and traditions, Moorlanders MCC has set forth specific eligibility conditions for those intending to join the club:

  1. You need to be 18 years or older.
  2. Having basic knowledge and understanding regarding motorcycles is required.
  3. Previous motorcycling experience, although not compulsory, improves your chances of admittance.
  4. Strong commitment to respect each member’s individuality and shared camaraderie among members.

The above guidelines are only fundamental; applicants are sometimes assessed based on factors beyond these listed points.

Process for Joining the Club

Once you have determined if you meet all requirements, you can proceed with the following steps:

  1. Submit an online form expressing interest in membership via their official website or Facebook page.
  2. Attend a casual meeting organised by current members (vice presidents are usually present).
  3. An interim period follows where potential candidates participate in few ride-outs with existing members.
  4. After successful completion, a consensus amongst committee members determines admission into the club,

Please remember, the club looks for highly engaged, passionate motorbike enthusiasts who would contribute positively to the established Moorlanders MCC tradition.

Contact Information for Moorlanders MCC

To obtain more information about the club or clarify any queries not addressed in this guide, Moorlanders MCC can be contacted via the following means:

  • Website: An interactive form is available on their official site.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: N/A

Please respect these communication channels and use responsibly. Whether your interactions are online, through emails, phones, or social media platforms, take care to promote cordiality as expected from a prospective Moorlander.

What does MCC stand for in Moorlanders MCC?

The abbreviation ‘MCC’ within the term ‘Moorlanders MCC’ traditionally stands for Motorcycle Club but Motorcycle Club Cornwall is perhaps more fitting and appropriate for Moorlanders. The latter represents both a pointer to the club’s love for motorcycles and their geographical anchoring. Nestled right in the beautiful landscapes of North Cornwall, this motorcycle club is an integral part of the local community.

First off, the word ‘Motorcycle’ signifies more than just a form of transport; it embodies a culture and lifestyle shared by all members. The companionship, thrill-seeking adventures, camaraderie over mechanical issues, and group rides are some elements adored by motorcycling enthusiasts like those in Moorlanders. Meanwhile, ‘Club’ echoes unity – underlying motorcycle lovers rallying under one umbrella sharing commonalities that bridge age, profession, and other social dividers. More than being about motorcycles alone, it’s also about friendships formed on mutual interests and respect.

Lastly,’ Cornwall’, refers to their geographic locale in North Cornwall- establishing the deep connection and loyalty towards their territory. It speaks volumes about how rooted they are into local events they organise or take part in while celebrating Cornish pride through bike exhibitions showcasing classics mollified with Cornish charm.

To sum up succinctly: ‘MCC’ stands for much more than just an acronym – it represents a community united by passion and geography. This forms an inseparable thread that runs through every member’s experience at Moorlanders MCC – painting a story not only about bikes but also threaded around friendship, journeys, local sentimentality, frequent speeds regulated by North Cornwall’s scenic landscapes!