A summary of the key motorbike events is incomplete without the Isle of Man TT and the British Grand Prix.

Motorbike events are great places to meet with other motorbike riders that have the same enthusiasm that you do for bikes. Also, these events are good places to buy gifts, accessories, and bike parts from vendors from all over the world who set up booths to sell to the general public. With these people, vigorously attendant upon the events, you will be sure to get the best perspective from everything they are saying about it and how it can help you learn more about the sport itself. What most people don’t realize is that these spots are great places to learn about motorbikes as well as see them ridden. However, most of the time you can just hop on a motorbike and participate in the event yourself over hundreds of miles for several days and at breakneck speeds with just a small fee paid up front for a badge that will certify your bike to be ridden in the event. Some are for charity, others are for fun, and others are great places to meet biker chicks ;) When you leave the event, it will be a memory that will last a lifetime.

Some worldwide motorbike events include Team Sober MCC’s 1st Newt in Shining Armour St. Georges Day Rally, MotoGP, World Superbikes, JtheB’s ‘Twist & Go!’ Weekend (Weekend of Guided Ride Outs for Advanced Riders), British Superbikes, World Superbikes, BMF Show, Diesel Motorcycle Rally, 66th. D-Day Anniversary Weekend, Lincoln Bike Fest, Chinnor Bike Dayz XIV – Wycombe MAG\’s Annual Rally, Allied Memorial Remembrance Ride (AMRR 2010), Ace Café Street Fighter and Stunt Festival, Rock and Blues Show, Bulldog Bash, Intermot Show, Dirt Bike Show, and International Motorcycle & Scooter Show. These events take place in places all over the world like Japan, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, France, Margate, West Sussex, Kent, Netherlands, Scotland, Czech Republic, Germany, Derbyshire, Warwickshire, Indianapolis, Hungary, Malaysia, France, Australia, Portugal, Coventry, Valencia, and Birmingham.

Motorbike events are usually held annually to tie in with some special event that is supposed to be the apex of motorbike competition that all people can participate in if they pay a fee and have a number plate. The length of time that goes into setting up a motorbike event can be quite drastic because the duration of the race is usually so long, and there are so many obstacles to set up and so forth. Audiences can number in the tens of thousands, and ticketing is often a mess. Moreover, the loss that happens when you try to go to a motorbike event without binoculars can be perturbing, so bring some.