Mountain bike events regularly synthesize events out of the collective efforts of the best mountain bikers in the world. Outside of bike clubs and mountain bike trails, there is not much to do in the world of mountain biking if you’re a professional besides the events.

There are actually a lot of different mountain bike events that are for people of different levels. There are many different events that are just meet-ups for people who really enjoy mountain bikes, here you will be able to talk with other people with the same interests. What is more common is mountain bike races, these can be done just for fun, for charity or even as a challenge. Some collect for charity while others pay prizes out to the best cyclists. Of course many of these mountain bike events do come with a cost so it’s worth bearing that in mind.

If you are someone who really wants to get to know people who also enjoy cycling mountain bikes then you must get to one of these events. Mountain biking is so common that you’ll often find that there are events and meets in your area regularly as mountain biking is much more common than most people imagine it to be. Sometimes it may be worth travelling to another town or city for other mountain biking events as larger cities and towns usually have more active and bigger events that you can learn a lot from and many will have competitions that you can also take part in either for fun or for a profit.

The amazing people that put together these events are often cyclists themselves. Top prizes range in the £1,000-£5,000 range, but it is no way to make a living. The prizes are merely bonuses for jobs that are fun to complete as they stand. The special prizes are sometimes taken home repeatedly by the same athlete, like Tiger Woods in golf, but this is rare. Mountain bike events are more for hobbyists than professional athletes. All sportsmen that enjoy mountain biking will enjoy mountain biking events that stretch their limits.