Mountain bikes are fun, but they can also be tiring. In fact, de-hydration and starvation are clinical problems that can result from being out mountain biking too much, too much, is there such a thing?

Blood sugar can dip every couple of hours, and if you’re not eating after that, then you can be considered clinically starving. Also, your body runs out of the special electrolytes it needs to stay functional if you don’t drink mineral water. Energy drinks and meals ready to go are a couple of the additions you can make to your mountain biking journey to make the experience more pleasurable, enjoyable, and interesting. You can only notice things if you’re fully awake, and the scenery counts. You can store these food and drink items in a bag, basket, or messenger bag you wear over your shoulder. Bottled water is a must, and it can be stored in a special carrying case that sits on the frame of the bike or in a backpack side pocket that is especially designed for it. Once that basic item is handled, you can move on to some of the bigger items. Let’s take a look at them and consider what food and drink you need to get.

You can blend together a protein shake before going out mountain biking and have it stored in a flask for easy drinking when you’re out on the trail. Blueberries, bananas, why protein, kefir, fish oil, orange juice, ground flax seed, avocados, quinoa, and lean read meat can all be cut up, blended, packaged, and stored in bags for easy protein, fat, and sugar while you’re out on the trip. But if you don’t want to go the whole food route, you can start out with energy bars, energy drinks, and nutritionals that can keep you going as a shortcut to the whole foods which your body can digest, integrate, and collate better in your digestive system.

Stay away from energy drinks with artificial drinks or those that seem more stimulating than healthy, and stick to energy drinks that are more properly labelled nutritional drinks with natural ingredients. Energy drinks can have many adverse side effects, cause spikes in blood sugar which are not good for long-term trail riding, and can have a negative long-term health effect on serious riders that want to be professional athletes.

However, if you get energy drinks, consider getting some of the following drinks like Chris King Coffee, Gatorade powder, Barlean’s Original Greens, Luna Electrolyte Splash Drink, Innovative Health Solutions H20 Overdrive, Ovaltine Mix, Sambazon Amazon Energy Drink, Hammer Nutrition HEED, Hi Ball Energy, Rishi Teas, Enervit Enervitene Cheer Pack, Enervit Cheer Pack, Hammer Perpetuem, Clif Recovery Hot Chocolate, FRS Healthy Energy, EBoost Daily Health Booster, Gatorade Gatorade Power Packs, and FRS Concentrate. These drinks, most of them powders, can be mixed with water, stirred up, stored, transported, and moved with you on the trail in a flask. They are good stimulants for energy, and they will provide you with extra nutrition too.